Wednesday, 7 May 2008

AFC Champions League - Matchday 5


Chonburi 0 - 2 Gamba Osaka
Kashima Antlers 8 - 1 Krung Thai Bank

Well, another year, and the glory of reaching the Quarter-Finals stage for Thai clubs is over.

Plucky Chonburi met their match in Gamba, Chonburi must now see if they can hold onto 2nd spot and show some pride for Thailand.

KTB on the other hand have shown that the premier competition in Asia is way to big for our domestic runners up. Maybe, if we are lucky, could keep one team in the Pro Legaue and send our runners up into the AFC Cup where we might have a bit more luck, if only we were t otake it seriously.

So, today, 2 matches and 2 defeats, both against Japanese opposition, possibly the best league in Asia now and for the forseeable future.

KTB, what can you say about them, 9-1 and 8-1 loss against Kashima, surely the lads don't give up that easily??? Looks that way, or just outclassed?

Chonburi, will have another stab, but it all depends on FAT really.

So, we have now played 12 games against Japanese opposition and have never won, our best results being in 2006 and this year when Bangkok University and Chonburi picked up away points.

We have now scored a magical 10 goals in 12 games, so we know we can find the net against Japanese teams, but the defence, the record stands are conceded 42.

A disapointing day, the dream for Chonburi lasted until matchday 5, which really, in itself was much longer than i ever thought, so its good to be disapointed as i never really saw them staying in touch for this long. Lets hope a good last game in Melbourne and seal that 2nd spot.

Our best ever season in the Champions League was in 2002/03 when BEC went to the final, they won 13 points that year, this year we are stuck on 9, can this be the year that that tally is finally overtaken with 6 points left to play for??

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John said...

I like your view, although i don't know much about Thai football, it seems that there is a huge gap between the entrants to the ACL.

It seems AFC are pushing certain leagues, Thai and Vietnam V-Legaue come to mind, pushing them, before they can run.

One entry per year would be acceptable at this moment. And another team entered for AFC Cup would be fair