Saturday, 22 November 2008

AFF Suzuki Cup Rivals - Vietnam

Quick guide to our future matchup's - first Vietnam:

This year, it's really been about promoting the youngsters and entering tournements such as the Merdeka and Myanmar Challenge Cup's with age restricted teams. The goal for this is the SEA Games in Laos next year.

The full national side haven't had an awful lot to do this year since getting knocked out of the World Cup qualifiers way back in late 2007 in Round One, some what of a disapointment after doing well in the AFC Asian Cup that hey helped host.

We of course, have just met Vietnam in the T&T Cup, which we drew 2-2. Vietnam of course can be a hard place to go to get a victory, but playing them at home and playing any of our ASEAN rivals at home i feel is 3 points guranteed for us, our at least should be , but we do tend to struggle away.

Last time out as the ASEAN Cup, we beat Vietnam 2-0 at home and drew 0-0 away. This time, we are playing for points on home soil on the 6th December. Anything could happen really in the opening matchp, but i do expect a victory.

Vietnam have only played 6 games this year, all friendlies such as the forementioned T&T Cup and the HCM City Cup. Two tournments that play in Vietnamese rival cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

But their compeition? They don't really go away from the South East Asian region, playing Us, Singapore, Myanmar and Indonesia. There only other challenges have been against Turkmenistan and North Korea, who would go anywhere really.

Recent results:

Indonesia 1 - 0 Vietnam
Vietnam 2 - 3 Myanmar
Vietnam 2 - 3 Turkmenistan
Vietnam 0 - 0 Singapore
Vietnam 0 - 0 North Korea
Vietnam 2 - 2 Thailand

They have one last preperation match before they meet us again, and thats against Singapore, another ASEAN rival.

So, what do i expect on 6th December? Really, nothing but a solid victory and then move on to play Laos.


Me said...

u coming over for it?

druryfire said...

I arrive after the group stage and for knockout stages i'll be in Krabi, so miss the live action, but will still be good to get a sense of the tournement if not actually being able to feel the atmosphere.