Thursday, 6 May 2010

Thailand Asian Cup Finals Results

It's amazing what a bit of research can bring you.

Thailand's result's in Asian Cup finals for instance. Who would have thought of so many games against Iran and Iraq? Well, the evidence is here, it also shows how poor Thailand are aswell.


Erick Bui said...

I also notice Thailand's victory over Khmer Republic (Cambodia?) in 1972 was the only all-SEA game in Asian Cup.

It's a sad fact that SEA football has dropped too much in comparison to what it was in 196x-197x when Thailand, Malaysia, Burma, South Vietnam and even Cambodia can challenge Asian powerhouses.

druryfire said...

Yeah, your right Erick, it is a big swing.

Also, when you look closely on how qualifying used to be done, you will notice that they normally played regional qualifying rounds, so the region always had someone going to the ball.

This isn't the case now, and looking at the recent performances of the nations in the ASEAN region, then you might see that no nation will be going to the ball.

How to change this?

For one, most of the nations still see the AFF Cup has the tournament to build for. Maybe changing this from 2 to 4 years might just give the nations time to reflect more, or prepare for bigger goals another way.

It does seem time after time, once a nation from this region gets going, they are then hit hard by a pointless Merdeka or King's Cup or thrown slightly off target by the AFF Suzuki Cup when they should be focusing elsewhere

joseph burrell said...

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