Sunday, 7 December 2008

Next Up, Laos

Ok, so tomorrows game against Laos, in Phuket, before the team head back to Bangkok should be 3 points in the bag.

Of course it should. I won't even try to find any negative points really. Laos may score, but we should score more.

Tomorrow, i would like to see Reid rotate his squad a little, and give thr fringe guys a chance in a big game and also rest a few key players for later against Malaysia where we need to win and top the group and show our intentions.

It would be an ideal chance to change our keeper, bringing Kosin back in to see if his mind is on the tournement or not and give a chance to the likes of Anon Sangsanoi and Salahudin Arware.

I'm not talking full games or even starting, but to give them a good 30 minutes at least to gain experience that will be needed for later in the competition.

At this moment, i'm just looking through our options and notice that we don't really have a team that scores goals. For example, there's only Sutee Suksomkit and Terratep Winothai who have scored double figures. I wonder if Reid with dropping Sarayoot Chaikamdee has enough firepower. Surely, if only half fit, he could have been used in the Group Stages to break down a stubborn Laos if need be?

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