Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Prepare yourself Thai Port....

....the 2010 AFC Cup will soon be here. You will of course be drawn in the East Asian side amongest the following:

Geylang United (Singapore Cup winners)
Binh Duong (V League runners up)
South China (HK League Winners)
Tai Po (HK FA Cup winners)
VB Sports Club (Dhivehi League winners - Maldives)
Victory SC (Maldives FA Cup winners)
Selangor (Malaysian League winners)
Negeri Sembilan (Malaysian FA Cup winners)

and also 3 champions league playoff losers.

So who you fancy?


Thai Port Fan said...

A trip to the Maldives would be nice!

druryfire said...

A very nice destination indeed.

Really hoping they make the knockout rounds and a trip to West Asia would be doable for us Westeners.

thetony said...

If Thai Port, Binh Doung, South China and Siriwijaya (ACL playoff loser) are in the same group, it then would be a group of death!!!

But...I want it to happen!!!

Thai Port Fan said...

I'm determined to make it to an away match after I missed out on the FA Cup Final.

My sister lives out in Singapore, so if we draw an S-League team, then it would be a reasonably cheap trip, but not very exciting.

I'm really hoping for one of those Maldives teams :)

It'll be interesting to see how many Port fans will travel to the away matches.