Monday, 18 August 2008

Weekend Review - 16/17 August

Druryfire Comment

Well, what was the result of the weekend?

Surely Satun's victory that took them off the bottom of the 2nd Division, Group A for the first time. What a result, winning 6-2 in style.

It's not often that the lower leagues are talked about (apart from here), but it's certainly starting to heat up. Songkhla look set to jump into the first division after victory against one of their closest neighbours in Narathiwat, in what was a major 6 pointer. They were also helped with Korat dropping points to Raj Pracha.

Who will join them going up to the first division? Well, looks like Prachinburi who did not play, but they have been leaders for a long time, so i'm sure they will stumble over the line.

They look set to be joined by Group B sides Army Welfair and Si Saket, who are 6 points clear of third place Bangkok Christian College with 3 games remaining.

Premier League Bore

Well, the premier league certainly looks interesting, it looks like a 3 horse race, with relegation already settled, or will there be a twist. I'm guessing not, as the league hardly inspires goals or even wins.

Week after week, the results come through and we have draw after draw. So basically a boring league, but with no clear cut winner. No team that will take a leading role and stamp thereselves on the TPL trophy.

Chonburi seem to beat the big boys, then falter against teams they should really beat. This week they won a close encounter against rivals Coke-Bangpra, but i expect them to do much better in future weeks, especially with a potiential title decider at stake on 30th August. I'm predicting a Chonburi win, and then they will drop points later to lower opposition again.

Division One Viewpoint

Mueang are no doubt up, unless they go a bit mad. Sriracha now seem to be stamping their foot in the door and then we have the Navy in 3rd. I want the top two to go up so much and then i will take any out of the Air Force, Navy and Police for traditions sake, looking to replace the other authority team in the Premier League - the Army.

But down the bottom, Phitsanulok are doomed, even after my boys Suphanburi at the weekend, but who are they taking down with them?

Raj Vithi and Nakhon Sawan are also doomed in my opinion.

The 4th slot? Thai Honda going for a second successive relegation? Or will they creep above Surat Thani? I hope not, Surat fly the flag for the south!!

7 games to go, looks an interesting battle for that last spot. Let's pull commercial side Thai Airways in there and send them flying to division 2!

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