Thursday, 5 February 2009

Thailand 1 - 2 Saudi Arabia

Thailand 1 - 2 Saudi Arabia
Sendai, Japan
International Friendly

Well, we went to Japan to get beat by the Saudi's, and probably even caught a cold in the freezing temperatures.

Dangda once again scored, he seem's to be on fire right now. But it seem's to be a case of if Dangda doesn't score, who will?

Reid said that the boys should be used to the cold as they played in Jordan not that long back in a game where points where at stake. But i'm asking myself, why didn't we play a friendly in the cold before we had a game with points at stake to get use to the conditions??

I'm still not really sure why we bothered to go to Japan in the first place. Ok, it was a game against a much bigger force in Asia than us. But what will we learn? We don't have any competitive games until November. Surely we should be warming up for Novembers games with friendlies in September and October?

The the other side, maybe a plus point, is that we are forming somewhat of a relationship with the Saudi's. Now we have to build on this to get closer ties in the Middle East and get games in the desert. An area we have always struggled.

So, come the end of today's game, who benefited?

We didn't, but even if we did win, we would think we are unbeatable and go into the double header clash with Singapore later this year thinking we are super power, and more than likely come down with a big thump.

Saudi benefited because they got a run out in freezing conditions before they play again against North Korea in a competition we somewhat dream of, but never get that far!

Tomorrow, i hope to bring the squad that played, but somewhat now, it would appear that someone has cut a cable millions of miles under the sea, so most websites don't appear to work!! If you can read this, the i congratulate you!!

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