Wednesday, 23 April 2008

AFC Champions League - Matchday Four Results

Chonburi 2 -2 Chunnma
Nam Dinh 2- 2 Krung Thai Bank

This just about makes it too much now for Chonburi to catch Gamba i feel.

They do play Gamba next, so its a must win, but i can't really see Gamba releasing their 5 point lead.

Altogether though, this is looking like it will be the most succesfull season for Thai clubs in the Champions League, they have amassed 9 points so far between Thai Bnak and Chonburi, with 13 being the previous best way back in 2002-03 when BEC got to the final.

Check the stats:

Later this week, i will be bringing you the fixtures fot the Premier league, Division 1 and Division 2.

I'm next going to be working on updating the Division 2 league in Wiki, so bit by bit everything is coming together

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