Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Relooking at Rattana Bundit

You may remember the previous article I did on 1st November.

Well, you may remember that they have previously played under the names of SET FC and BMA FC. You can now add Rattana Bundit to the former names list.

Chang, the beer elephant company took sponsorship of the club and in turn renamed them as Chang Chiangmai RBAC, and of course, did the customary move.

Now what is puzzling me, is that Chiang Mai already have a team and a well supported team at that. Is it possible that these two teams have merged together? The club badges would make it look so. Oh well, still waiting for anything official in the English written media!


Thai Port Fan said...

Hi Dru, I like the new look of the Blog!

druryfire said...

Thanks dude, kind of slow day at work yesterday!!