Monday, 30 June 2008

Singapore Cup & Rescheduled Fixtures

Singapore Cup & Rescheduled Fixtures:

According to my very own research, our boy will be back in Singapore Cup action at the beginning of


July 4th: Tobacco Monopoly - Woodlands Wellington @ Jurong West Stadium (1st Leg)
July 7th: Woodlands Wellington - Tobacco Monopoly @ Woodlands Stadium (2nd Leg)

July 8th: Bangkok University - Young Lions @ Jurong East Stadium (1st Leg)
July 11th: Young Lions - Bangkok University @ Jalan Besar Stadium (2nd Leg)

Obviously, this plays havoc with our own TPL Calendar.

So the following below is the schedule for the next few weeks

(All 2nd July) These games were re-scehduled from beginning of the season

Royal Thai Army - Chonburi
Samut Songkhram - Krung Thai Bank
TOT FC - BEC Tero Sasana
Port Authority - Osotspa

(All 5th July) - Cut down fixture list due to Singapore Cup

KTB - Coke-Bangpra
Bangkok Bank - TOT
Samut Songkhram - PEA
Royal Thai Army - Nakhon Pathom
Bangkok Uni - BEC Tero Sasana
Chonburi - Chula-Sinthana

(All 9th July) - Games moved from the 5th July & games from earlier in the season

Royal Thai Army - TOT
KTB - Bangkok Bank
Tobacco Monopoly - Osotspa
Port Authority - Customs Department

(All 12th July) - New list to previously seen on websites

TOT - Chonburi
BEC Tero Sasana - Royal Thai Army
Nakhon Pathom - KTB
Chula-Sinthana - Port Authority
Coke-Bangpra - Tobacco Monopoly
Samut Songkhram - Bangkok Bank

(Game on 13th July)

Osotspa - PEA

(15th July) - Rearranged game due to Singapore Cup

Customs Department - Bangkok Uni

Week 16, 19th July is back to normal, but note that most Customs Department
games now take part on a Sunday due to them sharing a ground with Kasem Bundit University

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Midweek Fixtures - 2nd July

Thanks to some help from a friend who also updates Wikipedia with me, they have kindly told me this weeks midweek fixtures:

Royal Thai Army - Chonburi
TOT - BEC Tero Sasana
Smaut Songkhram - KTB
Port Authority - Osotsapa

Results & Comment - 29th June

Premier League – 29th June

Customs Dept 0 – 1 Chonburi

Division 1 – 29th June

Khonkaen FC 3 - 1 Phitsanulok FC
Chanthaburi FC 3 – 0 Raj-Vithi FC
Rattana Bundit FC 2 - 2 Sriracha FC
Royal Thai Air Force FC 5 - 1 Surat Thani FC
Royal Thai Police FC 2 - 1 Nakorn Sawan FC
Royal Thai Navy FC 0 - 0 Thai Airways
Thai Honda FC 1 - 2 Mueang Thong NongJork United
Suphanburi FC 1 - 1 PTT FC

Division 2 – Group A – 29th June


Druryfire Comment

Today's action saw some unlikely results in the 2nd Division with
Sakhon Nakon getting their first victory of the season and Satun also picking up a point,
although they are still without a win yet.

Elsewhere in Division 2, Korat couldn't quite topple the league leaders Prachinburi.

In Division One, Mueng kept their football machine ticking away at the top and have opened up a 7 point gap to
the all important 4th position.

The Air Force turned around last weeks defeat to Surat Thani showing them that it was a one off and
totally dominated today's game and won 5-1.

Sriracha continue to disappoint myself, again only getting a draw against Rattana Bundit, that's
2 weeks running now. Rattana Bundit will be happy with the two points collected.

The Police got a much needed win to stay within contention, maybe if they turn more draws into wins
then they will be back in the big league next year?

It's all very close in Division One, with all top 8 teams having a shout of promotion.

Should be an interesting few weeks ahead of us. League table can be found here:

Their was one match in the Premier League where Chonburi overcame Customs Department 1-0 to move back to the top of the table

Stay tuned for midweek action, I apologise for not posting the fixtures now, but i need clarification
as different sources say different matches!

Saturday, 28 June 2008

100 Up for Port Authority

Port Authority reached that magical milestone today when they defeated BEC Tero Sasana.

That milestone?? Well, they have now become the second team to win 100 games in the history of the Thailand Premier League.

Who was the first? That's BEC themselves, the team they beat today.

Port Authority sit third in the all time standings behind leaders BEC, who will take a lot to catch up and Bangkok Bank, whom Authority themselves are catching up.

Full records and statistics here -

Todays Results - 28th June

Premier League – 28th June

Customs Dept – Chonburi - playing tomorrow
BEC Tero 1 – 2 Port Authority
Nakhon Pathom 0 – 0 Bangkok Uni
Coke-Bangpra 0 – 1 Army
Osotsapa 3 – 0 KTB
TOT 1– 1 Samut Songkhram
Chula-Sinthana 1 – 1 Bangkok Bank
PEA 2 – 1 Tobacco Monopoly

PEA now moved to the top of the championship after a surprise defeat for BEC. Army pick up their first victory of the season, will we see the great escape??

Division 2 – Group B – 28th June

Kasem Bundit University FC 1 - 5 Navy Fleet Support FC
Lop Buri 5 - 1 Thonburi College FC
Si Saket FC 2 - 0 Marine College FC
Airforce Training College FC 6 - 1 Bangkok Christian College FC
Bangkok North Central ASSN FC 1 - 0 Army Support FC

Plenty of goals in the lower league today. Hope they keep flying in for tomorrows action

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Weekend Fixtures: 28&29 June 2008

Return of the Premier League!!

Premier League – 28th June

Customs Dept – Chonburi
BEC Tero – Port Authority
Nakhon Pathom – Bangkok Uni
Coke-Bangpra – Army
Osotsapa – KTB
TOT – Samut Songkhram
Chula-Sinthana – Bangkok Bank
PEA – Tobacco Monopoly

Division 1 – 29th June

Khonkaen FC - Phitsanulok FC
Chanthaburi FC - Raj-Vithi FC
Rattana Bundit FC - Sriracha FC
Royal Thai Air Force FC - Surat Thani FC
Royal Thai Police FC - Nakorn Sawan FC
Royal Thai Navy FC - Thai Airways
Thai Honda FC - Mueang Thong NongJork United
Suphanburi FC - PTT FC

Division 2 – Group A – 29th June


Division 2 – Group B – 28th June

Kasem Bundit University FC - Navy Fleet Support FC
Lop Buri - Thonburi College FC
Si Saket FC - Marine College FC
Airforce Training College FC - Bangkok Christian College FC
Bangkok North Central ASSN FC - Army Support FC

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Domestic League Snippets


Following transfers have been made in the last week.

Nigerian Ajayi Gdenga Samuel left Cambodian League side Phom Penh Empire for Krung Thai Bank for $8,000 dollars, thanks to for this info.

Bangkok Uni striker Kraison Panjaroen has joined Chonburi.

Stadium Changes

Chonburi & Coke-Bangpra have been kicked out of the Chonburi Municipality Stadium. Chonburi have moved back to the Princess Srintorn Stadium for the rest of the season and Coke-Bangpra have moved back to The Coke Stadium for the reminder. Thanks to sriracha from the forum for this snippet

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Oman 2 - 1 Thailand - 22nd June 2008

Oman 2 - 1 Thailand
Played at Royal Oman Police Stadium

Chanvit's last game, he surely wanted to go out on a bang, but it wasn't to be.

Thailand were beaten with 5 minutes to spare after taking the lead in the 3rd minute through captain Sripan via a penalty.

A few fringe players managed to get a kick about today. I'm glad Jetsawad and the goalkeeper Tedsungneon played and finished, they have been witht the squad throughout, and will gain more expereince that should set us in good stead for Asian Cup qualifiers.

Tedsungneon is now really pressing Kosin for the number one goalkeeping spot, so we have good little competition here which we haven't had for a number of years.

Sangsanoi and Sunthorniphit also got a run out, although the latter only played 15-20minutes.

All in all, the squad was probably what you would expect with a mixture of expereinced and inexperienced lads getting a run, just so cruel we got beat in Chanvit's farewell game.

So Oman, a nation we have failed to beat. Why? When in my book we are much beater than them. I also thought on paper that we are better than Bahrain, but it seems not to be.

I think in the future what we can see is sides that we entertain in Thailand we can beat, but playing away, especailly against the Asian big boys in Japan an all, and away in the Gulf will always be hard for us.

I feel that everyone will fear Thailand, as we will almost always end in the Third or Fourth seed role along with the likes of Lebanon, Vietnam etc, so i think we will always be the team everyone wants to avoid from that area, but time will tell.

So, Brazil in 2014 is the one we aim for now, a pity really as Brazil is so far away and i need an excuse to go to a World Cup, South Africa was it for me.

Hopefully Thailand can qualify for Qatar 2011, as i wouldn't mind a little adventure there.

Oh well, i'll touch on this more in the future, as now is time to drown my sorrows, and hold a pint for former coach Chanvit Phalavijn

Division One Results - 22nd June 2008

Division 1 – 22nd June

113. Phitsanulok 1 – 1 Khon Kaen
114. Raj-Vithi 2 - 3 Chanthaburi
115. Sriracha 0 – 0 Rattana Bundit
116. Surat Thani 1 - 0 Airforce
117. Nakon Sawan 0 - 0 Police
118. Thai Airways 0 - 1 Navy
119. Mueng Thong NongJork Utd 2 – 1 Thai Honda
120. PTT FC 2 - 0 Suphanburi

Druryfire Comment

Well, at the half way point, certainly now looks ike Mueng NongJork United will not be stopped on their charge to the TPL. It's going to be close for the other two spots though.

But i tell you what, i'll cancel out the Royal Thai Police's challenge, simply put, too many draws, if they had wins instead of draws they would eb well clear by now.

Biggest movers are PTT FC who have moved up to 7th position, they now seem to have gained in confidence and i expect these boys to fill the top three before long.

Way back at the beginning of the season, I had Sriracha written all over for promotion, but they seem to always slip up, i think they will still go up as everyone else in and around them seem just as bad.

The team thats really caught me by surprise is Chanthaburi who seem to have come from nowhere and now sit in 4th spot.

So, half a season gone, another exciting half to come.

Who's your picks for promotion?

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Oman V Thailand - WCQ Final Game

Tomorrows game:

Oman V Thailand
Venue: Royal Oman Police Stadium
Kick off- 3pm GMT, 9pm Thai

Chanvit's last game, a couple of quotes. "It is the coach's responsibility if the team fails to deliver," said Chanvit.

"We must take a good look to the future because if want to become successful we must have a strong league and good management," he added.

Hopefully this strong league will come true.

Tomorrows game will see us without two key players in Suree Sukha and Datsakorn Thonglao, so just aswell the game is not vital.

I'd like to see tomorrows squad along the lines of this:

--------------------Sivarak Tedsungnoen-----------------

Jetsada Jitsawad--Niweat Siriwong--Natthaphong Samana--Nataporn Phanrit

Suchao Nutnum------Tawan Sripan-------Narongchai Vachiraban

Teerasil Dangda-----Sarayoot Chaikamdee----Teeratep Winothai

I think an attacking formation, something that could be used against our ASEAN neighbours later in the year.

Generally, 2 old geezers (Siriwong & Sripan) and then a lot of young lads to gain a bit more experience.

It would be good to see Chanvit leave us with one hell of a performance which guys who are young will not be afriad to give, but could also back fire.

Of course Oman also don't have anything to play for, so i'm predicting the locals will not turn up to the game, so not a fierce crowd to play in front of, but they have a stand in coach who will be looking for a victory to maybe secure his place at the helm for longer.

So a pointless game for qualification, but plenty on for both nations to take seriously.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Article from the recent Sunday Mirror (English Press)

Vorawan Chitavanich

I've just created an article on Thai coach Vorawan Chitavanich, posted here -

If anyone can help with any data or references so i can source the article, then help would be very grateful.

I'm hoping to build up a few more profiles in the coming weeks and months.

So please try to help me if you see a profile that needs updating or amending

Thanks in advance

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Division One Weekend Fixtures - 22nd June

Division 1 – 22nd June

113. Phitsanulok – Khon Kaen
114. Raj-Vithi - Chanthaburi
115. Sriracha – Rattana Bundit
116. Surat Thani - Airforce
117. Nakon Sawan - Police
118. Thai Airways - Navy
119. Mueng Thong NongJork Utd – Thai Honda
120. PTT FC – Suphanburi

Druryfire Comment

I think this week will show us which team out of PTT and Suphanburi have serious credentials’ of breaking into the top 5. I think one of these teams can sneak into the top 3 and go up into the Premier League. A loose for either or a draw as well will certainly set them back.

Suphanburi certainly have goals in them, but they also leak goals at an alarming rate aswell. PTT have a very strong defence, but fail to score on many occasions. This should be an interesting matchup.

The other fixtures this week seem to be top of the table against the lower half of the top. So going on league standings, you can probably pick out your winners, but there’s always a surprise somewhere. Where will it be this week? I going for a Thai Airways surprise victory of the Royal Thai Navy.

What do you think??

Monday, 16 June 2008

Chanvit - National Coach -2005 to 2008

You may rememebr the recent post i did on our National coach Chanvit Phalajivin. Will he, or won't he quit.

Well, once again, he has played his quit card.

His final game should be against Oman on the 22nd of this month.

Who will take his place if he does keep his word? All this fiasco started way back in April, view my post way back then. My thoughts are still to keep it within the Thai family and bring in Chonburi coach Jadet Meelarp, Tobacco manager Gawin Kachendecha or even KTB coach Attaphol Buspakom.

But running the national team, or Thai teams in general are a bit different.

You tend to have a Manager who kind of just sits around and rings the players up to tell them they are in or out and then you have the coach who does the training but more than likely does not pick the team. Time will tell who comes in. But i guess it will go to someone who doesn't know the Thai game at all.

Who's your top choice?

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Division 1 - Weekend Results - 15th June 2008

Division 1 – 15th June

105. Suphanburi 0 – 2 Mueng NongJork United
106. Thai Honda 0 – 0 Thai Airways
107. Navy 3 – 1 Sakon Nawan
108. Police 2 – 2 Surat Thani
109. Air Force 1 - 0 Sriracha
110. Rattana Bundit 2 – 2 Raj Vithi
111. Chanthaburi 3 - 0 Phitsanulok
112. PTT 2 - 1 Khonkaen

Druryfire Comment

Division One took centre stage this weekend and as I told you before, keep an eye on The Royal Air Force, they beat Sriracha this weekend, i expect the Air Force to make the top three this year and get promotion.

Mueng kept there charge towards the top flight on track and keep a 5 point gap to 4th place, but they certainly want to go up as champions. It's very close at the top, and i'll get Wikipedia updated to show the current league table within the enxt couple of days.

Down at the bottom, Rattan Bundit and Raj-Vithi could not seperate themselves, so both couldn't move up any further. But generally, in the bottom half of the table, i expect PTT FC to move closer to the top, in which they look like doing, and maybe just might be very dark horses for a promotion push. Next week they take on Suphanburi, who is another of my long tips, so next week will show us, just who can go the furthest, personally, i would like to see Suphanburi win it and go up. No other game really sticks out at this point, as they all seem to be top/bottom affairs

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Thailand V Japan Action

Squad Photo for game against Bahrain the Previous Weekend

Thailand 0 - 3 Japan (World Cup Qualifier)

BANGKOK - Rajamangala (National Stadium)

Thailand 0
Japan 3
Marcus Tulio TANAKA (23')
Yuji NAKAZAWA (39')

Referee ALBADWAWI Ali Hamad


18 Kosin Hathairattanakool (GK)

2 Surat Sukha

5 Niweat Siriwong

6 Nataporn Phanrit

7 Datasakorn Thonglao

9 Sarayoot Chaikamdee (11 Tana Chanabut 48')

10 Tawan Sripan

13 Chaiwut Watthana (12 Nirut Surasiang 71')

14 Teerasil Dangda

15 Pichitpong Choechiu (17 Sutee Suksomit 86')

16 Kiatprawut Saiwaeo

Subs Not Used: Sivarak Tedsungnoen, Natthaphong Samana, Jetsada Jitsawad, Suchao Nutnum


18 Seigo Narazaki

2 Yuji Nakazawa

3 Yuichi Komano

4 Marcus Tulio Tanaka

6 Atsuto Uchida

7 Yasuhito Endo

8 Shinji Kagawa (15 Yasuyuki Konno 83')

9 Daisuke Matsui (14 Kengo Nakamura 70')

10 Shunsuke Nakamura (16 Kisho Yano 70')

11 Keiji Tamada

17 Makoto Hasebe

Subs Not Used: Yoshkatsu Kawaguchi, Shuhei Terada, Seiichiro Maki, Keita Suzuki

Druryfire Comment

Well, it's finally over, our World Cup dreams in tatters. But to be honest, it was just about over when we failed to pick up 3 points against Oman in the second group game. A win then, could have changed the whole compleion of the group and certainly made the home and away games against Bahrain very vital.

So, the dream is over, and Brazil 2014 is now the aim. In between, we have our ASEAN Championships, to prove we are kings of our region and we also have the Asian Cup to qualify for, but that will more than likely be a struggle aswell, as there are not too many places up for grabs, and with the best of the region already entered and a couple of slots going to developing nations, then this might just prove another step to far. But we must get there to stay with the elite of Asia. Failure to qualify will put us backa numbe rof yeras.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Will he won't he?

Chanvit Phalajivin

Now, i like our national coach, and his record of taking Thai Farmers Bank to AFC glory twice really stands out. But now, his attitude is rather getting to me.

He states on the Fifa website, that he wants to stay on as coach, but this is a guy who wanted to leave after becoming runners up at the last ASEAN Championship and then changed his mind. The same guy who also wanted to quit after the loss to Oman earlier in the World Cup qualifying campaign.

So, please do us a favour, make your mind up, and if you go, then we can at least bring someone else in and prepare them for the upcoming ASEAN Championship in December this year.

This is a tournement i want to win, we haven't won it since 2002, and thats bad when we are suppose to be the King's of ASEAN! if we don't watch it, Singapore will soon big King's and leave us further behind in their wake.

Time to make your mind up Chanvit.

Fixture Mix Up??

Domestic Season

When the Premier League gets under way again, has FAT taken into consideration that they have penciled in Tobacco Monopoly to play at home against Osotspa on the 5th July when the team will actually be commited to playing in Singapore in the Singapore Cup against Woodlands Wellington on the 4th with the second leg match being played on the 7th.

The same could go for Bangkok University who play their second leg match of the Singapore Cup against Young Lions on the 11th July which should cancel out their match the day later against Customs Department in the Premier League.Will these games be moved to another date, or will FAT really expect them to play all these games? Or even take off points for no shows?I really hope FAT kick off their Thailand Cup so our teams don't have to go away to get competition in Singapore.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Season so far.......Part Four

Royal Thai Army
Current Record: PLD: 10, W:0, D:2, L:8, F:5, A22, GD: -17, PTS: 2
Current Position: 16th

The Season So Far: One to forget, 2 points from 10 games and with an hectic schedule to begin with come the second half of the season. Regularly leaking goals and simply can’t find the net for love nor money. Simply put, going straight to Division One.

Any need for high or low points?

Samut Songkhram
Current Record: PLD: 11, W:4, D:4, L:3, F:16, A:11, GD: +5, PTS: 16
Current Position: 6th

High Point: Away form has been exceptional, only losing once, and even holding current leaders BEC to a 1-1 draw.

Low Point: Could have been further up the table if they had beaten the likes of former champions Bkk Uni and Nakhon Pathom in games that help keep your Premeir League status.

The Season So Far: Taken the Premier League like a duck takes to water. Currently sitting in a nose bleeding position. Should comfortably stay clear of relegation. A top half finish will certainly make the fans proud. Hopefully the province club will progress in the future and help break the Bangkok mould with Chonburi in the years to come.

Tobacco Monopoly
Current Record: PLD: 12, W:3, D:6, L:3, F:7, A:9, GD: -2, PTS: 15
Current Position: 10th

High Point: Away form will keep them up, as they seem to play tight and pick up the points

Low Point: Once again, like many clubs this season, they fail to find the net, only 7 goals scored all year. Disappointing mauling at home to Krung Thai Bank, until then, looked to have a solid defence

The Season So Far: Lack of goals to any club spells trouble. Should have enough to stay clear of relegation, but until they start scoring, trouble will always lay in their wake.

Current Record: PLD: 10, W:7, D:1, L:2, F:12, A:5, GD: +7, PTS: 22
Current Position: 2nd

High Point: The whole season has been a high for them, in with championship credentials and conceded the lowest so far, with only 5 conceded.

Low Point: Defeat to Coke-Bangpra, just shows if you want to win things, you need to win these matches.

The Season So Far: May well just carry off the Championship come the end of the season, an impressive start to the campaign, looked to drop off slighty but have stuck on in their. On their day, can be real title contenders.

Fixtures - 15th June

Division 1 – 15th June
105. Suphanburi – Mueng NongJork United
106. Thai Honda – Thai Airways
107. Navy – Sakon Nawan
108. Police – Surat Thani
109. Air Force - Sriracha
110. Rattana Bundit – Raj Vithi
111. Chanthaburi - Phitsanulok
112. PTT - Khonkaen

Just one league playing this weekend.

Divisions 2 and Premeir Legaue will be back with us on 28th June

Of course, Thailand host Japan on the 14th in a most win game, but world cup qualification is generally out of the window unless they smash in a few goals and results go their way.

Keys games this week are the Suphanburi and Air Force clashes

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Druryfire Comment - Promotion Hopefuls?

Well, we are reaching the mid-way point for the First and Second Division Leagues.

So, who has caught the eye so far?

Mueng Thong NongJork United certainly looked to be running away with the First Division Championship, especially after Sriracha had a few bad weeks which pushed them from table toppers down to 4th place.

But now, Sriracha have pulled themselves level again, after Mueng's surprise defeat to lowly PTT FC. Although it must be said, PTT are no pushovers, they just fail to score on most occasions, but simply are solid in defence, so going into a lead, they are always confident of staying in front.

I feel, come the end of the season, Sriracha and Mueng will battle it out to see who will be crowned champions, but who will go up with them? We have The Royal Thai Police, who have at long last been defeated, so hard to break down, but claim to many draws, then there's the Navy. But i feel, a long shot at this moment would be The Air Force, the once force of Thai football, slowly creeping up the table after an indifferent start. Which these guys take off in the coming weeks.

Looking into Division 2, you could really pick anyone for promotion, the leagues are so wide open, but Prachinburi, seem to have been the team from Group A to get a foothold on the league, as for Group B, i would have said Lopburi a few weeks ago. When they pick up victories they go from strength to strenght, but then boom, beaten by a table competing in the bottom half, iron out them results and they can move up a level.

But again, my long shot, is Kasem Bundit Uni, they now seem to be flying, so i see these guys making the top two.

Generally, we have now reached the mid-way point in Division 2, with a couple more games to go in Division 1 to get there, but who do you think will be fighting at the top and bottom come the end of the season?

Weekend Results - 7th&8th June 2008

Division 1 – 8th June
97. Khon Kaen 3 -2 Chanthaburi
98. Phitsanulok 2 – 1 Rattana Bundit
99. Raj-Vithi 0 – 2 Royal Thai Air Force
100. Sriracha 2 – 0 Royal Thai Police
101. Surat Thani 2 – 0 Royal Thai Navy
102. Nakhon Sawan 0 – 1 Thai Honda
103. Thai Airways 1 - 1 Suphanburi
104. Mueng Thong NongJork United 0 - 1 PTT

Division 2 – Group A – 7TH June
51. Satun FC 2-3 Raj Pracha
52.Chiang Mai 0-1 Songkhla
53. Ratchaburi 1-1 Sakon Nakon
54. Prachinburi 2-1 Korat
55. Samut Prakan 0-1 Narathiwat

Division 2 – Group B – 8th June
51. Navy Fleet Support 0-1 Kasem Bundit Uni
52. Thonburi College 3-1 Lopburi
53. Marine College 1-2 Si Saket
54. Bangkok Christian College 0-1 Airforce Training College
55. Army Support 1-1 Bangkok North Central ASSN

Monday, 2 June 2008

Weekend Results - 31st May & 1st June

Division 2 – Group A - 30th May

46. Narathiwat 1 - 0 Cha Choeng Sao FC
47. Nakhon Ratchasima 6 -1 Sakon Nakhon
48. Songkhla 3 - 1 Ratchaburi
49. Raj Pracha 1 - 3 Prachinburi FC
50. Satun FC 1 - 6 Samut Prakan

Thailand Division 1 - 1st June

89. Suphanburi FC 1 - 0 Nakorn Sawan FC
90. Thai Honda FC 2 - 0 Surat Thani FC
91. Royal Thai Navy FC 2 - 2 Sriracha FC
92. Royal Thai Police FC 2 - 1 Raj-Vithi FC
93. Royal Thai Air Force FC 3 - 1 Phitsanulok FC
94. Rattana Bundit FC 2 - 2 Khonkaen FC
95. Mueang Thong NongJork United 1 - 1 Thai Airways
96. PTT FC 2 - 2 Chanthaburi FC

Division 2 – Group B

46. Airforce Training College FC 1 - 1 Si Saket FC
47. Bangkok North Central ASSN FC 1 - 1 Bangkok Bravo FC
48. Lop Buri 2 - 0 Marine College FC
49. Kasem Bundit University FC 5 - 2 Bangkok Christian College FC
50. Navy Fleet Support FC 0 - 0 Army Support FC