Friday, 13 June 2008

Fixture Mix Up??

Domestic Season

When the Premier League gets under way again, has FAT taken into consideration that they have penciled in Tobacco Monopoly to play at home against Osotspa on the 5th July when the team will actually be commited to playing in Singapore in the Singapore Cup against Woodlands Wellington on the 4th with the second leg match being played on the 7th.

The same could go for Bangkok University who play their second leg match of the Singapore Cup against Young Lions on the 11th July which should cancel out their match the day later against Customs Department in the Premier League.Will these games be moved to another date, or will FAT really expect them to play all these games? Or even take off points for no shows?I really hope FAT kick off their Thailand Cup so our teams don't have to go away to get competition in Singapore.

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Pohui said...

I guess it's up to the league authority to sort it.. :)

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