Saturday, 31 January 2009

Queen's Cup - Opening Day Result

First result of the competition is in:

Group D:

Royal Thai Army 2 - 2 Suphanburi

The team finishing first and second in the group stages of the Queens Cup will play a knockout match on Sunday 8th February.
Winner Group A vs. Runner up Group B
Winner Group B vs. Runner up Group CWinner Group C vs. Runner up Group D
Winner Group D vs. Runner up Group E
Winner Group E vs. Runner up Group A

The winner will qualify for the final stage of the tournament held in Sirindhorn Stadium, Chonburi.

Friday, 30 January 2009

KTB to play in Queen's Cup

Although Krung Thai Bank have sold their TPL status to BG FC Sport, they will take part in the season opener Queen's Cup. This will be their last competitive football games.

Tournement opens tomorrow with Suphanburi hosting the Royal Thai Army.

Pattaya United start life against Raj Pracha.

All other opening round fixtures take part on 1st Feb:

Full Opening Fixtures:

Group A:

BEC - Thai Port
Raj Pracha - Pattaya United

Group B:

Chula - Rajnavy Rayong
Royal Thai Air Force - PEA

Group C:

KTB - Tobacco Monopoly
Royal Thai Police - Samut Songkhram

Group D:

Royal Thai Army - Suphanburi
T.O.T - Bangkok University

Group E:

Osotsapa M-150 - Nakhon Pathom
Raj Vithi - Haaka

Whats in a name?

The last name changes in Thai football - thanks to my contacts, this is what we have....

About the Changing of thai club name In 2009 Season,

There are many club that will be change their club name and logo.

PEA FC - They still use PEA FC for the official and international name. But in thai name this club is called "Faifa-Ayutthaya FC" or "การไฟฟ้า-อยุธยา" ("Faifa" is mean "Electricity" in thai languge).

Krung Thai Bank FC - Bangkok Glass FC (KTB FC were take over by Bangkok Glass Industry company, Queen Cup is the last tournament for them under the name Krung Thai Bank FC)

Coke-Bangpra FC - Pattaya United (and use Nongprue for the temporarily stadium. Due to they plan to build the new stadium in the center of Pattaya.)

Royal Thai navy FC - Navy Rayong FC (and move their home stadium to Rayong province)

Port Authority of Thailand FC - Thai Port FC

Bangkok University - may become to "Bangkok United" which associate with Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and Bangkok University. However, this news is not comfirm yet.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Thailand 0 - 0 Iran

Importantt point at home to Iran.

Put's Thailand in 3rd place after Singapore beat Jordan 2-1. But two games played and two points gained is a good result. Just have to make sure we get 4 poitns out of 6 in the double header in November with Singapore. A derby that, in reality, could produce any result:

The Squad:

K. Hathairrattanakool (A mouthful!!)
Suree Suhka
Surat Suhka
C. Jantakam
N. Phanrit
D. Thonglao
S. Nutnum
T. Dangda
N. Samana
S. Suksomkit
P. Choeichiu


N. Siriwong - on for Phanrit
T. Winothai - on for Choeichiu
R. Vivatchaichok - on for Surat Sukha

Peter Reid Record:

Played: 13
Won: 7
Drawn: 4
Lost: 2
Scored: 21
Conceded: 8

Name changes - League moving forward?

It has come to my attention that the Royal Thai Navy will play in the Premier League next season under the name Rajnavy Rayong.

I'm sure the information is true, but we will more than likely have to wait until the opening day of the seaosn to confirm this. I have previously heard them be called Rajnavy in the past.

So a name change, can we see this happen to most clubs now, such as the Air Force and Army?

It would appear now that most clubs are trying to forge closer relationships with areas they are based in. So i assume it's good for the game.

The Navy will keep their history, and can now start to focus on a fanbase in Rayong.

It must be good for these supporters to say they follow Rayong rather than they follow the Navy? It must also be good for the league.

It's also come to light that the season will start on the weekend of 7th March.

Every week we will now see a split of games on Saturdays and Sundays (4 a day?) so fans can get to as many games as possible in a weekend. A good thing i think, especially with so many Bangkok based teams. but then it just depends on how the league do the fixtures. Don't stuff them up, make sure there are games in certain area twice a week. We have four clubs in the Chonburi area, no good all playing away on the same day or on different days, things must be rotated.

Away from the TPL, it will be interesting to see the focus on the First Division and the lower leagues. It seem's TPL is starting to grow up a little, but the rest may be forgotten.

I like the idea of regional zones in the 2nd Division, but i also stress that teams must apply to be promoted as teams from the far south can do well and win their leagues etc, but can they really sustain a trip north every other week in a national league at a higher level?

For example, my team Krabi qualify to be promoted to the 2nd Division, but don't want to travel further north. A regional league is good for them, but if they won it and were forced to be promoted, then they would disappear without a trace.

In my eyes, keep things regional, let the big boys have the dreams and if clubs the the province's dream, then let them apply for promotion if they are good in the standings.

The only way forward after this is to open up a nationwide cup competition, now this would be the holy grail for teams stuck out in the middle of no where.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Division One Play-off Matches

The Thai domestic league season has officially started!!

After the withdrawl of Bangkok Bank, the First Division decided to have a playoff to keep one of the relegated sides in the division:

Semi final results:

Nakhon Sawan 2-1 Phitsanolouk
Thai Honda 1-0 Raj Vithi


Nakhon Sawan vs Thai Honda
1st Feb. 18.00, Chalimprapraget Staduim, MinburiT

The winner will stay in Division 1 for the 2009 season.

Krung Thai Bank become BG FC Sport

KTB have been bought out by Bangkok Glass and official been registered as BG FC Sport.

Thanks to Nigb and his new Thai football blog

Report is also sourced here, if you can read Thai

Now, they are registered as BG FC Sport, but have they chanegd name to that or is that just the holding company?

Saturday, 24 January 2009

2009 King's Cup Results

Semi Final Results

Denmark League XI 1 - 0 North Korea
Thailand 2 - 1 Lebanon

3/4 Place Matchup

Lebanon 1 - 0 North Korea


Denmark League XI 2 - 2 Thailand

Denmark won 5-3 on penalties


2 goals

Sutee Suksomkit (Thailand)

1 goal

Søren Rieks (Denmark)
Danny Olsen (Denmark)
Ken Ilsø (Denmark)
Mahmoud El Ali (Lebanon)
Abbas Ahmed Atwi (Lebanon)
Teerasil Dangda (Thailand)
Suchao Nutnum (Thailand)

Friday, 23 January 2009

Thailand 2 - 2 Denmark

Ok, 2-2 draw against a 2nd string, maybe even 3rd string Danish side.

Defeated 5-3 on penalties, which allowed Denmark to lift the King's Cup. It seem's, we just don't have that bit of luck.

Squad list tomorrow.....

KBT Bought Out??

Rumour has it, Krung Thai Bank have been bought out by Bangkok Glass!

So, name change on the cards?

Thai football is certainly having a makeover this year. We have rumoured changes to Division 2 and the fall of Bangkok Bank and Coke-Bangpra. The emergenece of Pattaya United.

PEA are looking to change name and Muang Thong United have bought practcially every decent player. Add to previous name changes aswell for Muang and Chula, it's certainly all go

Now KTB are selling to BKK Glass.

Is all this true? I guess no one will really know unti lthe first game of the season.

Queens Cup Makes a Come Back

Queen's Cup is making a come back this year after a two year absence, thanks to the gossip going around the Thai Football forum.

Royal Thai Navy were the last winners of the tournement in 2006.

So the basics:

  • 20 teams have been divided into 5 groups.
  • All groups have a host team where the group games will be based around.
  • Group winners enter the final phase
  • Chonburi have a bye to the final phase
  • First phase is played from 1st Feb - 8th Feb
  • Final phase is played 13th Feb - 22nd Feb
  • 3 foriegn sides will enter at the final phase

Group A: BEC, Port Authority, Raj Pracha, Pattaya United (Host)

Group B: Navy, Chula, Airforce, PEA (Host)

Group C: KTB, Tobacco Monopoly, Police, Samut Songkhram (Host)

Group D: TOT, Bangkok Uni, Army, Suphanburi (Host)

Group E: Ostsapa, Nakhon Pathom, Raj Vithi, Haaka (Host)

So a couple of questions after this draw:

What happens if PEA qualify for final phase and have clash with ACL?

Why have some clubs not bothered to enter? Is it just FAT selection, or do you have to register?

Who the hell are Haaka?

Why do we need foriegn sides to make the final phase at the expense of our Thai clubs? After all, clubs who will come over will more than likely be South Korean uni clubs

Other bits of gossip i've been picking up on the last few days are:

  • PEA FC to change their name to Faifa-Ayutthaya (apparently already widely used amongest the Thais)
  • Bangkok Bank to be bought out by Thai Gas

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Thailand 2 - 1 Lebanon

King's Cup 2009
Semi Final

Thailand 2 - 1 Lebanon
Surakul Stadium, Phuket

Thailand Squad (Players Used)

THAILAND: Kosin Hathairatanakul, Kittisak Rawangpa, Suree Sukha, Patiparn Phetphun‎, Nataporn Phanrit, Natthapong Samana, Rangsan Viwatchaichok‎, Surat Sukha, Datsakorn Thonglao, Teerasil Dangda, Salahudin Arware‎, Ronnachai Rangsiyo, Suchao Nutnum, Pichitphong Choeichiu‎


Teerasil Dangda scored his 11th international goal
Suchao Nutnum scored his 6th international goal
Sutee Suksomkit went back to clubside Tampines Rovers, but will be ready for final game

Coach Peter Reid's record now stands at:

Played: 12
Won: 7
Drawn: 3
Lost: 2
Scored: 21
Conceded: 8

Friday, 16 January 2009

Thailand King's Cup Squad

22 man squad for the King's Cup:


Kosin Hathairattanakool (Chonburi, 45 caps, 0 goals)
Kittisak Rawangpa (Osotsapa M-150, 43, 0)
Sivaruck Tedsungnoen (BEC, 4, 0)


Niweat Siriwong (BEC, 89, 3)
Nattaporn Phanrit (Muang Thong Utd, 43, 2)
Suree Sukha (Chonburi, 42, 2)
Natthaphong Samana (Chonburi, 25, 1)
Patiparn Phetphun (PEA, 12, 4)
Cholratit Jantakam (Chonburi, 10, 0)
Rangsan Viwatchaichok (PEA, 9, 0)
Panupong Wongsa (PEA, 2, 0)


Datsakorn Thonglao (Hoang Anh Gia Lai, 58, 8)
Sutee Sukomskit (Tampines Rovers, 58, 14)
Pichitphong Choeichiu (KTB, 38, 2)
Suchao Nutnum (TOT, 36, 5)
Surat Sukha (Chonburi, 10, 0)
Arthit Sunthornpit (Chonburi, 7, 2)
Salahudin Arware (Muang Thong Utd, 4, 0)


Teerasil Dangda (Muang Thong Utd, 23, 10)
Ronnachai Rangsiyo (PEA, 10, 4)
Anon Sangsanoi (BEC, 7, 2)
Issarapong Lilakorn (Khon Kaen, 1, 0)

So, recalls for striker Lilakorn, defender Wongsa and goalkeeper Tedsungnoen.

I still feel that we are a bit light in the attacking areas and the basis of this squad will be used for the Iran match.

Under Coach Reid at the moment, he has always gone with much more experienced players for games with points at stake and slowly brought in young, inexpereinced lads for the friendly games. Don't be surprised to see Lilakorn and Aware used in both King's Cup matches.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Jordan 0 - 0 Thailand - Match Reaction

Well, a draw is what i wanted, so i'm very happy, especially after seeing Iran thump Singapore 6-0.

Hopefully going into the next qualifier against Iran, we might just catch them off guard, hopefully they might be a bit to cocky.

Back to tonights game. And Reid is starting to show that he can be a decent tactician. Never before have i seen him in his career change the formation from an attacking lineup to a more defensive unit primed to attack on the counter. But this is international football, and playing a long way from home in a region we never really feel comfortable in, so Reid gets high marks.

Of course, much of Reid's tinkering to play one up front was more due to the fact that instrumental forward Terratep Winothai was not involved as he has linked up with his new clubside. Options of which Reid only had was young, youthful lads who have not really got any big game experience, and this needed it.

Certainly in the middle of the park, he picked experience in 58 caps Sukomskit and Thonglao joined by mid 30 caps Nutnum and Choeichiu. Only Surat Sukha wasn't in double figures until today, but he has been a regular with Reid. The only downside to his game is that he picks up to many cards (mainly red), which he could just as easily pick up in Jordan.

Big suprise today was TPL leading goalscorer of 2008, Anon Sangsanoi got some game time, this lad, although has a huge future ahead of himself never really made Reid sit up and be noticed and was only included in recent squads due to the lack of firepower, so to see him get some game time was a shock to begin with.

All said and done, the boys did the job that was expected, and in reality, we need Iran to beat our rivals Jordan and Singapore and let us pick up the 3 points at home and sneak them single pointers away.

Roll on Iran!!

Jordan 0 - 0 Thailand

Asian Cup 2011 Qualification
Group E, Matchday One

Jordan 0 - 0 Thailand
Amman International Stadium, Amman

Thailand Squad (Players Used)

THAILAND: Kosin Hathairatanakul, Suree Sukha, Chonlatit Jantakam, Nataporn Phanrit, Natthapong Samana, Pichitphong Choeichiu, Surat Sukha, Datsakorn Thonglao, Teerasil Dangda, Salahudin Arware, Ronnachai Rangsiyo, Suchao Nutnum, Anon Sangsanoi

Coach Peter Reid's record now stands at:

Played: 11
Won: 6
Drawn: 3
Lost: 2
Scored: 19
Conceded: 7

Monday, 12 January 2009

Pleasing draw for Chonburi

In the present climate, although things will change come the beginning of the AFC Cup Group Stages in March, Chonburi should consider themselves as group winners.

They have been drawn into Group G against:

  • Hanoi ACB (Vietnam)
  • Eastern A( Hong Kong)
  • Kedah (Malaysia)

Hanoi, winners of the Vietnamese Cup, are a new name to me. They have paleyd in the Champions League before, but they are not one of the best in Vietnam. they fall behind Binh Dung and Nam Dinh in my book of ranking.

Eastern AA, from HK, i expect to prop the group come the end of the stages. They are currently strugling in the Hong Kong First Division, so my reckoning is, if they can't match it with the best of Hong Kong, then surely they are no match for the TPL's most professional outfit? Surely?

Kedah, in some what of a slump at the moment, losing the a Malaysian Chairty shield and currently only taking 1 point from 3 games in Malaysia. Without there foriegners, we should steam roll them over.

Any how, thats my first thought.

But then, Thailand National team succumbed in Vietnam. Same could happen to Chonburi.

The wheels in this competition could keep turning over, until at least the Quarter-Final stage, where we should meet more difficult opponents from the Middle East. Or they could just fall off straight away with dour games in new cities around East Asia.

Either way, should be an interesting competition. The best AFC Cup yet.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

AFC Cup Draw 2009

The draw for the AFC Cup is on Monday 12th.

Chonburi will be paying particular attention.

The sides they could possibly meet in the group stage are:

  • Home United (Singapore)
  • Binh Duong (Vietnam)
  • Hanoi ACB (Vietnam)
  • South China (Hong Kong)
  • Eastern AA (Hong Kong)
  • Club Valencia (Maldives)
  • VB Sports (Maldives)
  • Kedah (Malaysia)
  • Johor (Malaysia)

PEA could also join that list if they are dumped out of the Champions League.

PSMS Medan of Indonesia and SAFFC of Singapore could also be added.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Asian Cup Qualifiers

The campaign starts on Wednesday 14th January away to Jordan.

This will be the 4th time the two countries have come together with Jordan winning one with the other two ending in nil nil draws.

All the games have been played in Thailand. All games have been played this decade and have all been friendlies.

What can we expect away to Jordan in a few days time?

Well, although we should have a bit of confidence after playing quite well recently, it must be said, that we don't quite travel well, especially to the Middle East. Our last journey in that region was in the World Cup qualifiers, where we got dumped by Bahrain and Oman, not forgettign the draw against Yemen in the 1st Round - a team that are not up there with Asia's best, so we still struggled against very lesser oposition.

No doubt the heat and humidity will be against us, and the intimidating atmosphere. So the most i expect, our at least would like to see us get is a draw. A defeat would make it hard for us in future games in the campaign, but a draw should be something to build on.

Although we have never beaten Jordan in our short history against them, i do expect us to get 3 points at home, so a point away, should give us an advantage come the end of the group.

Our squad will be the same that took part in the AFF Suzuki Cup, so it will show if the team are still together, playing as one, or if the final defeat as deflated some players. It will be a cagey game. But hopefully the lads would have learnt from the defeats we have had so far, coming against Saudi Arabia and Vietnam.

This will well and truely be our hardest ever Asian Cup qualifyign campaign. And if we really do have dreams of Brazil 2014, then we must stamp our authority on this qualification group and show the rest of Asia, that whatever happens at the end of the day, Thailand will always be in amongest the crowd ad not jst pretenders.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The demise of Bangkok Bank FC

It would appear that Bangkok Bank have withdrawn from the football scene after being relegated from the Premier League last season. It's not certain if sponsorship from the Bank itself is the demise of the club, or if it is just the reluctance to go more professional, as per AFC requirements.

Bangkok Bank were formed in 1955 making them one of Thailand's first clubs.
They won 11 Khor Royal Cup and 7 Kor Royal Cup titles before the Thailand Premier League rose as we know it today. Bangkok Bank, hence were the first winners of the Premier League title in 1996/97.

They came 3rd in the 1999/2000 Asian Cup Winners Cup tournement.

They are the second club to go 'bust' after the Thai Farmers Bank club in 1997. Although such sides as SET FC have gone 'bust' in recent years but been re-named (BMA, Rattana Bundit) and reformed in the following season to take there places in the same divisons.

As they were relegated to the 1st Division for the 2009 season, there spot will now be filled by one of the 4 teams that was relegated from Division One to Division 2 last year.
2 games will be played in a semi-final match up with the winners playing each other with the right to re-commence the 2009 season in Division One.

Semifinal lineup:

Thai Honda Vs Raj Vithi (stadium in Bangkok)
Phitsanolouk Vs Nakhon Sawan (Pichit stadium)

With regards to Division 2, it looks like it is being re-structured once again, going from 2 leagues into 4 regional leagues, North, North-East, Central and South. But club's and details are still sketchy at this stage

Monday, 5 January 2009

More friendlies added?

Reports suggest Thailand are mulling over a couple more games:

5th Feb: Thailand - Saudi Arabia in China
28th March: Thailand - New Zealand (Bangkok)