Friday, 28 November 2008

Malaysia ready to walkout?? Games moved to Phuket?? What about me!!

Reports in todays Bangkok Post ( have suggested that Malaysia are ready to walkout from the AFF Suzuki Cup due to the ongoing Political Crisis in the country. I can't blame them really, but i'm sure it's just a bit of pressure to force AFF into making a decision and moving games to KL

Football Association of Thailand president Worawi Makudi has also stated that the tournement could be moved to Phuket at short notice away from all the political ongoings, but i've also heard the same thing about Chiang Mai.

But come on, with only 1 week left until it all kicks off, some sort of final decision needs to be taken.

Teams need to prepare, previously, teams were given allocated slots to train at certain venues for the tournement. At this moment in time, nobody will be training anywhere, and that's if they manage to get into the country.

I'm sure the held up airports will be freed by the time kick off takes place on 6th December, but are visiting players and fans even going to know where they are going??

I personally enter the country on the 13th December, hopefully by then the situation will be under control, but i'm glad i'm not attending any of the games, as i wouldn't have a cat in hells chance of knowing where the games would be played.

I cannot think for one moment, that anyone has thought of any visiting spectators, the hotels they have booked in advance, the planning they have done to arrive, they have done their bit way in advance, but this whole FAT and AFF decision making is a joke really. I for one know of a few friends that are interested in taking up a semi-final away trip, assuming Thailand make it. Now it wouldn't be fair for them to arrive in Myanmar, Indonesia or Singapore and be messed around, so why do we do it to others?

Someone should stand up and take away the tournement from Thailand now and save something that at this present moment is turning into a mockery and is no longer being a football tournement but just a political headache.

Ok, you can argue it's not FAT who caused the problem, but for the safety of everyone concerned and to put peoples mind's at ease, then simply make the correct choice.

According to the AFF Website, this is the emergency commitee:

President: HE Tengku Tan Sri Dato' Seri Ahmad Rithauddeen
Thailand: Dato' Worawi Makudi
Vice President: Juan Miguel Romualdez
Vice President: Pengiran Matusin Matasan
Vice President: Duong Vu Lam
Vice President: HE Ravy Khek
Hon. Secretary: Dato' Paul Mony Samuel
Timor Leste: Hon. Francisco Kalbuadi

Surely they should be working hard now?

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Me said...

making quick decisions has never been aseans strong point

i fly to bkk next saturday, have hotel booked but don t think i ll bother now

the whole affair is being handled shambolically