Saturday, 10 July 2010

TPL Catchup Results - 10th July

10.07.2010 Chonburi 2:1 Bangkok United 

10.07.2010 Police United 1:0 Muang Thong United

10.07.2010 Royal Thai Army 1:1 BEC Tero Sasana

10.07.2010 Samut Songkhram 0:0 TTM Phichit

Probably as expected bar the Police - Muang game. Points dropped certainly. This takes the majorty of teams to the mid season mark now. Only Chonburi - BEC and Bkk Utd - Siskaet left to reach 15 games. Chonburi could pull level at the top once again. It's like a game of cat and mouse.



What do you make of BEC Tero so far this season? Personally, I thought they'd be up in the top 6 by now. I guess all the fixtures problems haven't helped, but their recent form is terrible. I hope Tawan can turn things round.

Do you know if they are going back to Nong Jok for the second half of the season?

druryfire said...

I thought when thy had a few games in hand that they were suddenly going to hit on and start moving on up, but it hasen't happened for whatever reason.

The good thing for them is that the teams below do seem rather poor, so relegation is really a threat.

I was going to start a blog on them, but i just can't get enough information out of them to really merit anything strong enough.

Not sure about the ground situation.

Something that I noticed though was when there fixtures were cancelled earlier in the season, they played friendly games at Nong Jork, so i guess the gorund can be played on but doesn't fit in with TPL criteria


I just found a fixture list for 'leg two' and it seems that BEC Tero will be staying at Thepsadin.

I agree with you that they won't have any relegation trouble. The current bottom three look to be certainties for that - unless they can get their acts together.

It's a shame you couldn't do a BEC Tero blog, but I fully understand why. They never seem to be in the news for any reason...Although that might not be a bad thing!

druryfire said...

I've tried the blog, but theres just two much translating to carry on with.

And without any real news, there wouldn't really be a big deal on it except for results which can easily be found elsewhere.

joseph burrell said...