Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Thailand 0 - 0 Iran

Importantt point at home to Iran.

Put's Thailand in 3rd place after Singapore beat Jordan 2-1. But two games played and two points gained is a good result. Just have to make sure we get 4 poitns out of 6 in the double header in November with Singapore. A derby that, in reality, could produce any result:

The Squad:

K. Hathairrattanakool (A mouthful!!)
Suree Suhka
Surat Suhka
C. Jantakam
N. Phanrit
D. Thonglao
S. Nutnum
T. Dangda
N. Samana
S. Suksomkit
P. Choeichiu


N. Siriwong - on for Phanrit
T. Winothai - on for Choeichiu
R. Vivatchaichok - on for Surat Sukha

Peter Reid Record:

Played: 13
Won: 7
Drawn: 4
Lost: 2
Scored: 21
Conceded: 8

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