Saturday, 18 October 2008

Bangkok Bank - May Disband!!

Here's some news from one of my friends in Thailand.

Have you heard the news about the disbanding of Bangkok Bank? It was the big news of Thai football now after they can't stand in the TPL in this season.

Due to in the next season of the TPL, FAT need to specify quality of the team in TPL for conform to AFC regulation so they command that every team in TPL 2009 seasons must...

1. The team in TPL 2009 must notarize to the company limited. That was the some reason for the disbanding of Bangkok Bank FC.
2. Head coach of the team in TPL 2009 must have the A-License from AFC.
3. All stadium in TPL 2009 must pass the expectation which should have the newsroom, the special seats for the newsman, enough light and the strong security.
4. Each team in TPL 2009 must have the youth team.

If any team can't perform to above mentioned. They maybe also relegate to the division 1 league immediately. all thing for the progress of Thai football league.

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