Sunday, 24 January 2010

Have you faith in Robson??

I for one don't.

I think he's tactically inept.

He's just had 3 games to work out his squad for the crucial Asian Cup qualifier against Iran. A game, that we really need to win. A draw might squeeze us through, but come on, a win puts us on the plane to Qatar.

Recently, Robson has been using the 4-5-1 formation. Why? To keep clean sheets? It's not working against good opposition. It may well work against other middle ranking Asian nations, but i don't think it will work against much better Asian oppostion such as Iran. Not away from home anyway.

If Robson continues to use 4-5-1, then surely he needs a target man to hold up the ball? It seems he wants busy players, loose chickens to run around, chase things down. But international football isn't about this.

I think Robson is the weak link of the national team setup. Maybe it's not his fault. For one, I don't think he picks the players, actually, I don't think he could pick the players as he has never seen more than 3 TPL games - so its not his fault, and his faith is on his assitant Steve Darby to make most of the decisions - if FAT allows him.

Currently we are lacking goals, confidence from our front men must be low. Surely its time to use a bit of experience, 3 matches have juts gone, and it wasn't used.

Robson simply doesn't know enough about Asian football to make any kind of difference. There's many lesser known Europeans, mainly Eastern European, that could do a fair better job - but their name would never catch for Thai popularity. Yemeni coach Srecko Juricic comes to mind.

Come Tehran, Robson has to win me over. He has to go out andd attack Iran. If we lose we lose, but we have to go out fighting. If we sit back and hope not to concede and catch them on the break, then i simply see this as negative football and can see us being a joke in Qatar.

Robson could draw the game 0-0 and still go out. But Robson will claim a morale victory. Yes, it would be a good result away to Iran, but not the result that is needed in the circumstance.

I for one am losing patience with Robson and if we don't win in Tehran or at least go down fighting, i will be calling for his head.

So come on Robbo, show us why you were a manager in the most exciting league in the world and give us fans something to cheer about rather than sit back and just simply hope.

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Thai Port Fan said...

Robbo's comments after the tournament were both predictable and depressing. "Poland and Denmark were much stronger than us and we could not do anything".

Why bother turning up then? Do you think Leeds United took that kind of attitude to Old Trafford? If they had, they'd have lost about 6-0.

I hope the management are in a more positive frame of mind before the Iran match!