Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Osieck or Reid

The search for the new national coach has got underway, and it is expected to be announced within the next two weeks, to whom will become the new coach.

Peter Reid of England and German Holger Osieck have put their hats into the frame.

So it's looking like a two horse race. Who would i prefer?

Well, would be nice to see another English man put in charge, but what does Reid know about Asian football? Not a lot really, apart from the odd coaching course's in the Tesco Lotus car parks etc.

Osieck on the other hand has far more expereince, especially of Asian football, and won the Champions League just last year with Urawa Red Diamonds of Japan.

I'd personally like to see him in charge. Of course Reid, would use his English contacts and possibly even get the English FA to help on certain matters and bring relations between England and Thailand closer, possible Far East Tour for England anybody??

Osieck far outweighs Reid, especially in Asia and nternational experience after managing Canada aswell.

Should be a good contest to see who gets it, but i expect it will come to who wants less money to walk away with the job. Either way, i'd like to see both coaches bring something to the game, rather than just come for money.



Lastest news,
FAT decided use Peter Reid for the coach of Thailand national team by announcement in the newsroom of Radisson hotel today. and Reid will start his new job in August with signing a contract 4 years.


What do you think about new coach of Thailand national team - Peter Reid? please post your opinion in next the topic.

druryfire said...

I will certainly post my thoughts, I would have preferred the German Osieck.

Reid will have a different approach to him. I'll gather my thoughts over the next day or two.

But either way, let get behind him.