Saturday, 7 February 2009

Queen's Cup - My Observation

Why aren't all clubs invited to play in the Queen's Cup.

We have, probably one of the strongest teams next year, Muang United, not even show up.

They would rather play friendlies. This surely doesn't send out a good sign to the season opener. It's a nothing tournement really, if teams don't even enter.

We then have BG FC Sport, who are teaming up with Raj Vithi, what is this all about? Why can't they both field teams? The same goes for Haaka and Sriracha who are playing as one team. Can they not field teams themselves?

Krung Thai Bank, who have sold there TPL spot, are running well, but after the competition, where do they go? Surely all there players doing well at this moment will just take off and go elsewhere, but where? BG FC Sport maybe??

And then we have the final standings in the Groups.

Now i regulary update Wikipedia to show results and standings, and using a bit of math, you cna generally work out the final standings, but according to the official FAT site, some clubs who came 2nd did not make the knockout phase, yet clubs who came 3rd in the very same group did!!

A bit confusing. I'm not even sure that some games in the knockout phase should be happening.

For example, i think i made a bit of a mistake on Wiki with regards to winners and runners up spots being decided on goal difference and head to head. I was going to alter it, but it seems FAT have looked at my editing and decided that the standings i made will do! Never mind, i'll go along with dictating things for them.

All seems a bit amaturish really.

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