Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Peter Reid - National Team Manager

Peter Reid - National Team Manager:

So, what do we know of Peter Reid? Well he's here now, starting in August, I would have preferred the German Holger Osieck, but thats history now, so lets move on.

Yes, he's English, he's from the school of hard knock's. He can certainly look after himself.
These are many comments i've heard or read over the last few days. So what will this bring to
the national team?

Well, my personal opinion, he will closely knit them together, but only if the Thai FA well let him.

I'm sure he will get the respect of the players he chooses for his national squads, and this will be a good thing.
He will respect everyone, but the minute they lose his respect, they will be out.

There certainly won't be any walkoff the pitch moments under Reid.

Generally he is a tough man, but let's hope he is not too tough, but still tough enough to handle our stars and put them back down to earth afternetting hat-tricks against the likes of Macau,Nepal, etc.

What does he know of Thai football?

To me, nothing, yes he has done coaching clinics, but boy, i think i'm more qualified in Thai and Asian football than Reid

He has to get straight into things in Thailand, that includes, live with them, live with the culture, learn what they go through.

If he see's the daily lifes of the Thai people, i'm sure he can see through their eyes, just what a task there is ahead of him. I just hope he's not there for the money and sun.

To me, Peter, to prove that you wanted the job so much, you must get out and view the live domestic games.

To me, don't go to Europe every other week to watch Winothai et all in Belgium, ground yourself in the Domestic game, and help it become stronger.

Peter mustgain experience of Asian football quickly, if he doesn't he maybe packing his bags long before his 4 year contract expires.

His only other previous experience to date was in England where he has managed clubs such as Man City, Leeds United, Coventry City and Sunderland.

But the only time i really remember him, was when he was building Sunderland up, getting them into the Premier League where he really did bring football to
the fans in the North east who craved it.

FAT (Football Association of Thailand) Objectives:

World Cup Qualification in 2014
Thailand National 'Reserve Team'

World Cup Qualification

Come on, let's get real, lets be a player in Asia before we take on the world. Let's learn to walk before we run. I've often come across a saying, Fail to prepare, then prepare to fail.

Preperation is the key. Why talk of world cup when we have ASEAN Championship and Asian Cup before us, lets prepare for these first

National Reserve Team

Whats all this about? We need players for a first team to begin with. We need 20 strong lads at least and then a few that can come through year after year.

First of all FAT, lets create a structure to bring young lads through and playing in a strong domestic league before we start taking on the world with Thai A and Thai B

My Objectives:

Asian Cup Qualification
ASEAN Championship winners
Better Preperation

Use Thai Personnel

Asian Cup Qualification

We have a proud record of qualifying for the Asian Cup, but this time it might be harder than we think. Iran, Jordan and Singapore are no pushovers.
So lets seal qualification and build on it. I'm sick and tired of FAT wanting to get to a World Cup, when we are pushovers in Asia. Let's conquor Asia first.
Make the Asian Cup and get through the group stages before we have world cup ambitions.

ASEAN Championship Winners

Ok, so, maybe it's a lot in his first tournement, but i've said this before, we are the regional powerhouse, and we are sliding behind Singapore. Let's proove we are still number one in ASEAN and take the cupon home soil, or at least make a fight of it.

ASEAN Championship winners will surely stand us in good stead for the Asian Cup qualification campaign.

Better Preperation

Forget the tours of England to play against teams nobody in Thgailand as ever heard of. And start to focus on the task ahead.

If we have games in the Gulf, play friendlies against teams in the Gulf, and actually tour them, get use to what it feels like.

I know Peter will have his hands tied on where to go, but surely FAT can ask for his opinion.

Cancel meaningless games against Nepal and the like, it's much better just to have a training camp rather than win 7-0, what would happen if we got beat, the team would fall apart!

Use Thai Personnel

Ok, so every manager has his own little team of friends and coaches. I don't blame them, and i wouldn't be surprised if Peter uses another Englishman as his number 2. But please, also have a thought to the future. Bring in the best of the upcoming managers or former players, and let them closely watch and learn the ropes.

I'm talking about our very own Zico's and Sripans of this world. The experience will be vital for years to come so it's the time now to get them on board, if not, then we will loose this opportunity for the next 5-8 years or so.

End of the day, time well tell, like or hate the man, he's got a big job to do, so give him your support.



๊Good opinion!!! I really agree with you. I think you know about thai football more than some thai people!

Thank you very much for your data about Reid and your usable opinion.

thetony said...

To be honest... I dont want Reid!!!

I really believe that there are lots of coaches in this world who are much more appropriate to this job than Reid.

In my dream, I really want to see Osieck coaching thai team along with Wittaya Loahakul who might be his assistance.


Osieck: He has lots of experiences in Asia, especially in Japan.

Wittaya: He used to play professional football in Germany when he was young, and he also has lots of experiences in Japan.

I wish FAT appointed them!!!

Uhm...just a dream huh!?!

druryfire said...


I think you have the same thoughts as many more people.

But what's done is done, the opportunity for Osieck has now passed.

Let's hope a Zico or someone can be inlolved in the setup for the future