Friday, 23 January 2009

Queens Cup Makes a Come Back

Queen's Cup is making a come back this year after a two year absence, thanks to the gossip going around the Thai Football forum.

Royal Thai Navy were the last winners of the tournement in 2006.

So the basics:

  • 20 teams have been divided into 5 groups.
  • All groups have a host team where the group games will be based around.
  • Group winners enter the final phase
  • Chonburi have a bye to the final phase
  • First phase is played from 1st Feb - 8th Feb
  • Final phase is played 13th Feb - 22nd Feb
  • 3 foriegn sides will enter at the final phase

Group A: BEC, Port Authority, Raj Pracha, Pattaya United (Host)

Group B: Navy, Chula, Airforce, PEA (Host)

Group C: KTB, Tobacco Monopoly, Police, Samut Songkhram (Host)

Group D: TOT, Bangkok Uni, Army, Suphanburi (Host)

Group E: Ostsapa, Nakhon Pathom, Raj Vithi, Haaka (Host)

So a couple of questions after this draw:

What happens if PEA qualify for final phase and have clash with ACL?

Why have some clubs not bothered to enter? Is it just FAT selection, or do you have to register?

Who the hell are Haaka?

Why do we need foriegn sides to make the final phase at the expense of our Thai clubs? After all, clubs who will come over will more than likely be South Korean uni clubs

Other bits of gossip i've been picking up on the last few days are:

  • PEA FC to change their name to Faifa-Ayutthaya (apparently already widely used amongest the Thais)
  • Bangkok Bank to be bought out by Thai Gas

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