Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Future of Thai football??

So, the news released today by the AFC www.the-afc.com on the future of the Asian Champions League did not bode well for Thailand.

No direct entry to the Champions League for next year at least, overtaken by the likes of India and Jordan due to being more 'professional'.

So for Thai clubs from now on, direct entry to the AFC Cup and one shot at the Champions League via a play-off system against the best from Singapore and Vietnam. Winners enter the ACL, losers enter the AFC Cup.

So, in a quick conclusion, good or bad??

At this moment, i would say good. Thai teams will now play on a more regular basis against teams in their own mould and should help improve their game, rather than getting thumped 6-0, 9-1 etc like this year for KTB.

If we win our Play-off matches against other ASEAN members, then we can stake a claim in the ACL knowing we are the best in the region. Losing simply means, why play the likes of Japan and Korea if we can't mix it in ASEAN??

Whats your thoughts??

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