Thursday, 23 October 2008

A hell of a stuffing!!

Thailand gave little outfit Thonburi College a 4-0 stuffing yesterday. Now that's what i call intense preperation!

Report from Bangkok Post:

The Thai national team beat Bangkok Thonburi College 4-0 in a warm-up match at Nong Jok ground yesterday.

Ronnachai Rangsiyo (23), Datsakorn Thonglao (27), Teerasil Dangda (70) and Pipat Tonkanya (100) scored for the national side.

The special match had three periods with the first and second each lasting 40 minutes and the final 30 minutes.

After the match, Thailand coach Peter Reid said that he was pleased with the performance.

"They played according to our plans. Every player played very well and the fitness is okay," he said.

The match was part of Thailand's preparations for the TT&T Cup in Hanoi from October 28-November 1. The four-team tournament features Vietnam, Thailand, North Korea and Uzbekistan.

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