Friday, 30 May 2008

Mid Season Break - Part 3

Nakhon Pathom
Current Record: PLD: 12, W:4, D:1, L:7, F:8, A:16, GD: -8, PTS: 13

Current Position: 12th

High Point: Victory of PEA, looked set to stand them in good stead for the season and keep them clear above water, but possibly getting pulled back in now.

Low Point: When they get beat, they get beat. When going a goal down, it seems that heads drop and defeat is guaranteed.

The Season So Far: Survived the drop last year by 2 points, this year will again be tight. Key battles and points against Chula and Customs Department. The winners of this little group should stay clear. Can pick up key points such as the victory against PEA, but will need more of these to stay afloat.

Osotsapa M-150
Current Record: PLD: 11, W:4, D:4, L:3, F:9, A:7, GD: +2, PTS: 16

Current Position: 7th

High Point: Defence, as tight as you may possibly see. Only seven goals conceded.

Low Point: At the opposite end of the field, attack, struggling to score, but always worth a point due to the defence

The Season So Far:Previously the cup kings and always a good bet to finish in the top 5. They will be disappointed to be 8 points behind the leaders at this stage. Can’t quite live with the big boys in Chonburi and BEC, but will be very disappointed to have lost to BKK Uni at home earlier in the season.

Port Authority
Current Record: PLD: 11, W:3, D:2, L:6, F:8, A:12, GD: -4, PTS: 11

Current Position: 13th

High Point: Is their one?? Very disappointing season.

Low Point: The whole season has been low!

The Season So Far: Starting to fight their way out of the drop zone. I’m predicting they will survive, and could pick up points against the other lower reaches of the table. Season started badly, but at least they can do a job over the Army, which was more or less psychological at that point.

Provincial Electricity
Current Record: PLD: 12, W:7, D:1, L:4, F:13, A:9, GD: +4, PTS: 22

Current Position: 4th

High Point: Bar the game against BEC, their home form as been astounding with 5 victories out of 6.

Low Point: Need more of an impact upfront, they may get results, but 13 goals in 12 games will not carry them on to championship glory.

The Season So Far: A very good campaign is within their sight. They may just triumph come the end of the season. Their more or less a team that either wins or looses, but i feel they can pull off wins against the big boys and just as likely to falter against the bottom boys. Top 5 spot on their cards, but possible AFC qualification if they keep it up.

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