Monday, 31 March 2008

Structure of Thai Football

Thailand is starting to bring a bit of structure to its League system:

Currently the structure is the following:

Level 1: Thailand Premier League

Level 2: Thailand Division One

Level 3: Thailand Division Two

Level 4: Thailand Pro League

In the past, the Pro League which currently sits at level four, played at Level one.

The reason behind this was that the league was set up by the governement, but as FIFA an all, don't like goverenment run leagues, this league had no where to go, no promotion, no relegation.

Hell, the winners of the Pro League at one stage, knew there was no further to go, so they joined the TPL (Thai Premier League). This team was current TPL Champions Chonburi.

The Pro League, in general, looked good on paper, this competition was for everyone, the whole country took part.

But it had no direction, the winners, simply had no where to play, no continental action which Chonburi wanted so much and this year have got.

The Pro league had no where to go, but 6 foot under, so they took the decision and formed up with FAT - the head of Thai football and now start right at the bottom of the pile, but now have an aim, promotion to the next step.

The TPL is the very top level and a route into Asia, it is very Bangkok based, but when you have a main city with about 9 million registered people and possibly even 15 million if you add the non-governement voters then you have a hell of a catchment area.

Stay tuned and the following weeks, i'll bring a run down of who plays in what division

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