Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Name changes - League moving forward?

It has come to my attention that the Royal Thai Navy will play in the Premier League next season under the name Rajnavy Rayong.

I'm sure the information is true, but we will more than likely have to wait until the opening day of the seaosn to confirm this. I have previously heard them be called Rajnavy in the past.

So a name change, can we see this happen to most clubs now, such as the Air Force and Army?

It would appear now that most clubs are trying to forge closer relationships with areas they are based in. So i assume it's good for the game.

The Navy will keep their history, and can now start to focus on a fanbase in Rayong.

It must be good for these supporters to say they follow Rayong rather than they follow the Navy? It must also be good for the league.

It's also come to light that the season will start on the weekend of 7th March.

Every week we will now see a split of games on Saturdays and Sundays (4 a day?) so fans can get to as many games as possible in a weekend. A good thing i think, especially with so many Bangkok based teams. but then it just depends on how the league do the fixtures. Don't stuff them up, make sure there are games in certain area twice a week. We have four clubs in the Chonburi area, no good all playing away on the same day or on different days, things must be rotated.

Away from the TPL, it will be interesting to see the focus on the First Division and the lower leagues. It seem's TPL is starting to grow up a little, but the rest may be forgotten.

I like the idea of regional zones in the 2nd Division, but i also stress that teams must apply to be promoted as teams from the far south can do well and win their leagues etc, but can they really sustain a trip north every other week in a national league at a higher level?

For example, my team Krabi qualify to be promoted to the 2nd Division, but don't want to travel further north. A regional league is good for them, but if they won it and were forced to be promoted, then they would disappear without a trace.

In my eyes, keep things regional, let the big boys have the dreams and if clubs the the province's dream, then let them apply for promotion if they are good in the standings.

The only way forward after this is to open up a nationwide cup competition, now this would be the holy grail for teams stuck out in the middle of no where.

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