Saturday, 30 August 2008

Army Welfair Department - Division 2 Champs!!

Congratulations to the Army Welfair side for claiming the 2nd Division Group B Championship today, and they did it in style by beating the only other team that could have possibly won the championship at this stage in Si Saket.

Si Saket now have to pull themselves together and beat bottom side Bangkok Bravo or at least claim a point to come runners up and promotion to the First Division. Bangkok Christian College are the only side who can catch them.

As for the Army Welfair side, promotion to Division One, they have been the side to beat all season, they claimed top spot in week 13 and have not been dethroned since, well to be honest they were only taken off top spot in week 12 when they had no game. Well done to the boys, they stuck to the task and look like playing the Royal Thai Army next season in what must be a big brither / little brother matchup.

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