Monday, 20 July 2009

Thailand V Liverpool (22nd July)

Ok, another friendly against one of Europes finest.

Will Liverpool take it seriously, probably not, who cares? I don't, so lets take a look at the potential Thailand setup.


Kosin Hathairattanakool - 50 caps

Steady keeper, seems to get the nod in the big games, had a somewhat bad year last year but has come his steady self again. Should get the nod over Kittisak Rawangpa


Rangsan Viwatchaichok - 14 caps, 1 goal
Kiatprawut Saiwaeo- 17 Caps
Natthaphong Samana - 30 caps, 1 goal
Suree Sukha - 47 caps, 1 goal
Nattaporn Phanrit - 48 caps, 2 goals

A couple of old Man City boys, Sukha and Saiwaeo. Saiwaeo has been injury prone and Sukha has a decent reputation in Asia, but for me he struggled in the ASEAN Cup at the back end of 2008. Gets forward, but in defence fouls far to often.

I've always liked Phanrit, seems solid and dependable. Samana seems a bit out of depth for me and could be the weak link.


Datsakorn Thonglao - 61, 8
Sutee Suksomkit - 59, 14
Pichitphong Choeichiu - 42, 2
Suchao Nuchnum - 41, 6
Surat Sukha - 14, 0
Arthit Sunthornpit - 8, 2

Thonglao is the playmaker, when he's on song, Thailand are on song, when he's not, then it all goes horribly wrong. Suksomkit closely followers, but i can't help but think his best is now behind him.

Surat Sukha is the destroyer, and shouldn't be overawed, but likes to pick up cards, and probably will do on this occasion aswell.

Nuchnum and Choeichiu are two experienced players who will fight all day. Choeichiu has a bit more class and has played in the Asian Champions League, but Nuchnum seems to get the nod over him in team selection.


Teeratep Winothai - 33, 13
Pipat Thonkanya - 28, 14
Teerasil Dangda - 28, 16
Ronnachai Rangsiyo - 13, 4

Winothai is the Thai idol and runs himself ragged, but personally, i think Dangda leads well from the front. Winothai seems to have the whole country on his shoulders, and i feel this gets to him now. Dangda is good in the air and would be a threat against much lower opposition than Liberpool. His biggest flaw is that he doesn't seem mobile enough.

Rangsiyo is a kind of super sub for the national team, but lacks international class and has had a rather bad start to the domestic season.