Sunday, 1 November 2009

Robson Watch

It's fair to say that Bryan Robson didn't pick the squad for the recent Kata Cup tournament played down in Phuket, but did he take any notice of the personnel on show?

Robson's first real opportunity to show us that he is an international football manager comes next week against Syria. A Syrian side that is more than likely going to be depleted due to the majorty of the sqaud playing for Syrian national champions Al Karamah in the AFC Cup final on Tuesday.

What can we expect to see from Robson's first match in charge? Who knows, but this is my call....

Without knowing the squad, i will use my crystal ball.

I expect to see Kittisak Rawangpa back in goal due to Kosin flying off to Indonesia. I think Kittisak is needed as an old head for the double header with Singapore ahead.

Nattaporn Phanrit has always impressed me in defence, probably due to the fact that i saw him score his first two international goals, but at times he does lack concentration along with Nattaphong Samana, whom some people rave about, but personally i can't stand him. But i d see these guys taking a centre back and left back spot

Therdsak Chaiman to be used for 20 minutes at the end of the game to 'up' the tempo, which may well be needed against Singapore. May be too risky to play he with Thonglao due to both being playmakers.

We need some kind of midfield destroyer, Surat Sukha comes to mind, but, lets assume he's often unavailable due to being in 'oz', so Nuchnum or Choeichiu, i like these guys, they are steady going.

Up front, last year Dangda impressed me in the air, but doesn't do much else, so i'd like to see a livewire playing, and everyone knows i'm calling for Anon Sangsanoi to be included on a more regular basis.

So Bryan, there's my early thoughts, what about yours?

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