Friday, 26 September 2008

Scoring charts

Although, i don't really bother to much with the art of goalscoring, generally i have a lack of interest in who's scored the most goals. But one thing i have noticed, new KTB striker, the Nigerian Samuel has notched a few in since he arrived.

Going on baisc Thai reports, he could just be the next big thing! So keep an eye out for the lad. Full name Ajayi Gdenga Samuel.

He arrived earlier in the year from Cambodian outfit Phom Penh after a decent Singapore Cup game.



Great for Thai team

druryfire said...

Well, he's Nigerian, so not sure if he will get Thai nationality to play for them, but good to see the lad doign well


This guy did well for Phnom Penh Empire FC in Cambodia, i like his performance so much

druryfire said...

I'm assuming he is a youngster, would be good to see him play international football to see if he could cope, but not sure what our locals would think if he was fastracked to stardom!