Thursday, 24 July 2008

I'm going to get married!!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but this will have to carry on for a while, as i'm due to get married.

Some people who read this blog will know a bit about me and my wife to be, Su or Kao, whichever you may know her as.

Yes, we get married on 4th August in Krabi, and i'm due to fly out this Sunday.

So please don't think i don't care about Thai football, i do, i just won't have as much time in the next few weeks.

I will have an update on all results and league tables when i'm back.




Me said...

no excuse but good luck!!

nice place for a wedding. will you be living there?

druryfire said...

I'm back to the UK after 2 weeks, but hopefully all going well, i will be in Thailand in the very near future.

But, i'm still young, so need a bit more money to save before i make the big leap. Once i'm there, i won't want to go back.

Me said...

yeap, it s a difficult place to leave.

thetony said...

Very very good news, mate.

Don't forget to attend some TPL matches if you have time.

All the best,


druryfire said...

Thanks Tony,

But, i won't be able t ocatch any TPL action this time around. I'm hoping April next year i can make a game, with long term plans being the Asian Cup qualifier against Jordan in 2010 - seems such a long way away.

Possibly next year in April, i may catch a game in BKK, so BEC comes to mind and then possibly be in Singapore for an S League game.

But it's all a long way a way, so i guess much can change.

Pohui said...

congrats :)