Friday, 11 April 2008

Thailand Media Coverage

Thai football has made the English publication World Soccer!

Football in Thailand has finally made my fave footy mag, the May Issue of World Soccer -

Unfortunatly, its content is just on Thaksin and Human Rights. Why oh why, this World Soccer magazine open up and explore the league in general, along with a host of other Asian Nations?

Although it's great to have a bit of coverage, it would be good to see the league brought to the fore of the general English public whom buy the magazine.

The whole of Asia always seems to find just a couple of pages, but the likes of Malta, might Luxembourg could generate the whole magazine! Why? Because they are Europe.

I hoping for the day, where i can go to my local, buy a pure Asian Football magazine and have a read at my local bar!

I've asked the magazine editor via email, Gavin Hamilton in the past, to include a Asian Cup Preview, to be told they don't do previews, but bizzarly find room for the African Nations Cup and Copa America. They are even happy to put in features of the Greatest Ever Players which is just their opinion, but not ours, but can't be bothered to write an intriuging story about a football league outside of their continent, something along the lines of the crazy world of Indonesian soccer or historical scores in the Asian Champions League, 9-1 here, 9-1 their, 4-2 every where!!

Please someone, make my dream....

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