Wednesday, 31 December 2008

National Team Match Schedule

Confirmed Schedule:

Jan 14 2009, 2011 ACQ - Jordan (Amman)

Jan 21 2009, 2009 King's Cup, Lebanon (Phuket)

Jan 23 2009, 2009 King's Cup, Denmark or North Korea (Phuket)

Jan 28 2009, 2011 ACQ - Iran (Bangkok)

Nov 14 2009, 2011 ACQ - Singapore (Singapore)

Nov 18 2009, 2011 ACQ - Singapore (Bangkok)

Jan 6 2010, 2011 ACQ - Jordan (Bangkok)

Mar 3 2010, 2011 ACQ - Iran (Tehran)

King's Cup 2009

The draw has been made for the tournement to be played in Phuket.

This time it's a straight knockout compeition

January 21: Denmark v North Korea (4.30pm); Thailand v Lebanon (7pm).
January 23: 3rd place play-off (4.30pm); Final (7pm).

Monday, 29 December 2008

We missed the fox in the box

From the games i've seen on the telly. Thailand certainly missed a real striker in my opinion. Someone who can do nothing for most of the game and then just simply slot the ball in the net when called upon.

I recall, i previously mentioned Sarayoot Chaikamdee who has scored on 26 previous occsasions for the national side, albeit, most goals coming against the likes of Macao and Timor-Leste.

Even though he wasn't considered fit enough, i think he could have done a job in the final third and could probably on reflection taken the sub spot off BEC Tero forward Anon Sangsanoi who saw very little action. Coach Reid certainly doesn't seem to favour him.

Again, in the action i have seen, it is quite clear that Reid favours the long route 1 ball. I'm not too sure where this will get us in the future. We need more of the ball and wind our opponents down, simply pass and move. Far to often our full backs Sukha and Sammana would just launch the blasted thign forward. It's OK getting Dangda's head on it, but then who wins the second ball? Not us!

We have to start to learn to keep ball more, not be afriad to pass sideways and pass backwards, time to have confidence on the ball. This will come evantually. but probably at the cost of Asian Cup qualification. Not sure how we will fair in that. Looks like Iran and Jordan will have the number on us and Singapore, will anything could happen in that regional derby game.

Set pieces will be a key to our future, but we can't just hope to get free kicks. We are good in the air in South East Asia, but bring on the Middle East, could be a different kettle of fish.

Now, as Runner's Up once again, the team must deliver in our annual King's Cup, to bring a bit of success back to the nation.

Hats off To Vietnam

Well done Vietnam. AFF Suzuki Cup Chmpions 2008.

In reality, it's good for the region, and lets hope that Vietnam can build on this and move up a gear throughout Asia.

As for Thailand and Singapore, the much more fancied sides, it just shows, tournement football springs surprises and you have to take your chances, of which, in the games i've seen didn't seem many close cut chances.

Vietnam 1 - 1 Thailand

AFF Suzuki Cup 2008
Final, 2nd Leg
Vietnam 1 - 1 Thailand
My Dinh National Stadium, Hanoi

Thailand Squad (Players Used)

THAILAND: Kosin Hathairatanakul, Suree Sukha, Chonlatit Jantakam, Nataporn Phanrit, Natthapong Samana, Arthit Sunthornphit, Surat Sukha, Datsakorn Thonglao, Teerasil Dangda, Teerathep Winothai, Ronnachai Rangsiyo, Suchao Nutnum


Teerasil Dangda scored his 10th international goal

Coach Peter Reid's record now stands at:

Played: 9
Won: 6
Drawn: 2
Lost: 2
Scored: 19
Conceded: 7

Friday, 26 December 2008

All New 2nd Division??

Rumour has it, the 2nd Division in Thailand Domestic football will be split from its current 2 leagues format into 4 new leagues comprising between 12-14 teams depending on the region.

A new North, North-East (Issan Region), Central and South league will be created.

This will create more local derbies, less travelling and hopefully better football.

Assuming this gets the go ahead, and the season starts in March, then we would have 4 champions to be promoted in the First Division. Again, four teams would be relegated to filter back through.

Or going through Thai standards, they will have four champions moving into another group phase to see who the overall champion is.

90 Minutes from glory!

The wife's gone to Bingo, so it gives me chance to get my views across of what should happen on Sunday 28th December.

  • Recall Kittisak Rawangpa to the goalkeeper spot
  • Play Ronnachai Rangsiyo instead of Winothai
  • Don't play the long ball, use the wings
  • Bring Arthit into Sundays starting lineup.

Kosin use to be my first choice goalkeeper, who el;se really? I didn't really no other any other. But why did Coach Reid change his keeper for the final first leg. As far as i'm aware, Kosin has only played in one game prior to the final. He, himself was probably surprised to get called up, being second fiddle for most the of the tournment. Kittisak surely deserved his chance? I'm sure he will get it in Vietnam, as we need a commanding presence, something Kosin doesn't look like he can achieve at this moment

Drop Winothai in favour of someone who can score? Leesaw may have all the determination, but why not let him keep this and boil it all up coming off the bench with 30 to go? Although a few days ago i would have played Rangsiyo instead of Dangda, i just feel now they need to be played together as they have got the goal scoring knack in this tournement. Don't go with attittudes and star studded players on this one, go with the guys who know where the net is for this tournement.

Don't play the long ball, be more paitent. If a gap isn't opening up, then slow it down and start agan, don't be afriad to keep the ball. Don't just hoof it for the sake of something possibly happening, lets make it happen by playing with the ball and using the wings, with Sutee Sukomsit and Arthit to get crosses in.

This tournement we have shown from corners and free kicks that we can hed the ball better than anyone, so use the width and get them crosses in. Be patient, and draw the freekick so we can pinpoint our chances in.

One last note, don't play into the hands of Vietnam. It's only one goal. It we play far too attacking, we will score, but we will also get caught out. Conceding a goal will make heads drop. Vietnam will be very nervous for the whole game. And there fans now expect them to win. Still 0-0 with 15 to go, no problem. Either way, don't play to get caught at the back again, and the Vietnamese will start to crack the longer the game goes. Keep them without scoring and chances will open up.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Thailand 1 - 2 Vietnam

AFF Suzuki Cup 2008

Final, 1st Leg

Thailand 1 - 2 Vietnam
Rajamangala Stadium, Bangkok

Thailand Squad (Players Used)

THAILAND: Kosin Hathairatanakul, Suree Sukha, Chonlatit Jantakam, Nataporn Phanrit, Natthapong Samana, Arthit Sunthornphit, Surat Sukha, Datsakorn Thonglao, Teerasil Dangda, Teerathep Winothai, Ronnachai Rangsiyo, Pichitphong Choeichiu


Ronnachai Rangsiyo scored his 4th international goal

Coach Peter Reid's record now stands at:

Played: 9
Won: 6
Drawn: 1
Lost: 2
Scored: 18
Conceded: 6

Sunday, 21 December 2008

AFF Suzuki Cup 2008
Semi-Final, 2nd Leg
Thailand 2 - 1 Indonesia
Rajamangala Stadium, Bangkok

Thailand Squad (Players Used)

THAILAND: Kittisak Rawangpa, Suree Sukha, Chonlatit Jantakam, Nataporn Phanrit, Natthapong Samana, Arthit Sunthornphit, Surat Sukha, Datsakorn Thonglao, Suchao Nutnum, Teerasil Dangda, Teerathep Winothai, Ronnachai Rangsiyo, Anon Sangsanoi, Pichitphong Choeichiu


Teerathep Winothai scored his 12th international goal

Ronnachai Rangsiyo scored his 3rd international goal

Suchao Nutnum will miss the final first leg after picking up two yellow cards

Coach Peter Reid's record now stands at:

Played: 8
Won: 6
Drawn: 1
Lost: 1
Scored: 17
Conceded: 4

Thursday, 18 December 2008

PEA FC In ACL Action

Asian Champions League

Qualifying Draw

(18.02.09) PEA FC V SAFFC (Singapore) - Thammasat University Rangsit Stadium

The winners will then play at home against Indonesia’s PSMS Medan on February 25, 2009, with a place in the ACL at stake.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Indonesia 0 - 1 Thailand

AFF Suzuki Cup 2008

Indonesia 0 - 1 Thailand
Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta

Thailand Squad (Players Used)

THAILAND: Kittisak Rawangpa (GK), Suree Sukha, Chonlatit Jantakam, Nataporn Phanrit, Datsakorn Thonglao (Cpt), Suchao Nutnum, Teerasil Dangda, Natthapong Samabna, Teeratep Winothai, Surat Sukha, Sutee Suksomkit,


Teerasil Dangda scored his 9th international goal

Coach Peter Reid's record now stands at:

Played: 7
Won: 5
Drawn: 1
Lost: 1
Scored: 15
Conceded: 3

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Thailand 3 - 0 Malaysia

AFF Suzuki Cup 2008
Group Stage - Match Three

Thailand 3 - 0 Malaysia
Sarakul Stadium, Phuket
Thailand Squad
Goalkeepers : Kittisak Rawangpa
Defenders: Suree Sukha , Nataporn Phanrit (Patipan Petchpoon), Natthaphong Samana , Choltit Jantakam
Midfielders: Surat Sukha (Rangsan Vivatchaicoke), Datsakorn Thonglao , Suchao Nutnum and Sutee Suksomkit
Strikers: Teerathep Winothai (Rongnachai Rangsiyo), Teerasil Dangda
Suksomkit scored his 13th goal for Thailand
Danda scored his 7th and 8th goals for Thailand
Suree Sukha got Yellow Card
Rawangpa got Yellow Card
Peter Reid Managerial Record
Played: 6
Won: 4
Drawn: 1
Lost: 1
Scored: 14
Conceded: 3
Next up Indonesia, AFF Suzuki up semi-final, 1st Leg on 16th December

Monday, 8 December 2008

Lebanon added to King's Cup?

Rumor's persist that Lebanon have been added to the 2008 King's Cup schedule, to be played in earlier 2009.

If you can read arabic, visit this web site:

Or read what i translated:

"It also decided to approve the Union invitation to participate in the Thai King's Cup 2009 which will be held in Bangkok between January 21 and 23 next to the participation of Denmark, Thailand, North Korea and Lebanon. "

Thailand 6 - 0 Laos

AFF Suzuki Cup 2008

Group Stage - Match Two
Thailand 6 - 0 Laos
Sarakul Stadium, Phuket

Thailand Squad (Players Used)

THAILAND: Sutee Sukha, Patiparn Phetphun, Niweat Siriwong, Ronnachai Rangsiyo, Tana Chanabut, Anon Sansanoi, Arthit Sunthornphit, Kosin Hathairattanakool, Phichitphong Choeichiu, Salahudin Aware, Rangsan Vivatchaichok.

Match Report:


10 Players were changed from the previous matchday squad

Patiparn Phetphun scored his 4th international goal

Ronnachai Rangsiyo scored his 2nd international goal

Anon Sansanoi scored his 1st and 2nd international goals

Arthit Sunthornphit scored his 1st and 2nd international goals

Coach Peter Reid's record now stands at:

Played: 5
Won: 3
Drawn: 1
Lost: 1
Scored: 11
Conceded: 3

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Next Up, Laos

Ok, so tomorrows game against Laos, in Phuket, before the team head back to Bangkok should be 3 points in the bag.

Of course it should. I won't even try to find any negative points really. Laos may score, but we should score more.

Tomorrow, i would like to see Reid rotate his squad a little, and give thr fringe guys a chance in a big game and also rest a few key players for later against Malaysia where we need to win and top the group and show our intentions.

It would be an ideal chance to change our keeper, bringing Kosin back in to see if his mind is on the tournement or not and give a chance to the likes of Anon Sangsanoi and Salahudin Arware.

I'm not talking full games or even starting, but to give them a good 30 minutes at least to gain experience that will be needed for later in the competition.

At this moment, i'm just looking through our options and notice that we don't really have a team that scores goals. For example, there's only Sutee Suksomkit and Terratep Winothai who have scored double figures. I wonder if Reid with dropping Sarayoot Chaikamdee has enough firepower. Surely, if only half fit, he could have been used in the Group Stages to break down a stubborn Laos if need be?

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Thailand 2 - 0 Vietnam

AFF Suzuki Cup 2008
Group Stage - Match One
Thailand 2 - 0 Vietnam
Sarakul Stadium, Phuket

Thailand Squad (Players Used)
Goalkeepers: Kittisak Rawangpa (Osotspa)
Defenders: Suree Sukha (Chonburi), Nataporn Phanrit (Muang Thong), Natthaphong Samana (Chonburi), Choltit Jantakam (Chonburi)
Midfielders: Surat Sukha (Chonburi), Datsakorn Thonglao (Hoang Anh Gia Lai, Vietnam), Phichitpong Choeichiu (Krung Thai Bank), Tana Chanabut (Pattaya United), Suchao Nutnum (TOT), Arthit Sunthornpit (Chonburi) and Sutee Suksomkit (Tampines Rovers, Singapore).
Strikers: Teerathep Winothai (K.Lierse S.K., Belgium), Teerasil Dangda (Muang Thong)
Suksomkit scored his 13th goal for Thailand
Nutnum scored his 5th goal for Thailand
Phanrit picked up a Yellow Card
Surat Sukha picked up a Yellow Card
Thonglao may miss the next game due to injury

Friday, 5 December 2008

Thailand - Vietnam Match Statistics

This will be the 16th matchup between Thailand and Vietnam.

Full Record Against Vietnam:

Won: 10
Drawn: 3
Lost: 2
Goals For: 30
Goals Against: 13

Home Record:

Won: 5
Drawn: 1
Lost: 0
Goals For: 14
Goals Against: 4

Statistics are certainly on our side. We have only ever lost twice in 15 previous matchups. The last time in 1998. We have since played 9 other games against them. The worrying point is probably the fact that we have drawn the last two.

The last matchup was only a couple of weeks ago, in Vietnam when we won the T&T Cup after drawing with the hosts Vietnam and beating our other opponents North Korea.

The last time Vietnam stepped over to Thailand and Bangkok was in early 2007 for the 2nd Leg of the ASEAN Championship 2006. The match ended in a scorless draw, but the damage was already done in the first leg in Hanoi.

The most important game between the two nations to date was way back in 1973 for a FIFA World Cup Qualifier. Back then, the game was played in Seoul, South Korea and we got thumped 3-0.

Tomorrow (6th December) will see the two sides battle it out in Phuket for the first time, after previously meeting in such exotic places as Chiang Mai, Jakarta and Bandar Seri Begawan.

The game will also pit the Portuguese coach Henrique Calisto against Englishman Peter Reid. Two coaches wanting to stamp their authority on their new sides. Calisto has yet to win as coach of Vietnam and Reid wants to stamp his authority on his team.

Tomorrow, come 7pm, we will see what each side is made of. But it certainly should be a cracker.

In tomorrows other group game, Malaysia meet Laos in the earlier kick-off.

Quick look to our Group A rivals, and matchday one brought big wins for two nations whom will be looking to go from strength to strength and now progress.

Singapore beat lowly Cambodia 5-0, surprisingly Aleksander Duric did not score!

Indonesia also thumped Myanmar 3-0, in a game i thought would have been a lot closer, but it seem's heads dropped for the Burmese

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

AFF Suzuki Cup Squad


Goalkeepers: Kittisak Rawangpa (Osotspa) and Kosin Hathairattanakool (Chonburi)

Defenders: Suree Sukha (Chonburi), Patiparn Pethpul (PEA), Nataporn Phanrit (Muang Thong), Natthaphong Samana (Chonburi), Niweat Siriwong (BEC Tero), Rangsan Viwatchaichoke (PEA), Choltit Jantakam (Chonburi) and Panupong Wongsa (PEA).

Midfielders: Surat Sukha (Chonburi), Datsakorn Thonglao (Hoang Anh Gia Lai, Vietnam), Phichitpong Choeichiu (Krung Thai Bank), Saraudin Arwae (Muang Thong), Tana Chanabut (Pattaya United), Suchao Nutnum (TOT), Arthit Sunthornpit (Chonburi) and Sutee Suksomkit (Tampines Rovers, Singapore).

Strikers: Teerathep Winothai (K.Lierse S.K., Belgium), Ronnachai Rangsiyo (PEA), Teerasil Dangda (Muang Thong) and Anon Sangsanoi (BEC Tero)

Saturday, 29 November 2008

AFF Suzuki Cup Latest


Group Stage games in Thailand have been moved to the Surakul stadium in Phuket.

One game will be played in neighbouring Phang Nga.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Malaysia ready to walkout?? Games moved to Phuket?? What about me!!

Reports in todays Bangkok Post ( have suggested that Malaysia are ready to walkout from the AFF Suzuki Cup due to the ongoing Political Crisis in the country. I can't blame them really, but i'm sure it's just a bit of pressure to force AFF into making a decision and moving games to KL

Football Association of Thailand president Worawi Makudi has also stated that the tournement could be moved to Phuket at short notice away from all the political ongoings, but i've also heard the same thing about Chiang Mai.

But come on, with only 1 week left until it all kicks off, some sort of final decision needs to be taken.

Teams need to prepare, previously, teams were given allocated slots to train at certain venues for the tournement. At this moment in time, nobody will be training anywhere, and that's if they manage to get into the country.

I'm sure the held up airports will be freed by the time kick off takes place on 6th December, but are visiting players and fans even going to know where they are going??

I personally enter the country on the 13th December, hopefully by then the situation will be under control, but i'm glad i'm not attending any of the games, as i wouldn't have a cat in hells chance of knowing where the games would be played.

I cannot think for one moment, that anyone has thought of any visiting spectators, the hotels they have booked in advance, the planning they have done to arrive, they have done their bit way in advance, but this whole FAT and AFF decision making is a joke really. I for one know of a few friends that are interested in taking up a semi-final away trip, assuming Thailand make it. Now it wouldn't be fair for them to arrive in Myanmar, Indonesia or Singapore and be messed around, so why do we do it to others?

Someone should stand up and take away the tournement from Thailand now and save something that at this present moment is turning into a mockery and is no longer being a football tournement but just a political headache.

Ok, you can argue it's not FAT who caused the problem, but for the safety of everyone concerned and to put peoples mind's at ease, then simply make the correct choice.

According to the AFF Website, this is the emergency commitee:

President: HE Tengku Tan Sri Dato' Seri Ahmad Rithauddeen
Thailand: Dato' Worawi Makudi
Vice President: Juan Miguel Romualdez
Vice President: Pengiran Matusin Matasan
Vice President: Duong Vu Lam
Vice President: HE Ravy Khek
Hon. Secretary: Dato' Paul Mony Samuel
Timor Leste: Hon. Francisco Kalbuadi

Surely they should be working hard now?

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Thailand 2 - 0 TOT FC

Yes, thats right.

Thailand preparing for AFF Suzuki Cup by beating a Telephone Company 2-0.

Next up, a Korat XI. What does this really prepare us for?

Surely, better opposition could be brought in at this stage?

Sunday, 23 November 2008

AFF Suzuki Cup Rivals - Laos

Ok, Laos, a side i didn't really expect to see in the final format.

They are a country that develop good youth sides, but never do anything else amongest the regional scene.

This year, they decided to play their youngsters, the guy's who will play in SEA Games next year held in Laos. Basically thrown into the deep end to see what they are made of, and boy they came through, over much more fancied opponents in Philippines.

Laos, are a nation that always withdraws from qualifying stages in FIFA and AFC compeitions, and i suppose this isn't a bad thing really, as you would only expect them to get drubbed.

They are probably the strongest nation out of the pool of small nations in the South East Asian region.

I certainly don't expect to see them qualify or even win this time round, afterall, the is just a build up for next year for them at least. So 3 points is what iu fully expect in this matchup, and the chance for Reid to give fringe players an opportunity and certainly give players any needed rest.

Any side we put out, in theory should get the job done. I don;t expect a huge victory, but any victory really and to see a side start to gel would make me happy, but probably not the rest of the nation.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

AFF Suzuki Cup Rivals - Vietnam

Quick guide to our future matchup's - first Vietnam:

This year, it's really been about promoting the youngsters and entering tournements such as the Merdeka and Myanmar Challenge Cup's with age restricted teams. The goal for this is the SEA Games in Laos next year.

The full national side haven't had an awful lot to do this year since getting knocked out of the World Cup qualifiers way back in late 2007 in Round One, some what of a disapointment after doing well in the AFC Asian Cup that hey helped host.

We of course, have just met Vietnam in the T&T Cup, which we drew 2-2. Vietnam of course can be a hard place to go to get a victory, but playing them at home and playing any of our ASEAN rivals at home i feel is 3 points guranteed for us, our at least should be , but we do tend to struggle away.

Last time out as the ASEAN Cup, we beat Vietnam 2-0 at home and drew 0-0 away. This time, we are playing for points on home soil on the 6th December. Anything could happen really in the opening matchp, but i do expect a victory.

Vietnam have only played 6 games this year, all friendlies such as the forementioned T&T Cup and the HCM City Cup. Two tournments that play in Vietnamese rival cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

But their compeition? They don't really go away from the South East Asian region, playing Us, Singapore, Myanmar and Indonesia. There only other challenges have been against Turkmenistan and North Korea, who would go anywhere really.

Recent results:

Indonesia 1 - 0 Vietnam
Vietnam 2 - 3 Myanmar
Vietnam 2 - 3 Turkmenistan
Vietnam 0 - 0 Singapore
Vietnam 0 - 0 North Korea
Vietnam 2 - 2 Thailand

They have one last preperation match before they meet us again, and thats against Singapore, another ASEAN rival.

So, what do i expect on 6th December? Really, nothing but a solid victory and then move on to play Laos.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Whats happened to the King's Cup??

So, last i heard, the King's Cup football tournement was moved from October to January because of other national team commitments, such as the T&T Cup.

Only one nation was confirmed as coming to the event at the time of the press release in early October, tht nation was North Korea.

But since early October, have we heard anything else?? No, not a scobby doo!!

If FAT are serious about football and keeping the tradition of the King's Cup going every year, then they have to start promoting.

Of course now, everyone's eyes are in the AFF Suzuki Cup, but lets not forget our tradition, and if anything else, we at least get competitive games under our belts for the crucial Asian Cup Qualifiers.

So what is the King's Cup really?

First played in 1968 and won by Indonesia, you could say it is a kind of small man's Merdeka tournement and the sides that came to play were generally from around the close region.

Later on in th late 80's, club sides from Europe started to appear followed by European International sides, albeit, mainly youth or B sides.

Notable winners down the years have been Brazil (Under 20's), Sweden and even Latvia. What it gives us more than anything, is a chance to play against different styles and techniques.

But the problem of the Cup? It has neve rhad a fixed date, no one is sure of when it will be played, sometimes late in the year, or very early in the year. No wonder no one will confirm there particiation as they can't just come on a whim.

SO....please FAT if you want to get serious, then please start to promote the games, especially when you are hosting them and make the people feel involved instead of having a last minute stab at getting it right.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

The whereabouts of Chanvit Phalajivin

Chanvit Phalajivin is wanted by Vietnam V-League side Dong Thap

Full article here:

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Thailand Squad against Vietnam

Squad in 2-2 draw (16-11-08)

Goalkeepers: Kittisak Rawangpa (Customs)

Defenders: Suree Sukha, Chollatid Jantakam, Nataporn Phanrit (Muang), Niweat Siriwong (BEC Tero) and Krissadee Prakobkong (Police).

Midfielders: Datsakorn Thonglao (Hong Anh Gia Lai), Phichitpong Chieuchiew (Krung Thai), Surat Sukha

Forwards: Ronnachai Rangsiyo (PEA), Teerathep Winothai (BEC Tero),

Substitute : Teerasil Dangda (Muang Thong), Salaudin Arware (Muang Thong).

T&T Cup Champions!!!

Ok, maybe not much to shout about really, but it's always good to get soem kind of victory under your belt, even if it was a 2-2 draw with hosts Vietnam that clinched this round robin championship.

Something to build on. We certainly need much improvement to win the AFF Suzuki Cup, but confidence will certainly be there now.

T&T Cup Winning Squad

Goalkeepers: Kittisak Rawangpa (Customs) and Kosin Hathairattanakool (Chonburi)

Defenders: Suree Sukha, Chollatid Jantakam, Nataporn Phanrit (Muang), Patiparn Petchpool (PEA), Niweat Siriwong (BEC Tero) and Krissadee Prakobkong (Police).

Midfielders: Datsakorn Thonglao (Hong Anh Gia Lai), Suchao Nutnum (TOT), Phichitpong Chieuchiew (Krung Thai), Surat Sukha, Arthit Suntornpit (Chonburi) and Salaudin Arware (Muang Thong).

Forwards: Pipat Tonkanya, Ronnachai Rangsiyo (PEA), Teerathep Winothai (BEC Tero), Teerasil Dangda (Muang Thong), Sarayuth Chaikamdee (Osotspa) and Issarapong Leelakorn (Khon Kaen).

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Reid Names 30 Man Thai Squad

National coach Peter Reid has named 30 players for next month's AFF Suzuki Cup.
Among them are 20 players in the current squad who will play Vietnam in Hanoi in the last match of the T&T Cup on Sunday.

The 10 new players include Sarayuth Chaikamdee, Nattaphong Samana, Sivaluk Tedsungnern, Prasit Taodee, Jetsada Jitsawad, Sutee Suksomkit and Tana Chanabut.

In the AFF Suzuki Cup, or the Asean Cup, to be co-hosted by Thailand and Indonesia, Thailand are in Group B along with Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia.

Thailand under Reid have played two games - a 1-0 win over North Korea in the T&T Cup and a 1-0 defeat against Saudi Arabia in a friendly in Riyadh.

Meanwhile, Thai striker Teerathep Winothai will play for Belgium's second division side K Lierse SK from January 1.

He will receive 200,000 baht a month in a 18-month contract. He could get another two-year deal if he plays well.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

T&T Cup Final - Sunday 16th!

T&T Cup final, or at least the group match that will be played as a one off final is back on this Sunday.

So, what can we expect in the matchup against Vietnam?

So far, Peter Reid's charges have played in two cagey matches, against much more fancied opponents in North Korea and Saudi Arabia, who both of high hopes of making the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

In 2 matches, Reid has called upon 17 players so far:

Kittisak Rawangpa
Suree Sukha
Chonlatit Jantakam
Niweat Siriwong
Suchao Nutnum
Krisadee Prakobkong
Teeratep Winothai
Surat Sukha
Isarapong Lilakorn
Patiparn Phetphun
Salahudin Arware
Nataporrn Phanrit
Datsakorn Thonglao
Arthit Sunthornpit
Teerasil Dangda
Kosin Hathairattanakool
Pichitphong Choeichiu

And for his final squad against Vietnam this Sunday, he can also call upon:

Pipat Thonkanya
Anon Sangsanoi
Ronnachai Rangsiyo

All of which are strikers and posibly the best strikers of the season that has just finished. But it would appear that Reid doesn't really love the highly fancied Anon Sangsanoi and has overlooked the Thonkanya and Rangsiyo, whom formed a championship winning partnership in favour of 2nd Level player Isarapong Lilakorn.

Now, the latter lad did score goals last year for Khon Kaen, but can he really lead the line this Sunday? I very much doubt it, and i'm guessing he's one for the future and was only selected as a way of Reid telling us that he is selecting the squad and not FAT.

Weekend Selection

So what can we see this weekend? Formation of 4-4-2 rather than the 4-4-1-1 that has been played recently.

In 2 games, both Keepers have had a run out. Kosin has always been my favorite, but maybe thats just because i know more about him (and the fact he's a good lad in general). But i would be tempted to give Kittisak another run out.

In defence, new Captain Siriwong picks himself along with Sukha, whom i would not have played if it was for testing reasons, but he hasen't played to much, so i would use this as an opportunity to get his fitness up. In there with them, i'm guessing Phanrit and Chonlatit Jantakam will get a look in.

Midfield is generally built around Thonglao, Pichitphong Choeichiu and Suchao Nutnum which is probably as steady as it goes and they do have a fair few caps between them. The final spot will probably go to Arthit Sunthornpit, and Surat Sukha should be suspended for his recent sending off at Saudi.

Up front we go to the, what would seem the heart and soul of the team, with Leesaw (Winothai), but i'd like to see him benched this weekend, after all, he's going to Europe shortly so we got to start living without him. Pipat can do a job, as good as anyone and should be partnered by PEA teammate Ronnachai Rangsiyo or Dangda.

But then, thats all my opinion. Over to you Mr Reid.

My Squad Selection

--------------Kittisak Rawangpa----------------------

--Sukha----Siriwong----Phanrit-----Jantakam -------



Congratulations Nantawat Thansopa

Natawat Thanspoa has been crowned leading goalscorer of the AFC Champions League for 2008.

A great personal achievement. He scorded 9 goals overall. And how did he do it? Easily of course.

He simply waited for Beijing Guoan and Nam Dinh to show up at the Chulalongkorn University Sports Stadium, Bangkok and smashed in 7 goals.

His other 2 goals came away to Nam Dinh and Beijing.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

International Round Up

International Friendly

Saudi Arabia 1 - 0 Thailand

Reid tastes his first defeat with a 1-0 loss to a decent Saudi side which will once again eb hoping to qualify for the World Cup. It's one of these games where you don't think we would get anything out of it apart from a slap on the backside and a wave goodbye with a 3-0 defeat. So it's pleasing to see the result, although i haven't seen any of the play.

Looks like Reid has a side to build upon and just needs that bit of luck in the final 3rd. Up next is Vietnam, in a game we should really win in a match to win the T&T Cup.

AFC Youth Championship

Thailand came 3rd in their group, winning 1 match and losing 2.


Australia 1 - 0 Thailand
Thailand 3 - 2 Jordan
Uzbekistan 1 - 0 Thailand

As, seems to be the case for most Thai teams, at national and club level. We can more or less hold our own, but we can't quite get the results we want. Going down 1-0 to both Australia and Uzbekistan are not bad results really.

The opening game against Australia, the lads were half a sleep and struggled to adapt to a much stronger Australia team. But they kept on plugging away and nearly knicked a goal at the end of the game.

Now, this is an improvement on many sides from the ASEAN region, as normally we would cave in and get thumped 4 or 5 nil. But hanging in their against the run of play nearly helped us get a point.

In the second match, coach Kawin had a few players back from suspension and played an attacking game, of which put us into a 3-0 lead. But this is another problem of nations in this South East Asian area, they let a 3 goal lead slip to a 10 man Jordan, a game that really should have been put to bed.

In the 3rd game, with the lads pumped up, they came again close to upsetting a much stronger Uzbek side, but having had a player dismissed, we couldn't find that all important win, something that was always going to be hard, especially when going a goal down. We were up against it, and generally speaking, we always are, and sometimes make it to hard for ourselves, but it was a good showing

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

All over for Young Thai's

Uzbekistan defeated Thailand 1-0 in the AFC Youth Championship, to end our dreams in the group stage. Uzbekistan qualified along with Australia.

It also ends our hopes of world cup glory in Egypt next year.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Youth Championship Result

Thailand defeated Jordan 3-2 which gives them a chance of qualifying for the next Round if they beat Uzbekistan in 2 days time.

Goals from Attapong Nooprom, Yodrak Namueangrak and Anusorn Srichaloung put the lads 3-0 up before a late fightback by 10 man Jordan.

Full report here:

TOT FC enter Vietnamese Club Competition

The event will run from November 27 to December 7 at Go Dau Stadium in the southern province of Binh Duong.

Participating teams Binh Duong, Dong Tam, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Matsubara (Brazil), TOT (Thailand), New Radiant (Maldives) and a Korean student team (South Korea) will be divided into two groups.

The tournament will take place at the same time as the AFF Cup so Vietnamese teams will not have national players.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Youth Championship Result

Thailand lost their opening game to Australia 1-0, the other match in the group also ended 1-0 to Uzbekistan over Jordan.

The senior team had their T&T Cup game cancelled due to heavy rain. The match has now been re-arranged for 16th November.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Tomorrows Action (Youth Championship & T&T Cup)

Tomorrow see's the Youth Team take to the pitch in Saudi Arabia against Australia int eh AFC Youth Championship.

Thailand have won this tournement twice before, both times as hosts in 1962 an 69. There last decent championship was in 1994 when they came 3rd in Indonesia.

So, how will we do this time around?

I think picking up a point would be great. We haven't prepared will, the flight to the Kingdom took 23 hours, it takes me about 6 to do that journey, so quite where they have been is another matter!

Australia come up first, they will probably be one of the favorites. Personally, i see them doing well, but i see them faltering somewhere, just like in the recent Under 16 event.

We also have Uzbekistan and Jordan to contend with, both nations will more than likely have the upper hand on us and i feel Jordan is the best opportunity of picking up points, but then they probably feel the same way about us.

Our aim, like every nation, is to get to the semi's, where we will qualify for the World Cup in Egypt. But generally, i want to see some positive results, a defeat doesn't mind, but a defeat by more than 4 goals hurts. So let them fly the flag for South East Asia and brign us something to smile about.

Peter Reid also see's his full national side go up against Vietnam, who haven't won in something like 8 games. A victory or a draw would bring home the T&T Cup, but its a performance that we are after really, and the start of seing a team start to gel together.

In reality it would be a chance to see some of the new lads getting a chance, formations changed and generally a decent run out for everyone involved, but i suspect Reid will want to play to win at all costs, after all, he's not got a bad record as Thai manager so far! No losses, no goals conceded!!

At this point, i would like to remind FAT, that when Reid took the job, they stated he would be in charge of the youngsters for the AFC Youth Championship, well, can he be in two places at once?? More BULL from FAT, and i'll personally run my missus for President next year.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Thailand squad against North Korea

T&T Cup 2008 (28th October 2008)

Tháiland : 1-Kittisak, 2-Suree Sukha (3-Patiparn Phetphun 84’), 4-Chonlatit Jantakam, 5-Niweat Siriwong, 7-Thonglao, 8-Suchao Nutnum (17-Salahudin Arware 67’), 11-Sunthonphit (6-Nataporrn Phanrit 46’), 12-Krisadee Prakobkong, 14-Teeratep Winothai, 15-Surat Sukha, 16-Isarapong Lilakorn (10-Dangda 46')

Coach: Peter Reid

Isarapong Lilakorn made debut

Cholratit Jantakam made debut

Krissadee Prakobkong made debut

Salahudin Arware made debut as substitute

Patiparn Phetphun scored his 3rd international goal

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Thailand - North Korea Match Report

Match Report from

Patiparn settles cup match in injury time

HANOI : An injury-time goal helped Thailand beat North Korea 1-0 yesterday in Vietnam in their first international game under English coach Peter Reid.

Thailand defender Patiparn Phetphun scored in the second minute of stoppage time at My Dinh Stadium to get their T&T Cup campaign off to a winning start.

Reid conceded the game had been close and had given him plenty to think about.

"We saved some good shots and were lucky to score at the end of the match," said Reid.

"However, there are several things that I am not very pleased about and I needed to do some work on the training ground.

"North Korea are a strong team and I told the players to concentrate and we got the right result."

Thailand started with Issrapong Lilakorn and Teerathep Winothai up front against North Korea's World Cup hopefuls.

Four minutes after kick off, Thai midfielder Datsakorn Thonglao fired a 20-yard free-kick goalwards only to see it fizz wide.

Both teams pressured and defender Chonlatit Jantakam had to be alert to deny Kim Kum Il a scoring opportunity.

North Korea created several chances but the Thai defence held firm.

Kim Kum Il forced a good save from Thai goalkeeper Kittisak Rawangpa then, at the other end, midfielder Arthit Sunthonphit fired a long shot over the bar.

Striker Teerathep Winothai was booked for a foul before the whistle was blown to end the first half with the game locked at 0-0.

Reid switched Arthit for Nataporn Phanrit and Issarapong for Teerasil Dangda during the interval.

The substitutions made Thailand more lively and it wasn't long before Teerasil and Teerathep both had scoring opportunities only to be denied by the Korean back line.

Kittisak did well to parry a shot from Mun In Guk in the 74th minute before Chonlatit Jantakam cleared it away from danger.

Two minutes later Korea striker Kim Kum Il was sent off for hitting Datsakorn in the chest.

Thailand couldn't break down their opponents and the game seemed destined to end up goalless before Patiparn scored the winner during stoppage time.

North Korea coach Kim Jong Hun said his team's poor preparation contributed to the defeat.

"The condition of the team was not good when they trained two weeks before the tournament started," he said.

"However, I am pleased with the performance."

The president of the Football Association of Thailand (FAT), Mr Worawi Makudi was pleased with the outcome.

"I would say that it is great for Peter Reid to use some new players for this match," he said.

"It is a good for us because we have more choice for the team and it is also a good start for him with a win."

Worawi, , a Fifa executive committee member, also said there is a strong possibility England will play a one-off friendly in Thailand next year because of strong ties with the English Football Association, which were central to Reid's appointment as Thailand boss.

Thailand play Vietnam on Saturday.

Thailand 1 - 0 North Korea

Thailand drew first blood in the T&T Cup, defeating North Korea 1-0 with a 92nd minute strike by Patiparn Phetphun for his 3rd goal in 10 games for Thailand.

More news will follow if i can find any!!

Monday, 27 October 2008

Thailand - North Korea Preview (T&T Cup)

T&T Cup Preview from

HANOI : New striker Issarapong Leelakorn is likely to start for Thailand when they take on North Korea in the T&T Cup at the My Dinh national stadium today.

It will be new coach Peter Reid's first international match in charge of Thailand and the team underwent a full training session yesterday.

Reid said there were no fresh injury worries.

The Englishman said he was looking forward to taking on North Korea.

"They are a good side and it won't be an easy match," he said.

Striker Teerathep "Leesaw" Winothai also felt it would be a difficult match today but was hopeful of a good result.

"However, we are full of confidence and I think we can beat them," he said.

Thailand will take on Vietnam on Saturday.

Probable Thailand line-up

Goalkeeper: Kittisak Rawangpa

Defenders: Krissadee Prakobkong, Chollatid Jantakam, Niweat Siriwong and Suree Sukha

Midfielders: Arthit Sunthornpit, Surat Sukha, Datsakorn Thonglao and Suchao Nutnum

Strikers: Teerathep Winothai and Issarapong Leelakorn

Saturday, 25 October 2008

2 games in Saudi

The national team have got two games coming up in Saudi Arabia on the 8th and 28th November.

This follows the T&T Cup in Vietnam that kicks off on 28th October with games against Uzbekistan, North Korea and Vietnam

Thursday, 23 October 2008

A hell of a stuffing!!

Thailand gave little outfit Thonburi College a 4-0 stuffing yesterday. Now that's what i call intense preperation!

Report from Bangkok Post:

The Thai national team beat Bangkok Thonburi College 4-0 in a warm-up match at Nong Jok ground yesterday.

Ronnachai Rangsiyo (23), Datsakorn Thonglao (27), Teerasil Dangda (70) and Pipat Tonkanya (100) scored for the national side.

The special match had three periods with the first and second each lasting 40 minutes and the final 30 minutes.

After the match, Thailand coach Peter Reid said that he was pleased with the performance.

"They played according to our plans. Every player played very well and the fitness is okay," he said.

The match was part of Thailand's preparations for the TT&T Cup in Hanoi from October 28-November 1. The four-team tournament features Vietnam, Thailand, North Korea and Uzbekistan.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

T&T Cup Squad - Cut to 20

Squad cut to 20 for T&T Cup

Goalkeepers: Kittisak Rawangpa (Customs) and Kosin Hathairattanakool (Chonburi)

Defenders: Suree Sukha, Chollatid Jantakam, Nataporn Phanrit (Chonburi), Patiparn Petchpool (PEA), Niweat Siriwong (BEC Tero) and Krissadee Prakobkong (Police).

Midfielders: Datsakorn Thonglao (Hong Anh Gia Lai), Suchao Nutnum (TOT), Phichitpong Chieuchiew (Krung Thai), Surat Sukha, Arthit Suntornpit (Chonburi) and Salaudin Arware (Muang Thong).

Forwards: Pipat Tonkanya, Ronnachai Rangsiyo (PEA), Teerathep Winothai (BEC Tero), Teerasil Dangda (Muang Thong), Sarayuth Chaikamdee (Osotspa) and Issarapong Leelakorn (Khon Kaen).

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Bangkok Bank - May Disband!!

Here's some news from one of my friends in Thailand.

Have you heard the news about the disbanding of Bangkok Bank? It was the big news of Thai football now after they can't stand in the TPL in this season.

Due to in the next season of the TPL, FAT need to specify quality of the team in TPL for conform to AFC regulation so they command that every team in TPL 2009 seasons must...

1. The team in TPL 2009 must notarize to the company limited. That was the some reason for the disbanding of Bangkok Bank FC.
2. Head coach of the team in TPL 2009 must have the A-License from AFC.
3. All stadium in TPL 2009 must pass the expectation which should have the newsroom, the special seats for the newsman, enough light and the strong security.
4. Each team in TPL 2009 must have the youth team.

If any team can't perform to above mentioned. They maybe also relegate to the division 1 league immediately. all thing for the progress of Thai football league.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Reid's First Squad

National Team

Thailand squad for upcoming T&T Cup:

Kosin Hathairattanakool (Chonburi), Amarin Yaodum (Provincial Electricity Authority), Narit Taweekul (Thailand Tobacco Monopoly), Prasit Kotmaha (Coke-Bangpra)

Suree Sukha (Manchester City - England), Natthapong Samana (Chonburi), Nataporn Phanrit (Chonburi), Pattipan Petchpool (Provincial Electricity Authority), Niweat Siriwong (BEC Tero), Panupong Wongsa (Provincial Electricity Authority), Apichate Puttan (Provincial Electricity Authority), Chollatid Jantakam (Chonburi), Supachai Pupha (Krung Thai Bank), Prasit Taodee (Chula United) and Panuwat Failai (Customs Department).

Nirut Surasiang (Hong Anh Gia Li - Vietnam), Datsakorn Thonglao (Hong Anh Gia Li - Vietnam), Tana Chanaboot (Chonburi), Suchao Nutnum (Telephone Organisation of Thailand), Phichitpong Chieuchiew (Krung Thai Bank), Surat Sukha (Chonburi), Arthit Sunthornpit (Chonburi), Krissadee Prakobkong (Royal Thai Police), Jakkraphan Kaewprom (BEC Tero Sasana), Sutee Suksomkit (Tampines Rovers - Singapore), Piyachart Tamaphan (Chula United), Narongchai Vachiraban (Provincial Electricity Authority), Salaudin Arware (Muang Thong), Adisak Kanu (Chula United).

Ronnachai Rangsiyo (Provincial Electricity Authority), Teerasil Dangda (Manchester City), Teerathep Winothai (Lierse S.K - Belgium), Anon Sangsanoi (BEC Tero Sasana), Issarapong Lilakorn (Khon Kaen), Sarayuth Chaikumdee (Osotspa M-150), Pipat Thonkanya (Provincial Electricity Authority).

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Who goes Where??

AFC Champions League Qualifiers 2009: PEA
AFC Cup 2009: Chonburi

Relegated to Division One:

Bangkok Bank
Royal Thai Army
Customs Department

Promoted to Premier League

Muang Nong Jork United
Royal Thai Navy

Relegated To Division 2

Nakon Sawan
Thai Honda
Raj Vithi

Promoted to Division One

Army Wlfair Department
Si Saket

Saturday, 11 October 2008

PEA Crowned Champions!!

PEA Took the TPL Championship on the final day and will enter the 2009 Champions League.

Well done on gaining their first championship:

Todays results

TOT 3:1 Port Authority
Bangkok Bank 1:2 Chonburi
Customs Department 1:0 Royal Thai Army
Chula-Sinthana 5:1 Bangkok University
Coke-Bangpra 1:4 PEA
Nakhon Pathom 0:2 Thailand Tobacco Monopoly
BEC Tero Sasana 3:2 Krung Thai Bank
Samut Songkhram 1:3 Osotspa M-150

Bangkok Bank got relegated to the 1sr Division.

Friday, 10 October 2008

International Friendly Invite

Thailand have been invited by Saudi Arabia to take them on in Riyadh on 8th November. This invite has been accepted, and should be a good little challenge for new coach Reid.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

AFF U19 Championship

Day 3 Results

China 0 - 1 South Korea
Thailand 1 - 2 Australia

Australia and Korea meet in the final. Thailand play China for 3/4 place

Weekend Fixtures - 11th October

Coke-Bangpra - PEA
TOT - Port Authority
Nakhon Pathom - Thailand Tobacco Monopoly
BEC Tero Sasana - Krung Thai Bank
Samut Songkhram - Osotspa M-150
Bangkok Bank - Chonburi
Customs Department - Royal Thai Army
Chula United - Bangkok Uni

So, Bangkok Bank trial by a point, only a win will really be good enough for them, so who they play? Chonburi of course, who are going for the championship.

Chonburi need a victory themselves, and hope that near neighbours Coke-Bangpra get a victory over PEA.

Also in the relegation battle field are Port Authority, who over the season have picked up points were you would expect them to fail, and drop points when you expect them to win. Now they go to play away against TOT, who have nothing to play for other than prize money.

Also in the mire, is Tobacco Monopoly, who travel to province side Nakhon Pathom. Nakhon i predicited to get relegated at midseason, but find themselves in 8th, so an excellent side half of the season to pick themselves up.

This weekend, we will say goodbye to another club, to join the Army and Customs Department, who ironically face each other in their final farewells to the trapdoor.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

AFF U19 Championship - Results


Day Two

Australia 0 - 0 South Korea
China 0 - 3 Thailand

Thailand now need to overcome Australia to reach the final. Currently Australia and South Korea lead on 4 points, so its a must win against the Aussies.

Thailands victory today was very good, especially winning 3-0. Going by reports, Nirunrit Jaroensuk should be a forward to look out for in the future scoring 2 goals today. Kroekrit Thawikan got the other.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Remaining Weekend Result

Late result:

Raj Vithi 1 - 2 Khon Kaen

First Division now completed.


Muang NongJork United
Royal Thai Navy


Nakhorn Sawan
Raj Vithi
Thai Honda

Sunday, 5 October 2008

1st Division Final Day Results

233 Surat Thani 3 - 1 Rattana Bundit FC
234 SuphanBuri 5 - 2 Thai Honda FC
235 Mueang Thong NongJork United 2 - 0 Royal Thai Navy FC
236 Thai Airways 4 - 2 Royal Thai Police
237 Nakhon Sawan 1 - 1 Royal Thai Air Force
238 Sriracha FC 1 - 2 Chanthaburi
239 Raj-Vithi FC P-P Khon Kaen FC
240 PTT FC 6 - 1 Phitsanulok

Of course game 239 will have to be played sometime, but it has no outcome on the promotion / relegation senario.

Thai Honda are relegated to the 2nd Division, their second succesive releagtion.

AFF U19 Championship


Day One

Thailand 0 - 1 South Korea
China 1 - 3 Australia

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Results - 4th Oct

Domestic League - Results

Premier League

Osotspa M150 1 - 1 Coke Bangpra
Army FC 3 - 2 Chula Sinthana
Port Authority FC 0 - 0 Bangkok Bank FC
Bangkok University 0 - 2 TOT FC i
Provincial Electrical 4 - 0 Nakhon Patom FC
Chonburi FC 0 - 0 Samut Songkram
Tobacco Monopoly 0 - 0 BEC Tero Sasana
Krung Thai Bank 2 - 0 Customs Department

Title all but PEA's now after a re-sounding 4-0 victory over Nakhon Pathom.

They face Coke-Bangpra next week with a victory ensurign the championship. Only Chonburi can catch them but they slipped up today, they play Bangkok Bank next week who need to win to get out of the relegation zone.

PAT go to play TOT next week and the other relegation candidate Tobacco go to Nakhon Pathom

Friday, 3 October 2008

AFC Player of the Year Contenders

(in alphabetical order; revised list as of October 2, 2008)

1. Ahmad Ajab ( Kuwait and Al Qadsia – Kuwait )
2. Ali Al Habsi ( Oman and Bolton Wanderers – England )
3. Andres Sebastian Soria Quintana ( Qatar and Qatar SC – Qatar )
4. Ebrahim Sadeghi ( Iran and Saipa – Iran )
5. Hong Yong-jo (DPR Korea and FK Bezanija – Serbia )
6. Ismael Matar (UAE and Al Wahda – UAE)
7. Javad Nekounam ( Iran and Osasuna – Spain )
8. Jehad Al Hussein ( Syria and Kuwait SC – Kuwait )
9. Kim Do-heon ( Korea Republic and WBA – England )
10. Kosin Haithairattankool ( Thailand and Chonburi – Thailand )
11. Odil Ahmedov ( Uzbekistan and Pakhtakor – Uzbekistan )
12. Mahmoud Karkar ( Syria and Al Ittihad – Syria )
13. Mitsuo Ogasawara ( Japan and Kashima Antlers - Japan )
14. Nantawat Thaensopa ( Thailand and Krung Thai Bank – Thailand )
15. Nathan Burns ( Australia and AEK Athens – Greece )
16. Server Djeparov ( Uzbekistan and Kuruvchi/Bunyodkor – Uzbekistan )
17. Yasser Al Qahtani ( Saudi Arabia and Al Hilal – Saudi Arabia )
18. Yuji Nakazawa ( Japan and Yokohama F Marinos – Japan )
19. Zaynitdin Tadjiyev ( Uzbekistan and Pakhtakor – Uzbekistan )

Two Thai dudes make the cut!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Weekend Fixtures - Big Relegation Clash

Premier League Week 29

4th Oct 2008

Royal Thai Army - Chula-Sinthana
Chonburi FC - Samut Songkhram
Krung Thai Bank - Customs Department
Tobacco Monopoly - BEC Tero Sasana
PEA - Nakhon Pathom
Osotspa M-150 - Coke Bangpra
Bangkok University - TOT
Port Authority - Bangkok Bank

Division One - Week 30

5th October

233 Surat Thani - Rattana Bundit FC
234 SuphanBuri - Thai Honda FC
235 Mueang Thong NongJork United - Royal Thai Navy FC
236 Thai Airways - Royal Thai Police
237 Nakhon Sawan - Royal Thai Air Force
238 Sriracha FC - Chanthaburi
239 Raj-Vithi FC - Khon Kaen FC
240 PTT FC - Phitsanulok

Port Authority - Bangkok Bank clash is the biggy this weekend

Royal Thai Army Relegated

The Army finally took the plung after Port Authority beat Bangkok Uni 2-1 today.

It's been a look struggle for the Army, they have taken some decent points off the top sides BEC and Chonburi but couldn't mix it with the rest.

They are now official relegated to the 1st Division.

On the other hand, Port Authority are now out of the relegation zone, and Bangkok Bank have dropped into it.

With two games remaining, who will join the Army and Customs Dept?

We have Bangkok Bank, Port Authority, Tobacco Monopoly and Coke-Bangpra all with a mathmatical chance of sinking.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

T&T Cup Report

Report from AFC Website -

HUE – Iran geared up for the AFC U-19 Championship as they came from one down to record a morale-boosting 2-1 win over fellow qualifiers Thailand in the final of the Thanh Nien Cup.

After a goalless first-half the Thais opened the scoring in the 50th minute through Ekkachai Rittiphan but their lead was short-lived as Mohsen Mosalam drew Iran level from the penalty spot seven minutes later.

The Thais were handed the numerical advantage in the 65th minute when Reza Rish Esfahani was sent off for a second bookable offence but despite playing the remainder of the match with a man less it was Iran that took the title thanks to a last gasp winner from Jalal Ali Mohammadi, his third of the campaign.

Hosts Vietnam finished third after edging ASEAN rivals Singapore 1-0.

Well done for coming second

Sunday, 28 September 2008

1st Division Results - 28th Sept

225 Royal Thai Navy FC 0 - 0 SuphanBuri
226 Phitsanulok 1 - 3 Raj-Vithi FC
227 Khon Kaen FC 1 - 0 Sriracha FC
228 Chanthaburi 2 - 2 Surat Thani
229 Rattana Bundit FC 1 - 0 Nakhon Sawan
230 Royal Thai Air Force 1 - 3 Thai Airways
231 Royal Thai Police 0 - 0 Mueang Thong NongJork United
232 Thai Honda FC 2 - 1 PTT FC

Navy join Sriracha and Mueang Thong NongJork United in the top flight next year.

Mueang are crowned champions.

The last matchday will see either Surat Thani, Thai Airways or Thai Honda sent down to Division 2.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

TPL Results - 27th Sept

Domestic League - Round 28 Results

Samut Songkhram 2 - 1 Coke Bangpra
Chula-Sinthana 2 - 2 Krung Thai Bank
Customs Department 2 - 1 Tobacco Monopoly
BEC Tero Sasana 1 - 0 PEA
Nakhon Pathom 1 - 2 Osotspa M-150
Bangkok Bank 1 - 1 Bangkok University
Chonburi FC 0 - 0 Port Authority
TOT 0 - 0 Royal Thai Army

Chonburi go top on goal difference from PEA, 2 games left to play. I expected this to happy, but to be honest i thought it would have been on points and not goal difference, if i'm correct bot teams have same head to head record, so at the moment it is 3 goals that seperate them.
Army are all but relegated, must win 2 out of 2 and score about 10 goals to stay up.

Port Authority live to fight another week. I'd like to see them stay up, but if they do, it looks like at the expense of Bangkok Bank, whom to be honest, bring a bit of history to the league, so again wouldn't really like to see them go. But good to see PAT draw with Chonburi and show that every team, no matter where they are will fight for points.

Good to see Customs win, although already doomed, they are still playing ball.

To be honest, the team i would like to be seen crowned champions are BEC, they (and Chula) are the only teams to have scored goals this year. Its a bit of a let down that the winners will be the ones that have scored 32 and 30 goals each in 28 games played so far - not really attacking football!

Friday, 26 September 2008


Not long until the tournement kicks off on 5th October.

Thailand host South Korea, Australia and China in a very diverse ASEAN Championship.

This of course, is in preparation for the upcoming AFC Youth Championship.

Good look lads, have a good tournement on home soil.

International Thanh Nien Cup

Thailand's Under 19 side are currently in action, in the Under 21 event, International Thanh Nien Cup currently being held in Vietnam.

So far they have smashed aside Malaysia 4-1 in their opening game and then beat the hosts Vietnam 2-1 to seal a semi-final matchup against our old foes Singapore. Should be a cracker, the game is set to be played today.

T&T Cup

Thailand have been invited to the T&T Cup, or Agribank Cup, or whatever you call it. Anyway, it will be hosted in Vietnam at the end of October and is basically a friendly tournement. But new coach Peter Reid will want to see what his charges are all about.

Confirmed Teams are:

Vietnam (Hosts)
North Korea

Scoring charts

Although, i don't really bother to much with the art of goalscoring, generally i have a lack of interest in who's scored the most goals. But one thing i have noticed, new KTB striker, the Nigerian Samuel has notched a few in since he arrived.

Going on baisc Thai reports, he could just be the next big thing! So keep an eye out for the lad. Full name Ajayi Gdenga Samuel.

He arrived earlier in the year from Cambodian outfit Phom Penh after a decent Singapore Cup game.

Back after a break!

I'm get, a bit more refreshed, so without due, here's the weekend Premier League fixtures:

Weekend Premier League Fixtures

Saturday Sep 27, 2008 BEC Tero Sasana - Provincial Electrical
Saturday Sep 27, 2008 Nakornpratom FC - Osotspa M150
Saturday Sep 27, 2008 TOT FC - Army FC
Saturday Sep 27, 2008 Bangkok Bank FC - Bangkok University
Saturday Sep 27, 2008 Customs Department - Tobacco Monopoly
Saturday Sep 27, 2008 Chula Sinthana - Krung Thai Bank
Saturday Sep 27, 2008 Samut Songkram - Coke Bangpra
Saturday Sep 27, 2008 Chonburi FC - Port Authority FC

I feel this is the weekend when we will see Chonburi go back to the top if the championship and see the Army get relegated.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Blog On Holiday

Due to time constraints and work load.

This blog will be on hold for a while.

I will still post in various forums but will lack the time to put any effort into this blog.

You can still PM me if you want to ask any questions, but any Thai football updates will not be posted here for the foreseeable future.

Adam (Druryfire)

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Results - 14th September

Division One - Week 27

Royal Thai Air Force 0 - 0 SuphanBuri
Royal Thai Police 1 - 1 Thai Honda FC
Raj-Vithi FC 1 - 3 Sriracha FC
Phitsanulok 3 - 3 Surat Thani
Khon Kaen FC 2 - 1 Nakhon Sawan
Chanthaburi 1 - 1 Thai Airways
Rattana Bundit FC 1 - 1 Mueang Thong NongJork United
Royal Thai Navy FC 1 - 0 PTT FC

Mueang need 1 point to confirm their promotion, this will be done over the next 3 matchdays, and a deserved promotion indeed. It also looks more thna likely that they will be joined by Sriracha who also have slight chance of winning the championship. But for me, thats far beyond them, with them having 4 games remaining.

Raj-Vitho have confirmed their relegation the the 2nd Division, and more than likely will be joined by Phitsanulok and Nakhon Sawan over the next week or so.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Results - 13th September

Premier League - Week 26 - 13th Sept 2008

Bangkok Bank 3 - 4 Krung Thai Bank
Samut Songkhram 2 - 0 Nakhon Pathom
TOT 0 - 0 Tobacco Monopoly
Chula-Sinthana 0 - 0 PEA
Customs Department 2 - 3 Osotspa M-150
BEC Tero Sasana 1 - 0 Coke Bangpra
Chonburi FC 1 - 1 Royal Thai Army
Port Authority P-P Bangkok University

Still, it seems nobody wants to win the league, 4 games remaining and BEC have pulled themselves back into it slighty, but they are 4 points behind leaders PEA and runnign out of games.

Customs Dept, look like they will be relegated next week, they are 10 points away from survival with 12 points left to get.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Weekend Fixtures - 13th/14th Sept

Premier League - Week 26 - 13th Sept 2008

Bangkok Bank - Krung Thai Bank
Samut Songkhram - Nakhon Pathom
TOT - Tobacco Monopoly
Chula-Sinthana - PEA
Customs Department - Osotspa M-150
BEC Tero Sasana - Coke Bangpra
Chonburi FC - Royal Thai Army
Port Authority - Bangkok University

Division One - Week 27 - 14th Sept

209 Royal Thai Air Force - SuphanBuri
210 Royal Thai Police - Thai Honda FC
211 Raj-Vithi FC - Sriracha FC
212 Phitsanulok - Surat Thani
213 Khon Kaen FC - Nakhon Sawan
214 Chanthaburi - Thai Airways
215 Rattana Bundit FC - Mueang Thong NongJork United
216 Royal Thai Navy FC - PTT FC

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Results - 7th September

Premier League - Week 25

Coke Bangpra 1 - 0 Customs Department
Royal Thai Army 2 - 1 Port Authority

Division One - Week 26

Royal Thai Navy FC 0 - 0 Royal Thai Police
Thai Honda FC 1 - 0 Royal Thai Air Force
SuphanBuri 3 - 2 Rattana Bundit FC
Mueang Thong NongJork United 5 - 2 Chanthaburi
Thai Airways 2 - 0 Khon Kaen FC
Nakhon Sawan 1 - 2 Phitsanulok
Surat Thani 2 - 0 Raj-Vithi FC
PTT FC 0 - 2 Sriracha FC

Division 2 - Group A (Final Week)

Prachinburi FC 2 - 2 Narathiwat
Ratchaburi 1 - 0 Nakhon Ratchasima
Cha Choeng Sao FC 2 - 1 Sakon Nakhon
Samut Prakarn 2 - 2 Songkhla
Chiang Mai 0 - 1 Raj Pracha FC

Druryfire Comment

It was all action at the bottom of the tables today. Royal Thai Army are really trying hard to pull themselves out of the relegation zone, time will tell if they have left it too late. They certainly had to beat Port Authority, just to keep them in their with them.

In Division One, it seemed like everyone at the bottom picked up points. Again, it seems to late for the likes of Phitsanulok, but a welcome win, none the less.

On a bigger note, Mueng now just need one more point to confirm promotion, they have lead the way all along and seem capable of winning the championship from Sriracha. It would appear that Sriracha themselves have pulled clear to get a hold of 2nd spot, now just interesting to see who can take the remaining promotion place with 5 games to spare for the Police and Navy whom drew with each other today.

Songkhla claim the runners up spot in Division 2 Group A beating Narathiwat on head to head record (Win and draw). Again congratulations to the Deep South sides, and puts a smile on my face as another team from outside the central areas moves up a level.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Results - 6th September

Premier League - Week 25

Nakhon Pathom 0 - 2 BEC Tero Sasana
Krung Thai Bank 0 - 2 Chonburi FC
Royal Thai Army P-P Port Authority
Osotspa M-150 2 - 4 Chula-Sinthana
Tobacco Monopoly 1 - 0 Bangkok Bank
Bangkok University 0 - 0 Samut Songkhram
PEA 1 - 1 TOT

Division 2 - Group B (Final Week)

Bangkok Christian College 0 - 1 Bangkok North Central ASSN FC
Marine College FC 0 - 2 Air Force Training College
Bangkok Bravo 0 - 8 Si Saket FC
Army Welfair Support FC 3 - 4 Lopburi
Thonburi College 0 - 2 Kasem Bundit University FC

Si Saket secure promotion after their 8-0 victory away to Bangkok Bravo, who will be relegated into the Pro League.

Chonburi close the gap on leaders PEA. Chula once again give out another stuffing winning 4-2 away from home

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Midweek Results / Weekend Fixtures - 6/7 Sep

Midweek Results

Premier League - Week 24 (3rd September)

Samut Songkhram 1 - 1 BEC Tero Sasana
Customs Department 0 - 1 Nakhon Pathom
Chula-Sinthana 2 - 0 Coke Bangpra
TOT 0 - 0 Osotspa M-150
Port Authority 2 - 2 Krung Thai Bank
Chonburi FC 1 - 0 Tobacco Monopoly
Bangkok Bank 0 - 4 PEA
Bangkok University 0 - 2 Royal Thai Army


6th September

Premier League - Week 25

Nakhon Pathom - BEC Tero Sasana
Krung Thai Bank - Chonburi FC
Royal Thai Army - Port Authority
Osotspa M-150 - Chula-Sinthana
Tobacco Monopoly - Bangkok Bank
Bangkok University - Samut Songkhram

Division 2 - Group B (Final Week)

Christian Coll. - North Central
Marine Coll. - Air Force TC
Bangkok Bravo - Si Sa Ket
Army Welfare - Lopburi
Thonburi Coll. - Kasem Bundit U.

7th September

Premier League - Week 25

Coke Bangpra - Customs Department

Division One - Week 26

Royal Thai Navy FC - Royal Thai Police
Thai Honda FC - Royal Thai Air Force
SuphanBuri - Rattana Bundit FC
Mueang Thong NongJork United - Chanthaburi
Thai Airways - Khon Kaen FC
Nakhon Sawan - Phitsanulok
Surat Thani - Raj-Vithi FC
PTT FC - Sriracha FC

Division 2 - Group A (Final Week)

Prachinburi - Narathiwat
Ratchaburi - Nakhon Ratchasima
Chachoengsao - Sakon Nakhon
Samut Prakan - Songkhla
Chiang Mai - Rajpracha

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Midweek Fixtures - 3rd Sept

Midweek Fixtures

Premier League - Week 24 (3rd September)

Samut Songkhram - BEC Tero Sasana
Customs Department - Nakhon Pathom
Chula-Sinthana - Coke Bangpra
TOT - Osotspa M-150
Port Authority - Krung Thai Bank
Chonburi FC - Tobacco Monopoly
Bangkok Bank - PEA
Bangkok University - Royal Thai Army

I'm predicting that this mid-week round will see the title challenge of BEC come to an end with a shuddering loss to Samut. Customs Dept will feel like they shouldn't have turned up, once again!

Chula will probably smack in 4 or 5 or maybe even another 6 at home to Coke-Bangpra.

You would expect wins for Chonburi and PEA, but the way the league has gone, i wouldn't be surprised if Chonburi draw, feel sorry for themselves and then be happy after PEA surprisingly loose, wouldn't surprise me anyway.

With the recent Royal Thai Police, Air Force and Navy games called off at the weekend, it wouldn't surprise me if the Royal Thai Army game result never appears and the game never being played.

Heres to midweek!

I apologise that i will not be able to bring you the results straight away, as i will be working on Wednesday and Thursday, bloody good planning eh?

Prachinburi - Group A Champions

Prachinburi claimed the 2nd Division Group A championship today, and in style they did it, beating Cha Choeng Sao 3-0.

Prachinburi have been up there for the majorty of the season, so their can't really be any complaints. Hopefully, they can make the step up next year and sustain their position in the First Division, or maybe even win back to back promotions, just like Mueang NongJork United look like doing.

Prachinburi will be joined by either Songkhla or Narathiwat, both from the deep south, so no one will really enjoy taking the long journey's down their to compete.

Both sides are level on points. So its all to play for next weekend. Stay tuned to see who makes the grade

Results - 31st August

Division One - Week 25

Chanthaburi 3 - 2 Suphan Buri
Rattana Bundit FC 3 - 0 Thai-Honda
Royal Thai Air force P-P Royal Thai Navy FC
Sriracha FC 2 - 0 Surat Thani
Raj-Vithi FC 1 - 0 Nakhon Sawan
Phitsanulok 0 - 0 Thai Airways
Khon Kaen 1 - 1 Mueang Thong NongJork United
Royal Thai Police P-P PTT

Division 2 - Group A - Week 21

Songkhla 0 - 0 Raj Pracha FC
Cha Choeng Sao FC 0 - 3 Prachinburi FC
Sakon Nakhon 0 - 3 Samut Prakarn
Nakhon Ratchasima 1 - 1 Chiang Mai
Narathiwat 1 - 0 Satun FC

Division 2 - Group B - Week 21

Lopburi 0 - 2 Kasem Bundit U.

Prachinburi promoted as champions today from Group A of Division 2. In the First Division, a couple of games were called off due to the current political situation.

Well done Prachinburi, they will be followed next week, by either one of the deep south sides, Narathiwat or Songkhla

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Army Welfair Department - Division 2 Champs!!

Congratulations to the Army Welfair side for claiming the 2nd Division Group B Championship today, and they did it in style by beating the only other team that could have possibly won the championship at this stage in Si Saket.

Si Saket now have to pull themselves together and beat bottom side Bangkok Bravo or at least claim a point to come runners up and promotion to the First Division. Bangkok Christian College are the only side who can catch them.

As for the Army Welfair side, promotion to Division One, they have been the side to beat all season, they claimed top spot in week 13 and have not been dethroned since, well to be honest they were only taken off top spot in week 12 when they had no game. Well done to the boys, they stuck to the task and look like playing the Royal Thai Army next season in what must be a big brither / little brother matchup.

Results - 30th August

Premier League - Week 23

PEA 0 - 0 Chonburi FC
Tobacco Monopoly 2 - 3 Port Authority
Krung Thai Bank 2 - 0 Bangkok University
Osotspa M-150 2 - 0 Bangkok Bank
Nakhon Pathom 2 - 1 Chula-Sinthana
Royal Thai Army 1 - 2 Samut Songkhram
Coke Bangpra 2 - 1 TOT
BEC Tero Sasana 2 - 0 Customs Department

Division 2 - Group B - Week 21

Bangkok Bravo 1 - 4 Bangkok Christian College
Si Saket FC 0 - 1 Army Welfair Support FC
Air Force Training College 1 - 2 Thonburi College
Bangkok North Central ASSN FC 3 - 1 Navy Fleet Support

Well done to Army Welfair Support who have won the 2nd Division Group B championship

Title still wide open in the Premier league after today's top of the table draw, BEC will be happy in pulling 2 points back on their rivals.

Port Authority won the big relegation clash to pull them 3 points closer to safety, but games are running out.

The Premier League will be back on Wednesday, but i apologise in advance as I will not be able to post any results straight away as I will be busy working away this week.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Weekend Fixtures - 30/31 Augsut

Fixtures 30th August

Premier League - Week 23

PEA - Chonburi FC
Tobacco Monopoly - Port Authority
Krung Thai Bank - Bangkok University
Osotspa M-150 - Bangkok Bank
Nakhon Pathom - Chula-Sinthana
Royal Thai Army - Samut Songkhram
Coke Bangpra - TOT
BEC Tero Sasana - Customs Department

Division 2 - Group B - Week 21

Lopburi - Kasem Bundit U.
Bangkok Bravo - Christian Coll.
Si Sa Ket - Army Welfare
Air Force TC - Thonburi Coll.
North Central - Fleet Support
Marine Coll. bye

31st August

Division One - Week 25

Chanthaburi - Suphan Buri
Rattana Bundit FC - Thai-Honda
Royal Thai Air force - Royal Thai Navy FC
Sriracha FC - Surat Thani
Raj-Vithi FC - Nakhon Sawan
Phitsanulok - Thai Airways
Khon Kaen - Mueang Thong NongJork United
Royal Thai Police - PTT

Division 2 - Group A - Week 21

Songkhla - Rajpracha
Chachoengsao - Prachinburi
Sakon Nakhon - Samut Prakan
Nakhon Ratchasima - Chiang Mai
Narathiwat - Satun
Ratchaburi bye

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

AFF Suzuki Cup 2008 Schedule

Group A -

Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar, 2nd Qualifier

Group B -

Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, 1st Qualifier


05/12 - Singapore v Q2
05/12 - Indonesia v Myanmar
06/12 - Malaysia v QI
06/12 - Thailand v Vietnam
07/12 - Singapore v Myanmar
07/12 - Indonesia v Q2
08/12 - Vietnam v Malaysia
08/12 - Thailand v Q1
09/12 - Myanmar v Q2
09/12 - Indonesia v Singapore
10/12 - Vietnam v Q1
10/12 - Thailand v Malaysia

16/12 - Runners Up A v Winner B
17/12 - Winner A v Runners Up B

20/12 - Winner B v Runners Up A
21/12 - Runners Up B v Winner A

24/12 - Final 1st Leg
28/12 - Final 2nd Leg

Saudi Stinker!!

What another bloody stinker this was.

Not the fact that our Under 20's were defeated by the Saudi Arabia youngsters on 25th August. But the fact that FAT couldn't be arsed to tell anybody the game was taking part.

When will they learn!! Release a statement, promote the game, lets have some pride in our boys.

Of course, it's not just FAT, but the media in general, The Bangkok Post, The Nation, why can't you promote your nation! Stop promoting Man City and Liverpool and get some grip on the domestic game and our youth, our next stars!

What another stinker!!

How come, it takes an Englishman, many many miles away, to release the story???

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Today's Results - 24th August

Premier League - Week 22

Samut Songkhram 2 - 1 Customs Department

Division 1 - Week 24

Royal Thai Police FC 2 - 0 Royal Thai Air Force FC
Royal Thai Navy FC 1 - 1 Rattana Bundit FC
Thai Honda FC 2 - 3 Chanthaburi FC
Suphanburi FC 1 - 0 Khonkaen FC
Mueang Thong NongJork United 6 - 1 Phitsanulok FC
Thai Airways 1 - 2 Raj-Vithi FC
PTT FC 0 - 0 Surat Thani FC

Division 2 - Group B (Week 20)

Army Welfair Support FC 1 - 0 Air Force Training College

Division 2 - Group A (Week 20)

Chiang Mai 1 - 2 Narathiwat
Samut Prakarn 2 - 1 Nakhon Ratchasima
Prachinburi FC 4 - 1 Sakon Nakhon
Ratchaburi 3 - 1 Cha Choeng Sao FC
Satun FC 2 - 1 Songkhla

Congratulations goes to the Army Welfair squad who have gained promotion to the 1st Division. Now they just have to try and clinch the championship which is a close affair with Si Saket.

2nd Division Group A is certainly hotting up, it looks like Prachinburi have secured their slot, but Songkhla slipped up against Satun who recorded their 2nd win of the season and their 2nd win in a row.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

TPL Statistics

Following on from this weekends results, the following has happened in the all time league table:

  • Bangkok University overtook BMA / Rattana Bundit and moved upto 12th position with 174 points.
  • Bangkok Bank now need 3 wins to reach that magical 100 and 2 draws to reach 100 aswell
  • TOT FC reached the 300 goal mark

Todays Results - 23rd August

Premier League (Week 22)

Bangkok Bank 0 - 0 Coke Bangpra
TOT 3 - 2 Nakhon Pathom
Royal Thai Army 0 - 2 Krung Thai Bank
Chonburi FC 1 - 1 Osotspa M-150
Port Authority 0 - 2 PEA
Bangkok University 1 - 0 Tobacco Monopoly
Chula-Sinthana 6 - 2 BEC Tero Sasana

2nd Division - Group B (Week 20)

Thonburi College 0 - 0 Bangkok North Central ASSN FC
Bangkok Christian College 1 - 1 Si Saket FC
Marine College FC 1 - 0 Bangkok Bravo
Navy Fleet Support 0 - 0 Lopburi

Druryfire Comment

An astounding result at Chula today, which has surely brought down the final curtain on BEC's chances of winning the championship. They now fall 8 points behind leaders PEA who extended their lead after they beat Port Authority and Chonburi once again drew, but this was probably expected against Osotspa who are not pushovers. Chula certainly know where the net is, if only they started better this year, then they would be up their against the big boys of the division.

KTB finally got back to winning ways, beating the Army. There are not really any other highlights, as everything else went to plan.

Looks like we have a three horse race for the title, before i said PEA, Chonburi and BEC, but you can take BEC out now and replace them with TOT.

In the second division, not to many goals, but Si saket went top, at least for a day, and all but secured promotion to the 1st division.

Tomorrow, the Army Welfare support team have the chance to go one better and achieve promotion, the first side in Thailand to do it this year, will the pressure mount?

Friday, 22 August 2008

Weekend Fixtures - 23/24th August

23rd August

Premier League - Week 22

Bangkok Bank - Coke Bangpra
TOT - Nakhon Pathom
Royal Thai Army - Krung Thai Bank
Chonburi FC - Osotspa M-150
Port Authority - PEA
Bangkok University - Tobacco Monopoly
Chula-Sinthana - BEC Tero Sasana

2nd Division - Group B - Week 20

Thonburi Coll. - BKK North Central
Christian Coll. - Si Sa Ket
Marine Coll. - Bangkok Bravo
Navy Fleet Support - Lopburi

24th August

Premier League - Week 22

Samut Songkhram - Customs Department

1st Division - Week 24

185 Royal Thai Police FC - Royal Thai Air Force FC
186 Royal Thai Navy FC - Rattana Bundit FC
187 Thai Honda FC - Chanthaburi FC
188 Suphanburi FC - Khonkaen FC
189 Mueang Thong NongJork United - Phitsanulok FC
190 Thai Airways - Raj-Vithi FC
191 Nakorn Sawan FC - Sriracha FC
192 PTT FC - Surat Thani FC

2nd Division - Group A - Week 20

Chiang Mai - Narathiwat
Samut Prakan - Nakhon Ratchasima
Prachinburi - Sakon Nakhon
Ratchaburi - Chachoengsao
Satun - Songkhla

2nd Division - Group B - Week 20

Army Welfare - Air Force TC

Binh Du'ong lie in waiting

The winner of this years Premier League now know who they will face in the re-vamped Champions League for 2009.

V-League champions Binh Du'ong, who have won the V-League for the last 2 years. They have recently been crowned champions in Vietnam.

The one off game will take place on 29th Feb according to Wikipedia, (but i guess that date is incorrect, due to it not being a leap year!).

The winners will go on to face either an S League side or the winners / runners up of the AFC Cup 2008 for a place in the Group Stage of the Champions League.

ASEAN Championship for Women

Thank's to Jonny for bringing this to my attention on the BigSoccer forum

Asean Championship for Women In October :

Thailand in group with Australia , Singapore and Philippines.

Make a note in your diary and support on the girls/women/ladies

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

National Team Schedules / Domestic Snippets

National Team Schedule

Confirmed fixtures so far:

2-8th Nov 2008 - 39th King's Cup
Jan 14 2009 - 2011 Asian Cup Qualification - Jordan (Away)
Jan 28 2009 - 2011 Asian Cup Qualification - Iran (Home)
Nov 14 2009 - 2011 Asian Cup Qualification - Singapore (Away)
Nov 18 2009 - 2011 Asian Cup Qualification - Singapore (Home)
Jan 6 2010 - 2011 Asian Cup Qualification - Jordan (Home)
Mar 3 2010 - 2011 Asian Cup Qualification - Iran (Away)

National Under 20 Schedule

Comfirmed fixtures:

5 Oct 2008 - AFF U19 Championship - South Korea (Suphachalasai Stadium)
7 Oct 2008 - AFF U19 Championship - China (Royal Thai Army Stadium)
9 Oct 2008 - AFF U19 Championship - Australia (Suphachalasai Stadium)
1 Nov 2008 - AFC Youth Championship in Saudi Arabia - Australia
3 Nov 2008 - AFC Youth Championship - Jordan
5 Nov 2008 - AFC Youth Championship - Uzbekistan

National Futsal Team Schedule

27 Aug 2008 - ASEAN Football Championship - Philippines
28 Aug 2008 - ASEAN Football Championship - Mynamar
29 Aug 2008 - ASEAN Football Championship - Indonesia
4 Sep 2008 - Friendly Tournement - Ukraine (Home)
6 Sep 2008 - Friendly Tournement - Japan (Home)
7 Sep 2008 - Friendly Tournement - Argentina (Home)

Domestic Leagues Snippets

Premier League looks to be coming down to a 3 horse race between PEA, Chonburi and BEC

Division One, looks set to see Meuang NongJork United become champions, followed by province team Sriracha and possibly Police, Air Force or Navy

Division 2 looks set to see Songkhla and Prachinburi promoted along with Si Saket and Army Welfair Dept.

Division 2 will soon finish, with about 3 rounds left.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Weekend Review - 16/17 August

Druryfire Comment

Well, what was the result of the weekend?

Surely Satun's victory that took them off the bottom of the 2nd Division, Group A for the first time. What a result, winning 6-2 in style.

It's not often that the lower leagues are talked about (apart from here), but it's certainly starting to heat up. Songkhla look set to jump into the first division after victory against one of their closest neighbours in Narathiwat, in what was a major 6 pointer. They were also helped with Korat dropping points to Raj Pracha.

Who will join them going up to the first division? Well, looks like Prachinburi who did not play, but they have been leaders for a long time, so i'm sure they will stumble over the line.

They look set to be joined by Group B sides Army Welfair and Si Saket, who are 6 points clear of third place Bangkok Christian College with 3 games remaining.

Premier League Bore

Well, the premier league certainly looks interesting, it looks like a 3 horse race, with relegation already settled, or will there be a twist. I'm guessing not, as the league hardly inspires goals or even wins.

Week after week, the results come through and we have draw after draw. So basically a boring league, but with no clear cut winner. No team that will take a leading role and stamp thereselves on the TPL trophy.

Chonburi seem to beat the big boys, then falter against teams they should really beat. This week they won a close encounter against rivals Coke-Bangpra, but i expect them to do much better in future weeks, especially with a potiential title decider at stake on 30th August. I'm predicting a Chonburi win, and then they will drop points later to lower opposition again.

Division One Viewpoint

Mueang are no doubt up, unless they go a bit mad. Sriracha now seem to be stamping their foot in the door and then we have the Navy in 3rd. I want the top two to go up so much and then i will take any out of the Air Force, Navy and Police for traditions sake, looking to replace the other authority team in the Premier League - the Army.

But down the bottom, Phitsanulok are doomed, even after my boys Suphanburi at the weekend, but who are they taking down with them?

Raj Vithi and Nakhon Sawan are also doomed in my opinion.

The 4th slot? Thai Honda going for a second successive relegation? Or will they creep above Surat Thani? I hope not, Surat fly the flag for the south!!

7 games to go, looks an interesting battle for that last spot. Let's pull commercial side Thai Airways in there and send them flying to division 2!