Saturday, 29 August 2009

Reid's Going, who's coming in?

Ok, Ok, will he won't he, no matter what, Peter Reid has been looking for a way out. And it all happened on the day that the September issue of World Soccer had an intervew with the Thai coach and how he was liking it here.

So, who will take over?

Bar Steve Darby, who seems to have it sown (and why not, when qualifiers are not far around the corner).

In the future, we will see the likes of Tawan Sripan and Zico being out forward, but first of all they need to gain that experience and possibly even have a couple of years abroad learning different tactics and techniques. It possible wouldn't be bad to get on the coaching staff of an A-Legaue or J-League team.

The next best thing we can look for is a foriegn coach, but if this was to happen, then personally i would go for someone who knows the region well. Reid came in and had to adapt, would it benefit us if someone could just jump in and get up and running straight away? Thats not to say Reid did bad, but with games left, right and centre all the time, and with points at stake, people need to know what they are dealing with. Thats why it makes sense to hire Steve Darby as the next coach.

One other name i think highly of, is the Australian Scott O'Donnell, currently the coach of Cambodia for the SEA Games, how would he fair? Well, he knows the region and mentality, and has a bundle of enthusiasm for the game. He's young enough to get the lads motivated. So, ok, he's been in Cambodia, but he's moved the game single handly to be on a professional stance.

Another coach who could work short term would be Laos coach Alfred Riedl, again preparing for the SEA Games. Ok, he's old, and would definatly be short term, but he nows the game well and would more thnan likely jump at the chance to coach the regional powerhouse.

Phillippe Troussier, the Frenchman and former coach of Japan would come highly recommended, but the downfall would be that he would want full power from top to bottom, something that i don't think is needed in Thailand

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