Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Special Announcment

With immediate effect, this blog will now go on hold.

Come 8 months down the line, there will be a little Druryfire running around. Names in a postcard (or comment) please. Many thanks for my lovely wife Suwanlee for putting up with me. Married one year and still going strong.

You never know, SEA Games 2029, there might just be a 'Drury' lifting that cup!

The time has now come, to put blogging to the side.

Many thanks to all you guys who have taken the time to read the blog in the past, but don't worry, i'm sure i will be back to blog again in the future. As for now, you can find me on the forum.

Many Regards


Sunday, 20 September 2009

Regional League South Division

Regional League South Division is the 3rd Level League in Thailand. It was formed in 2009 along with other four other regional leagues, all playing at the same level. The winner of each regional league enter the Regional League Championships to determine the three teams that will receive promotion to the Thai Division 1 League

League History

Formed in 2009, initally 9 clubs applied to be part of the new setup; Krabi, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Narathiwat, Pattani, Phattalung, Phuket, Satun, Yala and Tartauo. Come decision day, Tartauo either failed to apply on time, or were not accepted into the new setup.

Narathiwat and Satun were the only two teams with previous experience in the Thai football league system.

Narathiwat won the first ever championship and took the Regional League championship allocation, winning the division on goal difference from Satun.


2009: 1st ever Regional League South starts.
2009: 1 club (Phuket) enters the FA Cup
2009: 8 Clubs enter first ever championship

Championship History

Season 2009:

1st: Narathiwat
2nd: Satun
3rd: Nakhon Si Thammarat

More can be found in the new article i've created:

2010 King's Cup

Ok, no news here.

Just want to rattle a few brains and keep to the back of your minds.

When will the yearly King's Cup be played in 2010?

Normally at the beginning of the year or right at the end. So lets look at a few possibilties:

Early 2010 - Off the back of the Asian Cup qualifier against Jordan. Could be a good opportunity to bring in such nations as Denmark (again) and Sweden, who may well use games to build up for the World Cup, should give us some good match pratcice for the Asian Cup game against Iran.

Late 2010 - hopefully we will have qualified for Qatar 2011, so what better practice for that than getting a King's Cup title under out belts?

Who would you like to see appear, assuming the King's Cup is played??

Early 2010, i'd like to see us test the likes of Bahrain, lets see what is just special about them. But then again, they will have a full schedule come then (about 4games in Asian Cup to get in.)

Late 2010, 2011 Asian cup hosts Qatar, nothing better than piting off against an West Asian nation.

Personally, i'd like to see us entertain more Middle Eastern nations, we normally fall short against these nations when it matters, so maybe we should get more practice in against them?

So, i'm thinking it this already, mayeb to far ahead of myself. But i would like to know what Bryan Robso is thinking? Games, preperation or beach?