Thursday, 9 October 2008

Weekend Fixtures - 11th October

Coke-Bangpra - PEA
TOT - Port Authority
Nakhon Pathom - Thailand Tobacco Monopoly
BEC Tero Sasana - Krung Thai Bank
Samut Songkhram - Osotspa M-150
Bangkok Bank - Chonburi
Customs Department - Royal Thai Army
Chula United - Bangkok Uni

So, Bangkok Bank trial by a point, only a win will really be good enough for them, so who they play? Chonburi of course, who are going for the championship.

Chonburi need a victory themselves, and hope that near neighbours Coke-Bangpra get a victory over PEA.

Also in the relegation battle field are Port Authority, who over the season have picked up points were you would expect them to fail, and drop points when you expect them to win. Now they go to play away against TOT, who have nothing to play for other than prize money.

Also in the mire, is Tobacco Monopoly, who travel to province side Nakhon Pathom. Nakhon i predicited to get relegated at midseason, but find themselves in 8th, so an excellent side half of the season to pick themselves up.

This weekend, we will say goodbye to another club, to join the Army and Customs Department, who ironically face each other in their final farewells to the trapdoor.

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