Saturday, 12 July 2008

Todays Results - 12th July

Premier League (Round 15)

TOT 1 - 1 Chonburi
BEC 0 - 1 Army
Nakhon Pathom 1 - 1 KTB
Chula-Sinthana 5 - 0 Port Authority
Coke-Bangpra 3 - 0 Tobacco
Samut Songkhram 1 - 2 Bangkok Bank

Division 2 Group B (Round 14)

Thonburi Coll. 0 - 0 Fleet Support
Lopburi 0 - 2 BKK Christian Coll.
Air Force TC 2 - 3 Bangkok Bravo
BKK North Central 0 - 0 Marine Coll.

Druryfire Comment

Well, BEC ceetainly lost a match they would have thought they should have won. But the Army are a strange team, they've picked up four points off the top two, but come a game against another team battling at the bottom then they will more than like fall over.

BEC, the team of stars with the biggest budget, they did this last year, losing games, they simply should win, if they want the title. Do they want it? It would seem not.

But who does want it? TOT and Chonburi could not be seperated in the top of the table clash, but this match does not get the headlines this week. That goes to Chula-Sinthana, who somehow came away with a 5-0 victory over relegation battlers Port Authority. PAT have recently been coming out of the early season slump, but this has just set them right back to were they started, and Chula were on earth did that come from?

Coke got a resounding win against Tobacco to keep there heads above water. But if you look at the league closely ( ), it's all starting to get tight in every direction.

Do we have a Premier League champion in their? Tomorrow we have another top clash with PEA visiting Osotspa. It seems we currently have our top 6, Osotspa must win this to cement the top 6 spot, if they lose, it would seem they would be playing for 6th on their own. PEA certainly have it in them to gain victory and move upto 2nd.

In Division 2, the days action saw Bangkok Bravo once again score some points, they certainly don't want to get relegated into the Provincial Leagues. Lopburi, my favorites for the title, once again slipped up.

It seems, that most teams just can't string enough wins together to clear away from the pack, and that keeps every week just as exciting!

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