Thursday, 5 February 2009

Squad Against Saudi Arabia

The following guys got some action against the Saudi's:

Teerasil Dangda,
Kosin Hathairattanakool‎;
Niweat Siriwong‎;
Nattaporn Phanrit‎;
Suree Sukha‎;
Natthaphong Samana‎;
Panupong Wongsa‎;
Suchao Nutnum‎;
Surat Sukha‎;
Rangsan Viwatchaichok‎;
Salahudin Arware‎;
Ronnachai Rangsiyo‎;
Anon Sangsanoi‎;
Issarapong Lilakorn‎;

You will never believe how hard it is to find this information sometimes!!

From the list of players there, i think we can now assume that Kosin is Peter Reid's first choice goalkeeper, although i'm not too sure why Reid hasen't tried out Sivaruck Tedsungnoen of BEC, who has been in recent squad's, but has yet to see any action.

Sutee Sukomskit, Captain Thonglao, Winothai were not included due to club commitments.

Pichitphong Choeichiu and Cholratit Jantakam who have been used quite a lot recently did not see any action in the game.

Choeichiu, it would seem is only going to fill in for the likes of Surat Sukha and Suchao Nutnum when these guy's are unavailble. They seem first choice midfileders along with Thonglao and Suksomkit.

Up front, Dangda seem's the only threat at the moment, let's hope he can keep this up as other options up front are lacking.

Ronnachai Rangsiyo seem's to have the edge over Anon Sangsanoi and Issarapong Lilakorn but that's more to do with the fact that he had an impact in the AFF Championship, but can he do it on the next level? Can anyone? Everyone wants Winothai to lead the line, but we might just have to come to the fact that he's in Europe now, we can't build a team around him because the travelling back and forth will start to tell after a while.

Peter Reid's Matchday Record:

Played: 14
Won: 7
Drawn: 4
Lost: 3
Scored: 22
Conceded: 10

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