Friday, 13 June 2008

Will he won't he?

Chanvit Phalajivin

Now, i like our national coach, and his record of taking Thai Farmers Bank to AFC glory twice really stands out. But now, his attitude is rather getting to me.

He states on the Fifa website, that he wants to stay on as coach, but this is a guy who wanted to leave after becoming runners up at the last ASEAN Championship and then changed his mind. The same guy who also wanted to quit after the loss to Oman earlier in the World Cup qualifying campaign.

So, please do us a favour, make your mind up, and if you go, then we can at least bring someone else in and prepare them for the upcoming ASEAN Championship in December this year.

This is a tournement i want to win, we haven't won it since 2002, and thats bad when we are suppose to be the King's of ASEAN! if we don't watch it, Singapore will soon big King's and leave us further behind in their wake.

Time to make your mind up Chanvit.


thetony said...
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thetony said...

I totally agree with you. In my point of view, Chanvit should have gone after losing to Singapore in Asean cup. However, I don't agree that FAT should start the competition like "Thailand Cup". FAT these days should only concentrate on TPL.

BTW...Thanks for creating this blog mate, I really love it. Your blog is cool!!! I can read lots of updated stories about Thai football and practice my Eng at the same time.

druryfire said...

No problem Tony, the problem i have is that i can't read Thai script so i can't find out information that well, but i can put my thoughts across on the game and give my little comment.

Please also join our forum on where you can discuss more on Thai football with other guys.