Sunday, 23 November 2008

AFF Suzuki Cup Rivals - Laos

Ok, Laos, a side i didn't really expect to see in the final format.

They are a country that develop good youth sides, but never do anything else amongest the regional scene.

This year, they decided to play their youngsters, the guy's who will play in SEA Games next year held in Laos. Basically thrown into the deep end to see what they are made of, and boy they came through, over much more fancied opponents in Philippines.

Laos, are a nation that always withdraws from qualifying stages in FIFA and AFC compeitions, and i suppose this isn't a bad thing really, as you would only expect them to get drubbed.

They are probably the strongest nation out of the pool of small nations in the South East Asian region.

I certainly don't expect to see them qualify or even win this time round, afterall, the is just a build up for next year for them at least. So 3 points is what iu fully expect in this matchup, and the chance for Reid to give fringe players an opportunity and certainly give players any needed rest.

Any side we put out, in theory should get the job done. I don;t expect a huge victory, but any victory really and to see a side start to gel would make me happy, but probably not the rest of the nation.

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