Friday, 21 November 2008

Whats happened to the King's Cup??

So, last i heard, the King's Cup football tournement was moved from October to January because of other national team commitments, such as the T&T Cup.

Only one nation was confirmed as coming to the event at the time of the press release in early October, tht nation was North Korea.

But since early October, have we heard anything else?? No, not a scobby doo!!

If FAT are serious about football and keeping the tradition of the King's Cup going every year, then they have to start promoting.

Of course now, everyone's eyes are in the AFF Suzuki Cup, but lets not forget our tradition, and if anything else, we at least get competitive games under our belts for the crucial Asian Cup Qualifiers.

So what is the King's Cup really?

First played in 1968 and won by Indonesia, you could say it is a kind of small man's Merdeka tournement and the sides that came to play were generally from around the close region.

Later on in th late 80's, club sides from Europe started to appear followed by European International sides, albeit, mainly youth or B sides.

Notable winners down the years have been Brazil (Under 20's), Sweden and even Latvia. What it gives us more than anything, is a chance to play against different styles and techniques.

But the problem of the Cup? It has neve rhad a fixed date, no one is sure of when it will be played, sometimes late in the year, or very early in the year. No wonder no one will confirm there particiation as they can't just come on a whim.

SO....please FAT if you want to get serious, then please start to promote the games, especially when you are hosting them and make the people feel involved instead of having a last minute stab at getting it right.

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