Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Blog On Holiday

Due to time constraints and work load.

This blog will be on hold for a while.

I will still post in various forums but will lack the time to put any effort into this blog.

You can still PM me if you want to ask any questions, but any Thai football updates will not be posted here for the foreseeable future.

Adam (Druryfire)


limos88 said...

which forum you posting?

druryfire said...

I post everywhere, www.bigsoccer.com

I may be back on this soon, but feel i need a bit of a break from this, i just feel like i need to post all the time on here.

Maybe i will be back with an end of season review, once TPL is over.

But i feel, i can't really cover too much Thai football, maybe just have to concentrate on one particular area. But we will see after i have had a refresher!