Wednesday, 4 November 2009

One eye on Singapore

Singapore took to the field today defeating Indonesia 3 - 1.

The dangerman?

Big Alexsandr Duric, he's getting on know, but still scores goals. Will be a threat in the air against Thailand.

Although Singapore won, i can't really see what this match today brought. Again, it was another regional matchup, surely the fans are fed up of seeing all ASEAN friendly matchups, especially after having AFF Championships every two years.

Our ASEAN neighbours need to think out of the bowl a little and get better matchups.

Maybe Singapore, you could say, were playing a team similiar to Thailand, but boy, these games do get boring now.


charade_2010 said...

In fact , Thailand is not stronger than Singapore too much .

thetony said...

It's gonna be a very tough match for us. To be honest, I'm so worried about the result of the away game in Singapore!!!

BTW, I'm glad you are back to this blog Adam.

druryfire said...

Charade - I'm not saying Thailand are stronger, but have Singapore done the corect thing in playing a team similiar to Thailand from the region, or is it just another regional friendly, which we always seem to have, these games are like club games, played every other month by some nations.

Time to get out of the ASEAN region to really improve

M G said...

Singapore plays good football
South East Asian Teams deserve a place at the asian cup finals.

how come India get a direct place while they are much weaker

Asian Football have to unite and think of real solutions to improve the situation.

druryfire said...

MG - India did not get a direct place.

They got entry by winning the 2008 AFC Challenge Cup.

Again, the 2010 winners will get entry to Qatar 2011 aswell.

Challenge Cup is for weaker nations.