Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Asian Cup Qualifier: Thailand 0 - 0 Jordan

Thailand: Kosin Hathairattanakool, Suree Sukha, Nattapong Samana, Panupong Wongsa (C), Nattaporn Phanrit, Rangsan Vivatchaichok, Pichitpong Choichieu, Suchao Nutnum, Sutee Suksomkit, Narongchai Vachiraban, Teeratep "Leesaw" Winothai.

Subs: Kawin Thamasatchanon, Suttinan Phukhom, Anawin Jujeen, Therdsak Chaiman, Pipat Tonkanya, Keerati Keawsombat, Anon Sangsanoi

Right, i've read the excellant report from and will now give my two pence worth.


Looks like a 4-5-1 formation at home to a half decent Jordan. But let's face it, Jordan aren't exactly world beaters. So why we fearing them? Why not play two up front, or lets be honest, two recognised strikers up front. I do tend to see most of our strikers as wingers in all fairness.

Generally, yes, we had a strong squad out. Datsakorn Thonglao and Surat Sukha being the only notable players not to feature. But, against this Jordan team, someone else should be able to step up and take control and be the falir player.

Winothai up front? For me no, as an attacking winger yes. I've said this before, but it seems as though there is so much pressure on him to deliver, that he just can't do it, he needs someone else up top to help him.


Why Pipat only came on for 3 minutes is beyond me? Does Robson not understand that a win at home was a must. Pipat should have been thrown on much earlier. Robson should of at least had a good last quarter of an hour throwing the kitchen sink at Jordan.

Keerati Keawsombat - he's new to the setup, he needs more experience. Surely Pipat should have been on before Keerati? Is Keerati really that much better than Anon Sangsanoi? Ok, Anon hasn't really done it at national level either, but surely the BEC hitman could have done something with a bit of service?

Therdsak Chaiman - I think it was expected that he'd make a cameo appearance. Probably a good move, but coming on for Sutee? Sutee is a flair player, i think another 10 minutes out of Sutee wouldn't have hurt.

Thailand need goals

Thailand are struggling to score in the games that really count. Maybe Sompong Soleb, whom had a decent SEA Games could have been included in the match day squad to be thrown on? He's been on fire. It might of paid off. Would it have paid off?

Cautious Robson

Ok, he didn't want to lose. A loss and Thailand would have been packing their bags already. Does Robson think this is a good result? Can he see us going to Tehran to gain victory? I don't. I see Robson getting sacked.

Tomorrow, he can claim he's still in the running. But the game was there today to win. He should have thrown the kitchen sink at Jordan in the last 15 minutes. They wouldn't have stood the pressure. This is a Jordan team that drew with poor old Malaysia in September. It's not a UAE or Bahraini team that would have proved too difficult.

Jordan will be much the happier with today's result. And they will feel that they can beat Singapore on home soil and take 2nd spot. For Thailand, well, victory in Iran would be something amazing in all reality. Lets just hope Iran take the foot off the gas a little.


Thai Port Fan said...

I agree that Robbo was far too cautious in his approach, especially the substitutions!

I'm not sure if Sutee was injured? He seemed to a have a bit of a niggle.

I don't think Pipat was too happy when Keerati came on ahead of him. He jogged back to the dugout expecting to come on, and looked a bit miffed when he was told to sit down.

I can't imagine how Anon must feel! What exactly does he have to do to get on the pitch?

druryfire said...

I remember when Peter Reid first took over and he did state that Anon was a bit lazy in training, maybe this is still the case? But, to be honest, he's shown what he can do in the TPL, so i would have thought he'd get a decent chance in the national team by now, at least a 3 or 4 game run. This has never happened for him.

The biggest problem is up front. We just can't score when it matters. I won't confess to knowing the fitness of players, but surely a goal poacher like Chaikmeede would have been worth a shot. He's another guy who simply just scores goals when fit.

Thai Port Fan said...

Chaikamdee scored another 2 goals for Thai Port today. That's 4 goals in 3 pre-season games.

I can't understand how guys like him and Anon, can't get a game for Thailand when they are struggling for goals.