Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Special Announcment

With immediate effect, this blog will now go on hold.

Come 8 months down the line, there will be a little Druryfire running around. Names in a postcard (or comment) please. Many thanks for my lovely wife Suwanlee for putting up with me. Married one year and still going strong.

You never know, SEA Games 2029, there might just be a 'Drury' lifting that cup!

The time has now come, to put blogging to the side.

Many thanks to all you guys who have taken the time to read the blog in the past, but don't worry, i'm sure i will be back to blog again in the future. As for now, you can find me on the forum.

Many Regards



Greg said...

Congratulations. I have two kids myself, so don't worry, you will still find time for football. Just!

Thai Port Fan said...

Congrats DF & Mrs DF!

I'm sure you still have just enough time to keep up to date with the Thai Football...You might have the knock the Wikipedia stuff on the head though ;)

Jon said...

Congrats. Put my little one down for 2029 glory too (he's got an 18 month head start).

charade_2010 said...

Congratulations !