Tuesday, 24 February 2009

TOT Move West

TOT have got up and moved to the Western Province of Kanchanburi to try and get a bigger fan base.

A good move? Time well tell, but to get that fan base, then surely they need to rename to soemthing along the lines Kanchanburi TOT?

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hallelujah FC - Queen's Cup Champions

Hallelujah Football Club won the 2009 edition of the Queen's Cup defeating BEC Tero Sasana 1-0 in the final, played in Vhonburi Province.

It is the first victory in the competition for the Korean outfit. BEC still haven't won the competition.

Halleljah entered the competition in the final stages, whereas BEC started right from the beginning, and with games being played every other day, they might just have run out of steam.

Congratulations to Hallelujah in winning the Queen's Cup, which previously was last seen in 2006. After a 3 year wait it's good to see it back, even if a Thai team couldn't lift the trophy!

Friday, 20 February 2009

AFC Youth Championship Draws



Group A - Tajikistan, Jordan, Yemen, Nepal*, Palestine, Kyrgyzstan
Group B - UAE*, Syria, Qatar, Bahrain, Bhutan, Sri Lanka
Group C - Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, Kuwait, India, Afghanistan
Group D - Uzbekistan, Iran, Lebanon, Turkmenistan, Maldives, Pakistan*
Group E - Korea Republic, Thailand*, Laos, Vietnam, Macau, Bangladesh
Group F - Australia, Japan, Indonesia*, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong
Group G - China*, DPR Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Guam, The Philippines

* Group Hosts

AFC U16 Championship 2010 – Qualifying stage draw:

Group A: Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan.
Group B: Iran, Bahrain, Lebanon, Nepal, Tajikistan, Maldives.
Group C: Syria, Yemen, Qatar, Palestine, Iraq, Bhutan.
Group D: UAE, India, Turkmenistan, Oman, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan.
Group E: Japan, Indonesia, Mongolia, Chinese Taipei, Bangladesh, Philippines.
Group F: China, Singapore, Guam, Hong Kong, Macau, Timor Leste.
Group G: Korea Republic, Thailand, Vietnam, DPR Korea, Cambodia, Myanmar.
Group H: Australia, Malaysia, Laos.

Thursday, 19 February 2009


After yesterday's defeat, PEA slip into Group H of the AFC Cup.

Here they will meet:

Club Valenica (Maldives)
Home United (Singapore)
Binh Duong (Vietnam)

What's their chances of progressing?

Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Champions League Qualifier


PEA now go into the AFC Cup after losing in extra time

Queen's Cup

Samut Songkhram 0–3 Royal Thai Army
Pattaya United 1–0 Hallelujah

Pattaya finish top after scoring only 1 goal in 3 games. Hallelujah finish ruuners up after having a better head-to-head record over the Army.

Hallelujah now meet Chonburi at the semi final stage, with Pattaya meeting BEC Tero Sasana

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Farewell KTB

KTB played their last competitive game today before bowing out of the Queen's Cup.

They were defeated by Hanyang Uni 2-1, played in Chonburi in the Final Group Phase.

Chonburi won the group defeating BEC 4-1 in the final match

BEC mak the semi-finals as runners up.

Tomorrow in Group B, Samut Songkhram play Royal Thai Army and Hallelujah play Pattaya Utd.

Pattaya made a great start in the 1st round of this competition, but at this stage they have drawn both games so far 0-0. All to play for in tomorrows final games

Sunday, 15 February 2009

New Season News

News for the coming season

Premier League starts on 7th March, games will be played on a Saturday and Sunday (4 each day).

Divison's One and two normally follow a couple of week's later.

Division 2 has been split into 5 regions, North, North east (Issan), Bangkok-Central, Central-East and South.

Club Buyouts

Bangkok Glass bought the Premier League status of Krung Thai Bank
Pattaya United bought the Premier League status of Coke-Bangpra

Clubs Disbanding

Coke-Bangpra folded after being bought out by Pattaya United
Bangkok Bank folded after being relegated in 2008.

Club Name Changes

Bangkok University become Bangkok United
Thailand Tobacco Monopoly become TTM Samut Sakhon
Port Authority of Thailand become Thai Port
Royal Thai Navy become Rajnavy Rayong

Clubs are being encouraged to form closer links with the communites they are based in, hence a few name changes.

New Clubs

Phuket have formed a team after the recent success of the King's Cup and AFF Cup. They will start in Division 2 South.

Mudaken will start life in the Division 2 North East and will play games in Laos.

A new club in Ayutthaya FC may be formed due to a dispute with PEA of the Premier League, fans want a club name change, but owners still want the 'business' name

Coaching Changes

Chonburi have hired Kiatisuk Senamuang to replace Jadet Meelarp

TTM Samut Sakhon have hired Attaphol Puspakom to replace Prajak Weangsong

Queen's Cup

The Queen's Cup is currently in progress, and thus far has been a success. It is currently at the Final Group Phase. It is the first time the competition has been played since 2006.

Bangkok Uni Name Change

Bangkok University have now officially changed their name to Bangkok United for the forthcoming season.

And the Queen's Cup Results for today:

BEC Tero Sasana 3–2 Hanyang University
Krung Thai Bank 1–1 Chonburi

For the full results and tables visit the Wiki page as created by myself: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_Queen%27s_Cup

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Queen's Cup - Group B

Group B - Matchday One Results

Hallelujah 1 – 1 Samut Songkhram
Pattaya United 0 – 0 Royal Thai Army

Friday, 13 February 2009

Queen's Cup - Group A Results

Today's Matchday One Results

Chonburi 2–1 Hanyang University
Krung Thai Bank 1–1 BEC Tero Sasana

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

U16 & U19 Qualifiers

The draw for the Under 16 and Under 19 (Youth Championship) qualifying rounds are made on the 20th Feb.

It's split into two draws for both age groups - East and West

In the Under 16 competition Thailand are seeded at number 8, one above Laos and below regional neighbours Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

In the Under 19's, we fair a little bit better being ranked at number 6, just belowe Japan.

For each draw, 6 teams will be placed in a group (although 3 in one group). With the top two qualifying. I believe the Under 19 finals will be in China.

But between now and the finals, no doubt we will have drop outs, and sides fielding overagers (Yemen and North Korea know the score on that one). So expect rule changes and qualifications to be altered.

I slightly remember Malaysia making the finals last year in one of the age groups, but they didn't even win or score a goal in the qualifiying stage! Sometimes playing fair and not winning makes you get to were you want to be!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Queen's Cup - Final Groups Draw

Two groups of four teams make up the final stages.

Top two qualify for semi-final stage

Group A:

BEC Tero Sasana
Krung Thai Bank

Group B:

Pattaya Utd
Samut Songkhram
Royal Thai Army

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Queen's Cup - Knockout Results

Results taken from the site http://thaileague.spaces.live.com/

Pattaya United 5-1 Air Force
Faifa Ayuttaya 2-3 Krung Thai
Samut Songkram 2-1 Suphanburi
Osotsapa (5) 1-1 (6) BEC Tero
Army 1-0 Sri Racha

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Tobacco Name Change

Thailand Tobacco Monopoly will now be referred to as TTM Samut Sakhon for the forthcoming season.

Queen's Cup - My Observation

Why aren't all clubs invited to play in the Queen's Cup.

We have, probably one of the strongest teams next year, Muang United, not even show up.

They would rather play friendlies. This surely doesn't send out a good sign to the season opener. It's a nothing tournement really, if teams don't even enter.

We then have BG FC Sport, who are teaming up with Raj Vithi, what is this all about? Why can't they both field teams? The same goes for Haaka and Sriracha who are playing as one team. Can they not field teams themselves?

Krung Thai Bank, who have sold there TPL spot, are running well, but after the competition, where do they go? Surely all there players doing well at this moment will just take off and go elsewhere, but where? BG FC Sport maybe??

And then we have the final standings in the Groups.

Now i regulary update Wikipedia to show results and standings, and using a bit of math, you cna generally work out the final standings, but according to the official FAT site, some clubs who came 2nd did not make the knockout phase, yet clubs who came 3rd in the very same group did!!

A bit confusing. I'm not even sure that some games in the knockout phase should be happening.

For example, i think i made a bit of a mistake on Wiki with regards to winners and runners up spots being decided on goal difference and head to head. I was going to alter it, but it seems FAT have looked at my editing and decided that the standings i made will do! Never mind, i'll go along with dictating things for them.

All seems a bit amaturish really.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Queen's Cup - More Matchday 3 Results

Group D:
T.O.T 1–1 Suphanburi
Royal Thai Army 2–1 Bangkok University

Group E:
Raj Vithi-BG FC Sport 3–2 Nakhon Pathom
Haaka-Sriracha FC 2–1 Osotsapa M-150

Knockout Round Draw:

This is what i believe is the knockout round draw. But, as it's football Thailand style, it could well change.

Winners advance to the final stage with hosts Chonburi and two South Korean sides.

Pattaya United - Royal Thai Air Force
PEA - Krung Thai Bank
Samut Songkhram - Supanburi
Royal Thai Army - Haaka - Sriracha
Osotsapa - BEC Tero

Queen's Cup - Matchday 3 Results

Group A:
Thai Port 4 – 0 Raj Pracha
BEC Tero Sasana 0 – 0 Pattaya

Group B:
Chula Utd 3 – 4 Royal Thai Air Force
PEA 2 – 2 Rajnavy Rayong

Group C:
Tobacco 1 – 1 Royal Thai Police
Samut Songkhram 1 – 1 Krung Thai Bank

Full Results and Standings can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_Queen%27s_Cup

Groups D and E play today

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Squad Against Saudi Arabia

The following guys got some action against the Saudi's:

Teerasil Dangda,
Kosin Hathairattanakool‎;
Niweat Siriwong‎;
Nattaporn Phanrit‎;
Suree Sukha‎;
Natthaphong Samana‎;
Panupong Wongsa‎;
Suchao Nutnum‎;
Surat Sukha‎;
Rangsan Viwatchaichok‎;
Salahudin Arware‎;
Ronnachai Rangsiyo‎;
Anon Sangsanoi‎;
Issarapong Lilakorn‎;

You will never believe how hard it is to find this information sometimes!!

From the list of players there, i think we can now assume that Kosin is Peter Reid's first choice goalkeeper, although i'm not too sure why Reid hasen't tried out Sivaruck Tedsungnoen of BEC, who has been in recent squad's, but has yet to see any action.

Sutee Sukomskit, Captain Thonglao, Winothai were not included due to club commitments.

Pichitphong Choeichiu and Cholratit Jantakam who have been used quite a lot recently did not see any action in the game.

Choeichiu, it would seem is only going to fill in for the likes of Surat Sukha and Suchao Nutnum when these guy's are unavailble. They seem first choice midfileders along with Thonglao and Suksomkit.

Up front, Dangda seem's the only threat at the moment, let's hope he can keep this up as other options up front are lacking.

Ronnachai Rangsiyo seem's to have the edge over Anon Sangsanoi and Issarapong Lilakorn but that's more to do with the fact that he had an impact in the AFF Championship, but can he do it on the next level? Can anyone? Everyone wants Winothai to lead the line, but we might just have to come to the fact that he's in Europe now, we can't build a team around him because the travelling back and forth will start to tell after a while.

Peter Reid's Matchday Record:

Played: 14
Won: 7
Drawn: 4
Lost: 3
Scored: 22
Conceded: 10

Thailand 1 - 2 Saudi Arabia

Thailand 1 - 2 Saudi Arabia
Sendai, Japan
International Friendly

Well, we went to Japan to get beat by the Saudi's, and probably even caught a cold in the freezing temperatures.

Dangda once again scored, he seem's to be on fire right now. But it seem's to be a case of if Dangda doesn't score, who will?

Reid said that the boys should be used to the cold as they played in Jordan not that long back in a game where points where at stake. But i'm asking myself, why didn't we play a friendly in the cold before we had a game with points at stake to get use to the conditions??

I'm still not really sure why we bothered to go to Japan in the first place. Ok, it was a game against a much bigger force in Asia than us. But what will we learn? We don't have any competitive games until November. Surely we should be warming up for Novembers games with friendlies in September and October?

The the other side, maybe a plus point, is that we are forming somewhat of a relationship with the Saudi's. Now we have to build on this to get closer ties in the Middle East and get games in the desert. An area we have always struggled.

So, come the end of today's game, who benefited?

We didn't, but even if we did win, we would think we are unbeatable and go into the double header clash with Singapore later this year thinking we are super power, and more than likely come down with a big thump.

Saudi benefited because they got a run out in freezing conditions before they play again against North Korea in a competition we somewhat dream of, but never get that far!

Tomorrow, i hope to bring the squad that played, but somewhat now, it would appear that someone has cut a cable millions of miles under the sea, so most websites don't appear to work!! If you can read this, the i congratulate you!!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Queen's Cup - More Matchday 2 Results

Groups D and E

Group D:
Royal Thai Army 0–0 T.O.T
Bangkok University 0–0 Suphanburi

Group E:
Raj Vithi-BG FC Sport 1–6 Osotsapa M-150
Nakhon Pathom 0–2 Haaka-Sriracha FC

Final matchday for groups A to C tomorrow

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

2009 Queen's Cup - Matchday 2 Results

Groups A-C

Group A:
Pattaya United 2–1 Thai Port
Raj Pracha 0–5 BEC Tero Sasana

Group B:
Royal Thai Air Force 1–0 Rajnavy Rayong
Chula United 1–2 PEA

Group C:
Royal Thai Police 1–2 Krung Thai Bank
Tobacco Monopoly 1–2 Samut Songkhram

Groups D and E play tomorrow

Sunday, 1 February 2009

1st Division Play-off Final

Thai Honda thumped Nakhon Sawan 4-0 to claim there place in next years 1st Division:

The full line up (to be confirmed by FAT):

Army Welfair Department FC (Promoted from Thailand Division 2 League)
Chanthaburi FC
Customs Department FC (Relegated from Thailand Premier League)
Khonkaen FC
Prachinburi FC (Promoted from Thailand Division 2 League)
Rattana Bundit FC
Royal Thai Air Force FC
Royal Thai Army FC (Relegated from Thailand Premier League)
Royal Thai Police FC
Songkhla FC (Promoted from Thailand Division 2 League)
Si Saket FC (Promoted from Thailand Division 2 League)
Suphanburi FC
Surat Thani FC
Thai Airways FC
Thai Honda

Queen's Cup - Matchday One Results

Group A:
BEC Tero Sasana 0–0 Thai Port
Raj Pracha 0–5 Pattaya United

Group B:
Chula United 1–3 Rajnavy Rayong
Royal Thai Air Force 0–1 PEA

Group C:
Krung Thai Bank 3–2 Tobacco Monopoly
Royal Thai Police 0–2 Samut Songkhram

Group D:
Royal Thai Army 2 – 2 Suphanburi
T.O.T 0–0 Bangkok University

Group E:
Osotsapa M-150 1–0 Nakhon Pathom
Raj Vithi-BG FC Sport 2–1 Haaka-Sriracha FC