Sunday, 22 June 2008

Oman 2 - 1 Thailand - 22nd June 2008

Oman 2 - 1 Thailand
Played at Royal Oman Police Stadium

Chanvit's last game, he surely wanted to go out on a bang, but it wasn't to be.

Thailand were beaten with 5 minutes to spare after taking the lead in the 3rd minute through captain Sripan via a penalty.

A few fringe players managed to get a kick about today. I'm glad Jetsawad and the goalkeeper Tedsungneon played and finished, they have been witht the squad throughout, and will gain more expereince that should set us in good stead for Asian Cup qualifiers.

Tedsungneon is now really pressing Kosin for the number one goalkeeping spot, so we have good little competition here which we haven't had for a number of years.

Sangsanoi and Sunthorniphit also got a run out, although the latter only played 15-20minutes.

All in all, the squad was probably what you would expect with a mixture of expereinced and inexperienced lads getting a run, just so cruel we got beat in Chanvit's farewell game.

So Oman, a nation we have failed to beat. Why? When in my book we are much beater than them. I also thought on paper that we are better than Bahrain, but it seems not to be.

I think in the future what we can see is sides that we entertain in Thailand we can beat, but playing away, especailly against the Asian big boys in Japan an all, and away in the Gulf will always be hard for us.

I feel that everyone will fear Thailand, as we will almost always end in the Third or Fourth seed role along with the likes of Lebanon, Vietnam etc, so i think we will always be the team everyone wants to avoid from that area, but time will tell.

So, Brazil in 2014 is the one we aim for now, a pity really as Brazil is so far away and i need an excuse to go to a World Cup, South Africa was it for me.

Hopefully Thailand can qualify for Qatar 2011, as i wouldn't mind a little adventure there.

Oh well, i'll touch on this more in the future, as now is time to drown my sorrows, and hold a pint for former coach Chanvit Phalavijn

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thetony said...

I don't have anything to say about Chanvit and his boys. I don't want to give a comment about them anymore.

Sad to see us finishing at the bottom of the group with only one point.

I hope that one day in the future we will be able to play football as good as we play futsal.

Hope the futsal team do well in the world cup in a few months to go. Then, my pain from WCQ might be relieved.