Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The demise of Bangkok Bank FC

It would appear that Bangkok Bank have withdrawn from the football scene after being relegated from the Premier League last season. It's not certain if sponsorship from the Bank itself is the demise of the club, or if it is just the reluctance to go more professional, as per AFC requirements.

Bangkok Bank were formed in 1955 making them one of Thailand's first clubs.
They won 11 Khor Royal Cup and 7 Kor Royal Cup titles before the Thailand Premier League rose as we know it today. Bangkok Bank, hence were the first winners of the Premier League title in 1996/97.

They came 3rd in the 1999/2000 Asian Cup Winners Cup tournement.

They are the second club to go 'bust' after the Thai Farmers Bank club in 1997. Although such sides as SET FC have gone 'bust' in recent years but been re-named (BMA, Rattana Bundit) and reformed in the following season to take there places in the same divisons.

As they were relegated to the 1st Division for the 2009 season, there spot will now be filled by one of the 4 teams that was relegated from Division One to Division 2 last year.
2 games will be played in a semi-final match up with the winners playing each other with the right to re-commence the 2009 season in Division One.

Semifinal lineup:

Thai Honda Vs Raj Vithi (stadium in Bangkok)
Phitsanolouk Vs Nakhon Sawan (Pichit stadium)

With regards to Division 2, it looks like it is being re-structured once again, going from 2 leagues into 4 regional leagues, North, North-East, Central and South. But club's and details are still sketchy at this stage

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