Tuesday, 30 September 2008

T&T Cup Report

Report from AFC Website - www.the-afc.com

HUE – Iran geared up for the AFC U-19 Championship as they came from one down to record a morale-boosting 2-1 win over fellow qualifiers Thailand in the final of the Thanh Nien Cup.

After a goalless first-half the Thais opened the scoring in the 50th minute through Ekkachai Rittiphan but their lead was short-lived as Mohsen Mosalam drew Iran level from the penalty spot seven minutes later.

The Thais were handed the numerical advantage in the 65th minute when Reza Rish Esfahani was sent off for a second bookable offence but despite playing the remainder of the match with a man less it was Iran that took the title thanks to a last gasp winner from Jalal Ali Mohammadi, his third of the campaign.

Hosts Vietnam finished third after edging ASEAN rivals Singapore 1-0.

Well done for coming second

Sunday, 28 September 2008

1st Division Results - 28th Sept

225 Royal Thai Navy FC 0 - 0 SuphanBuri
226 Phitsanulok 1 - 3 Raj-Vithi FC
227 Khon Kaen FC 1 - 0 Sriracha FC
228 Chanthaburi 2 - 2 Surat Thani
229 Rattana Bundit FC 1 - 0 Nakhon Sawan
230 Royal Thai Air Force 1 - 3 Thai Airways
231 Royal Thai Police 0 - 0 Mueang Thong NongJork United
232 Thai Honda FC 2 - 1 PTT FC

Navy join Sriracha and Mueang Thong NongJork United in the top flight next year.

Mueang are crowned champions.

The last matchday will see either Surat Thani, Thai Airways or Thai Honda sent down to Division 2.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

TPL Results - 27th Sept

Domestic League - Round 28 Results

Samut Songkhram 2 - 1 Coke Bangpra
Chula-Sinthana 2 - 2 Krung Thai Bank
Customs Department 2 - 1 Tobacco Monopoly
BEC Tero Sasana 1 - 0 PEA
Nakhon Pathom 1 - 2 Osotspa M-150
Bangkok Bank 1 - 1 Bangkok University
Chonburi FC 0 - 0 Port Authority
TOT 0 - 0 Royal Thai Army

Chonburi go top on goal difference from PEA, 2 games left to play. I expected this to happy, but to be honest i thought it would have been on points and not goal difference, if i'm correct bot teams have same head to head record, so at the moment it is 3 goals that seperate them.
Army are all but relegated, must win 2 out of 2 and score about 10 goals to stay up.

Port Authority live to fight another week. I'd like to see them stay up, but if they do, it looks like at the expense of Bangkok Bank, whom to be honest, bring a bit of history to the league, so again wouldn't really like to see them go. But good to see PAT draw with Chonburi and show that every team, no matter where they are will fight for points.

Good to see Customs win, although already doomed, they are still playing ball.

To be honest, the team i would like to be seen crowned champions are BEC, they (and Chula) are the only teams to have scored goals this year. Its a bit of a let down that the winners will be the ones that have scored 32 and 30 goals each in 28 games played so far - not really attacking football!

Friday, 26 September 2008


Not long until the tournement kicks off on 5th October.

Thailand host South Korea, Australia and China in a very diverse ASEAN Championship.

This of course, is in preparation for the upcoming AFC Youth Championship.

Good look lads, have a good tournement on home soil.

International Thanh Nien Cup

Thailand's Under 19 side are currently in action, in the Under 21 event, International Thanh Nien Cup currently being held in Vietnam.

So far they have smashed aside Malaysia 4-1 in their opening game and then beat the hosts Vietnam 2-1 to seal a semi-final matchup against our old foes Singapore. Should be a cracker, the game is set to be played today.

T&T Cup

Thailand have been invited to the T&T Cup, or Agribank Cup, or whatever you call it. Anyway, it will be hosted in Vietnam at the end of October and is basically a friendly tournement. But new coach Peter Reid will want to see what his charges are all about.

Confirmed Teams are:

Vietnam (Hosts)
North Korea

Scoring charts

Although, i don't really bother to much with the art of goalscoring, generally i have a lack of interest in who's scored the most goals. But one thing i have noticed, new KTB striker, the Nigerian Samuel has notched a few in since he arrived.

Going on baisc Thai reports, he could just be the next big thing! So keep an eye out for the lad. Full name Ajayi Gdenga Samuel.

He arrived earlier in the year from Cambodian outfit Phom Penh after a decent Singapore Cup game.

Back after a break!

I'm get, a bit more refreshed, so without due, here's the weekend Premier League fixtures:

Weekend Premier League Fixtures

Saturday Sep 27, 2008 BEC Tero Sasana - Provincial Electrical
Saturday Sep 27, 2008 Nakornpratom FC - Osotspa M150
Saturday Sep 27, 2008 TOT FC - Army FC
Saturday Sep 27, 2008 Bangkok Bank FC - Bangkok University
Saturday Sep 27, 2008 Customs Department - Tobacco Monopoly
Saturday Sep 27, 2008 Chula Sinthana - Krung Thai Bank
Saturday Sep 27, 2008 Samut Songkram - Coke Bangpra
Saturday Sep 27, 2008 Chonburi FC - Port Authority FC

I feel this is the weekend when we will see Chonburi go back to the top if the championship and see the Army get relegated.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Blog On Holiday

Due to time constraints and work load.

This blog will be on hold for a while.

I will still post in various forums but will lack the time to put any effort into this blog.

You can still PM me if you want to ask any questions, but any Thai football updates will not be posted here for the foreseeable future.

Adam (Druryfire)

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Results - 14th September

Division One - Week 27

Royal Thai Air Force 0 - 0 SuphanBuri
Royal Thai Police 1 - 1 Thai Honda FC
Raj-Vithi FC 1 - 3 Sriracha FC
Phitsanulok 3 - 3 Surat Thani
Khon Kaen FC 2 - 1 Nakhon Sawan
Chanthaburi 1 - 1 Thai Airways
Rattana Bundit FC 1 - 1 Mueang Thong NongJork United
Royal Thai Navy FC 1 - 0 PTT FC

Mueang need 1 point to confirm their promotion, this will be done over the next 3 matchdays, and a deserved promotion indeed. It also looks more thna likely that they will be joined by Sriracha who also have slight chance of winning the championship. But for me, thats far beyond them, with them having 4 games remaining.

Raj-Vitho have confirmed their relegation the the 2nd Division, and more than likely will be joined by Phitsanulok and Nakhon Sawan over the next week or so.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Results - 13th September

Premier League - Week 26 - 13th Sept 2008

Bangkok Bank 3 - 4 Krung Thai Bank
Samut Songkhram 2 - 0 Nakhon Pathom
TOT 0 - 0 Tobacco Monopoly
Chula-Sinthana 0 - 0 PEA
Customs Department 2 - 3 Osotspa M-150
BEC Tero Sasana 1 - 0 Coke Bangpra
Chonburi FC 1 - 1 Royal Thai Army
Port Authority P-P Bangkok University

Still, it seems nobody wants to win the league, 4 games remaining and BEC have pulled themselves back into it slighty, but they are 4 points behind leaders PEA and runnign out of games.

Customs Dept, look like they will be relegated next week, they are 10 points away from survival with 12 points left to get.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Weekend Fixtures - 13th/14th Sept

Premier League - Week 26 - 13th Sept 2008

Bangkok Bank - Krung Thai Bank
Samut Songkhram - Nakhon Pathom
TOT - Tobacco Monopoly
Chula-Sinthana - PEA
Customs Department - Osotspa M-150
BEC Tero Sasana - Coke Bangpra
Chonburi FC - Royal Thai Army
Port Authority - Bangkok University

Division One - Week 27 - 14th Sept

209 Royal Thai Air Force - SuphanBuri
210 Royal Thai Police - Thai Honda FC
211 Raj-Vithi FC - Sriracha FC
212 Phitsanulok - Surat Thani
213 Khon Kaen FC - Nakhon Sawan
214 Chanthaburi - Thai Airways
215 Rattana Bundit FC - Mueang Thong NongJork United
216 Royal Thai Navy FC - PTT FC

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Results - 7th September

Premier League - Week 25

Coke Bangpra 1 - 0 Customs Department
Royal Thai Army 2 - 1 Port Authority

Division One - Week 26

Royal Thai Navy FC 0 - 0 Royal Thai Police
Thai Honda FC 1 - 0 Royal Thai Air Force
SuphanBuri 3 - 2 Rattana Bundit FC
Mueang Thong NongJork United 5 - 2 Chanthaburi
Thai Airways 2 - 0 Khon Kaen FC
Nakhon Sawan 1 - 2 Phitsanulok
Surat Thani 2 - 0 Raj-Vithi FC
PTT FC 0 - 2 Sriracha FC

Division 2 - Group A (Final Week)

Prachinburi FC 2 - 2 Narathiwat
Ratchaburi 1 - 0 Nakhon Ratchasima
Cha Choeng Sao FC 2 - 1 Sakon Nakhon
Samut Prakarn 2 - 2 Songkhla
Chiang Mai 0 - 1 Raj Pracha FC

Druryfire Comment

It was all action at the bottom of the tables today. Royal Thai Army are really trying hard to pull themselves out of the relegation zone, time will tell if they have left it too late. They certainly had to beat Port Authority, just to keep them in their with them.

In Division One, it seemed like everyone at the bottom picked up points. Again, it seems to late for the likes of Phitsanulok, but a welcome win, none the less.

On a bigger note, Mueng now just need one more point to confirm promotion, they have lead the way all along and seem capable of winning the championship from Sriracha. It would appear that Sriracha themselves have pulled clear to get a hold of 2nd spot, now just interesting to see who can take the remaining promotion place with 5 games to spare for the Police and Navy whom drew with each other today.

Songkhla claim the runners up spot in Division 2 Group A beating Narathiwat on head to head record (Win and draw). Again congratulations to the Deep South sides, and puts a smile on my face as another team from outside the central areas moves up a level.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Results - 6th September

Premier League - Week 25

Nakhon Pathom 0 - 2 BEC Tero Sasana
Krung Thai Bank 0 - 2 Chonburi FC
Royal Thai Army P-P Port Authority
Osotspa M-150 2 - 4 Chula-Sinthana
Tobacco Monopoly 1 - 0 Bangkok Bank
Bangkok University 0 - 0 Samut Songkhram
PEA 1 - 1 TOT

Division 2 - Group B (Final Week)

Bangkok Christian College 0 - 1 Bangkok North Central ASSN FC
Marine College FC 0 - 2 Air Force Training College
Bangkok Bravo 0 - 8 Si Saket FC
Army Welfair Support FC 3 - 4 Lopburi
Thonburi College 0 - 2 Kasem Bundit University FC

Si Saket secure promotion after their 8-0 victory away to Bangkok Bravo, who will be relegated into the Pro League.

Chonburi close the gap on leaders PEA. Chula once again give out another stuffing winning 4-2 away from home

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Midweek Results / Weekend Fixtures - 6/7 Sep

Midweek Results

Premier League - Week 24 (3rd September)

Samut Songkhram 1 - 1 BEC Tero Sasana
Customs Department 0 - 1 Nakhon Pathom
Chula-Sinthana 2 - 0 Coke Bangpra
TOT 0 - 0 Osotspa M-150
Port Authority 2 - 2 Krung Thai Bank
Chonburi FC 1 - 0 Tobacco Monopoly
Bangkok Bank 0 - 4 PEA
Bangkok University 0 - 2 Royal Thai Army


6th September

Premier League - Week 25

Nakhon Pathom - BEC Tero Sasana
Krung Thai Bank - Chonburi FC
Royal Thai Army - Port Authority
Osotspa M-150 - Chula-Sinthana
Tobacco Monopoly - Bangkok Bank
Bangkok University - Samut Songkhram

Division 2 - Group B (Final Week)

Christian Coll. - North Central
Marine Coll. - Air Force TC
Bangkok Bravo - Si Sa Ket
Army Welfare - Lopburi
Thonburi Coll. - Kasem Bundit U.

7th September

Premier League - Week 25

Coke Bangpra - Customs Department

Division One - Week 26

Royal Thai Navy FC - Royal Thai Police
Thai Honda FC - Royal Thai Air Force
SuphanBuri - Rattana Bundit FC
Mueang Thong NongJork United - Chanthaburi
Thai Airways - Khon Kaen FC
Nakhon Sawan - Phitsanulok
Surat Thani - Raj-Vithi FC
PTT FC - Sriracha FC

Division 2 - Group A (Final Week)

Prachinburi - Narathiwat
Ratchaburi - Nakhon Ratchasima
Chachoengsao - Sakon Nakhon
Samut Prakan - Songkhla
Chiang Mai - Rajpracha