Sunday, 31 August 2008

Midweek Fixtures - 3rd Sept

Midweek Fixtures

Premier League - Week 24 (3rd September)

Samut Songkhram - BEC Tero Sasana
Customs Department - Nakhon Pathom
Chula-Sinthana - Coke Bangpra
TOT - Osotspa M-150
Port Authority - Krung Thai Bank
Chonburi FC - Tobacco Monopoly
Bangkok Bank - PEA
Bangkok University - Royal Thai Army

I'm predicting that this mid-week round will see the title challenge of BEC come to an end with a shuddering loss to Samut. Customs Dept will feel like they shouldn't have turned up, once again!

Chula will probably smack in 4 or 5 or maybe even another 6 at home to Coke-Bangpra.

You would expect wins for Chonburi and PEA, but the way the league has gone, i wouldn't be surprised if Chonburi draw, feel sorry for themselves and then be happy after PEA surprisingly loose, wouldn't surprise me anyway.

With the recent Royal Thai Police, Air Force and Navy games called off at the weekend, it wouldn't surprise me if the Royal Thai Army game result never appears and the game never being played.

Heres to midweek!

I apologise that i will not be able to bring you the results straight away, as i will be working on Wednesday and Thursday, bloody good planning eh?

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